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proportional weighted shares
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    ::math::stats::proportional_weighted_shares -- # # Return the proportional_weighted_shares from quantity by two or more given ratios # # Arguments:

    1. quantity first value is quantity
    2. args second, third, and sucessive values
    3. are two or more given ratios (usually integers in high school)
    4. However, decimal fractions for both quantity and args seem
    5. to be reasonably accurate to TCL precison. # Conditions and answer checks
    6. The quantity must be larger than 0
    7. The number of args must be larger than 2
    8. If sum of parts equals zero, formula is undefined
    9. Number of parts should be equal to [ llength $args ]
    10. Total value of parts should be equal to quantity entry
    11. The solution may not be unique in that more than one
    12. set of shares may have or generate the same multiple ratios. # Results: parts of quantity into proportional weighted shares
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