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Ticket: 185c8557d95794af74be5e3bc8609684e23e7af9
mac os x: wm overrideredict causes window to disappear...
User & Date: marc_culler 2018-12-07 15:50:31

  1. Change icomment to:

    I agree that wm-stackorder-5.2 (and wm-stackorder-6.1) should be flagged as inappropriate for Aqua. As far as I can tell, the stacking restrictions that they are checking for are: * not required by the language specification * not useful in the typical applications of overrideredirect windows * not natural in the context of Apple's window manager (because *all* NSWindows appear in the stacking order and can be reordered) * implementable at the script level if really needed.

    I suspect that this is just a quirky behavior of some X11 window managers which some people came to expect, but which is mostly irrelevant to applications.

    I am going to commit this change to the bugfix branch, before I forget about it. We can revisit it before merging, if something comes up.

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