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clipboard-4.1, -4.2, -4.4 fail on macOS
User & Date: fvogel 2018-07-08 20:20:14

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    All these three tests fail because the last statement "clipboard get" returns an empty string instead of the expected error "CLIPBOARD selection doesn't exist or form "STRING" not defined".

    An instrumented interactive test session provides some insight:

    % clipboard clear
    TkClipInit: clipboardActive set to FALSE
    Tk_ClipboardClear: clipboardActive is FALSE
    XSetSelectionOwner: clipboardActive is FALSE, changing owner
    Tk_ClipboardClear: clipboardActive set to TRUE
    % clipboard append Test
    Tk_ClipboardAppend: clipboardActive is TRUE
    % selection clear -selection CLIPBOARD
    XSetSelectionOwner: clipboardActive is TRUE
    ClipboardLostSel: clipboardActive set to FALSE
    % puts "!![clipboard get]!!"
    Tk_GetSelection: entering
    Tk_GetSelection: selection owned by some other process
    TkSelGetSelection: entering
    tkProvidePasteboard: clipboardActive is FALSE
    TkSelGetSelection: before calling proc, string is !!!!

    (Note that testing this clipboard feature is prone to errors: you must either run the test from the test suite, or type everything by hand (as opposed to copy/pasting) otherwise the clipboard soon gets mangled by the test of the pasted commands).

    From the above log I think that testing dispPtr->clipboardActive is missing in the macOS version of TkSelGetSelection, which is therefore my fix proposal [b4c5f163].

    With this patch clipboard-4.[124] no longer fail on macOS.

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