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Artifact ID: 50f4c380461949a6ff6a7d974046d544297a193af2b432147e14d84f8e248a15
Ticket: 20b144d233864c03984a61262334ebd0fd988ffd
Skip oauth tests if tls not available.
User & Date: anonymous 2018-06-09 16:59:54

  1. Change assignee to "nobody"
  2. Change closer to "nobody"
  3. Change cmimetype to "text/plain"
  4. Change comment to:

    Skip test if tls not available.

    Index: modules/oauth/oauth.test --- modules/oauth/oauth.test.orig +++ modules/oauth/oauth.test @@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ source [file join \

    testsNeedTcl 8.5 testsNeedTcltest 2 +testsNeed tls

    testing { useLocal oauth.tcl oauth

  5. Change foundin to "current"
  6. Change is_private to "0"
  7. Change login to "anonymous"
  8. Change priority to "5 Medium"
  9. Change private_contact to "36034badbf4fa68e1e6f55bc81729916152660a8"
  10. Change resolution to "None"
  11. Change severity to "Minor"
  12. Change status to "Open"
  13. Change submitter to "anonymous"
  14. Change subsystem to "oauth"
  15. Change title to "Skip oauth tests if tls not installed."
  16. Change type to "Bug"