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06:28 • New ticket [83a0b1b11b] CSV lib and Struct Matrix packages. (user: nikhilesh.saggere)
11:42 • New ticket [c974e352d2] Invalid float parsing injson2dict. (user: pda)
12:10 • Ticket [c247ed5db4] LDAP protocol error status still Open with 3 other changes (user: pda)
12:06 • Add attachment to ticket [4cff6a4296] (user: pda)
12:06 • New ticket [4cff6a4296] Small bugs in page. (user: pda)
10:41 • Add attachment ldap.tcl.patch to ticket [c247ed5db4] (user: pda)
10:25 • Ticket [c247ed5db4] LDAP protocol error status still Open with 4 other changes (user: pda) ... 1 similar event omitted.
14:20 • Ticket [7cf9323d38] TLS options not in sync with tcltls status still Open with 4 other changes (user: pda) ... 1 similar event omitted.
13:00 • New ticket [baa334cfef] struct:: record delete not clearing sub-structures - re-create fails. (user: anonymous)
[afecf2c9ff] Leaf: dicttool: Added "isnull" command to the dict ensemble processman: Added a concept of "self" to allow a process to tweak its own priority (user: tne, tags: trunk)
[41bd88ff85] In Soviet Russia, Fossil Commits YOU (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
19:19 • Edit [1a42db36e667093a|1a42db36e6]: Edit check-in comment. Change user to "hypnotoad". (user: hypnotoad)
[1a42db36e6] Fixed the httpd module and example. (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
23:54 • Ticket [997c8b4e67] Add ::rest::patch for the HTTP PATCH method status still Open with 4 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 3 similar events omitted.
16:45 • New ticket [734dd2ae5c] Gauss / Legendre functions for number of primes. (user: de)
18:12 • New ticket [1be9ea99c9] prime factors of integer. (user: de)
[d7b0540854] Fixing a math error in units (user: tne, tags: trunk)
14:02 • New ticket [9f4c0e3e95] incorrect use of == in tar. (user: anonymous)
[794c0550e4] Add procedures for Tukey's range test and Dunnett's as subsequent analysis tools for ANOVA (user: arjenmarkus, tags: trunk)
21:09 • New ticket [8fd2561785] Fix oauth::query defaulting POST requests to GET. (user: anonymous)
[92b312ced8] Update the man page for test-anova-F and describe the recent changes (user: arjenmarkus, tags: trunk)
[0b8557b27d] Module uri. Amend code and tests for full RFC 3986 compliance (except the RFC 1630 loophole). Add quirk options to permit non-compliant behavior, including for backward compatibility. Accept and amend certain invalid arguments instead of throwing an error. Test uri::split and uri::join both with and without the quirk "NoInitialSlash" (leading "/" in path for schemes http(s), ftp). Update (user: kjnash, tags: trunk)
[55e0ff7a50] Correct the tests for the ANOVA procedure and the comments regarding the purpose of ANOVA (user: arjenmarkus, tags: trunk)
08:59 • Ticket [e937acfe0c] uri::join ignores credentials for HTTP protocol status still Closed with 3 other changes (user: anonymous)
[d535d2f0ea] Correct several tests in the math module - they were failing in Tcl 8.5, seemingly not in Tcl 8.6. After these corrections there are still two tests left that need examination, both concerning test-anova-F in the statistics package. (user: arjenmarkus, tags: trunk)
[6c65571dfa] Module uri. In order to preserve backward compatibility, reverse many of the changes made in the previous commit. The module has a secondary role as a repository of useful regexp patterns, which are not entirely documented. Rearrange pattern definitions in an attempt to segregate the code for the two different roles. Undo deprecation of uri::register. Add comments to explain the purpose of each block of definitions. (user: kjnash, tags: trunk)
[436d5be89b] Cleanup module uri. There is a large amount of unused code that obfuscates the useful code and deters revision. * Remove non-executed code and unused variables. ** Many regexps were defined but never used. ** Some regexps were even demanded and carefully processed by uri::register, but then never used. ** The function ::uri::GetHostPort was never used. * Deprecate uri::register. ** Registration is of little value: the schemes gopher, wais and prospero, although registered, have no functionality because the corresponding split and join commands are not defined. ** Leave the uri::register function in place for use by third-party code. (user: kjnash, tags: trunk)
18:01 • Closed ticket [e937acfe0c]: uri::join ignores credentials for HTTP protocol plus 5 other changes (user: kjnash) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[e3bf643c52] Module uri - Modify uri::join to supply user:pwd, and to avoid confusing host and path in the file scheme; uri::resolve to avoid transferring user:pwd and port from one origin to another, to canonicalize when required by the RFC, and to handle fragment correctly; and uri::split to fix a bug when a relative uri begins with "//". Add tests for these and earlier fixes. (user: kjnash, tags: trunk)
[fe70b4872d] Tweaked the background processing priority code for windows (user: tne, tags: trunk)
[a67239a747] Updated cron tests Added background priority for processman tasks (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[7ec21f206b] Added a "cget" to the oo::meta::info command to replace the "property" method that was eliminated (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[7f55a266b7] Eliminated the "property" dynamic method from the tool framework. It wasn't keeping up with mixins, and "meta cget" did everything that method did, and better, anyway (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[02bb5bff38] Fixed the package version for uri (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[7274ea3f7e] Closing a fork (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
15:55 • New ticket [aff22194d7] imap4 - BODY.PEEK fails. (user: vonandraste)
[052b7f587a] Fixed a goof in tool events if the coroutine disappeared before the timer went off (user: tne, tags: trunk)
[98b57392dd] Removing puts statement from tool::event::sleep (user: tne, tags: trunk)
13:43 • New ticket [39ab616d8f] struct::graph walk dfs preorder visits some nodes more than once. (user: anonymous)
18:28 • Closed ticket [2798450fff]: uri::split provides no user and pwd without (default) scheme plus 9 other changes (user: kjnash)
[b17711c53f] Module uri - Bugfix to uri::resolve for http query in test uri-rfc2396-1.9. Rewrite uri::canonicalize to pass all other tests in uri-rfc2396.test except two where the RFC is ambiguous and one (new test) where the RFC advocates avoidance. Modify and add to tests. Bump version to 1.2.7. (user: kjnash, tags: trunk)
18:37 • Closed ticket [2798448fff]: uri::split makes host to path without scheme plus 8 other changes (user: kjnash)
18:31 • Closed ticket [cf5df74f40]: uri package regexps for URI incorrect plus 7 other changes (user: kjnash)
18:27 • Closed ticket [7b5c6cb477]: Bugfixes to URI parsing in module uri plus 8 other changes (user: kjnash)