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Farthest failure path (FFP) tracking in PT/PEG [ssoberni-ffp-3ed39a451f]
User & Date: ssoberni 2018-06-13 14:08:01

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    As hinted at in IRC, it turned out that the FFP was erroneously dropped due to using the equivalent of i_error_clear_push rather than of i_error_push in three out of four *_branch (choice) super-instructions:

    si:voidvalue_branch si:valuevoid_branch si:valuevalue_branch

    This was fixed for the TclOO and Snit RDE (the C one was not affected, naturally). NX benefits from the TclOO fix directly, as it derives from the TclOO engine.

    Branch ssoberni-ffp-3ed39a451f * contains a fix plus test. The test is WIP, because I don't exactly know how to best instrument the test runner to cover for this failure case? Here, the combined "failure" condition would be (as signalled by parset):

    - matched prefix ne input /xor/ suffix ne "" - the content of myerror with the FFP

    Pls. advise.


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    Farthest failure path (FFP) tracking in PT/PEG [ssoberni-ffp-3ed39a451f]