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Adding a new TIP

Adding a TIP is not hard, but there are a few steps involved. The process will become even simpler as the system matures.


First make sure you have a user account for the repository - you can create one yourself, but the administrator needs to assign you commit privileges.

Secondly: clone the repository.

The text of all the TIPs is in the subdirectory "tip" and is formatted according to the Markdown language.

Actually adding the new TIP

For adding a new TIP the following steps are currently needed:

TIP Header

The index script requires a special format for meta-data in the TIP header. For example:

# TIP 0: Tcl Core Team Basic Rules
    State:          Final
    Type:           Process
    Vote:           Done

The meta-data is terminated by ------ and indented with tabs (for nicer display in fossil)

Optional: Addtion to step 2: (Should you have a TIP in the old format, you can use Mark's tip2md.tcl script in the subdirectory "scripts" to convert it.)