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50 most recent timeline items

[d0a296b832] Leaf: Updating a few calls to ::debug to point to ::practcl::debug instead (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
18:49 • Edit [fae8456ce9363754|fae8456ce9]: Add propagating "hidden". Mark "Closed". (user: hypnotoad)
[b3592dd5a3] Moved all commands to the ::practcl namespace (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[e86ee9359a] Further efforts to keep DEFS from shell/GCC from being passed through subst (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[19c24ccebd] Eliminated the effort in trying to sanitize compiler flags and replace the PACKAGE_NAME, PACKAGE_VERSION, etc.    Now we just append -D entries to the end of the block. Needed because many of the quoting fixes to allow Mac to work directly conflict with quoting fixes needed to make MinGW work. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[a70b84cb3e] Pulling changes from trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
19:55 • Closed ticket [5c9aac9213]: Update tcl.m4 to include NetBSD install path plus 5 other changes (user: hypnotoad) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[c8eddeddb9] Leaf: Added /usr/pkg/lib to the paths searched on the journey to find tclConfig.sh (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[61c2cff8a3] Fixed a quoting problem in de_shell    Added better handling for ranlib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[b6593bbc14] Clarified how shells compiled against a core implementing tip#430 should be different to those where we are utilizing an external zipfs implemention (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[17134ff7ac] Adding support for cross compiling. Practcl now looks for a "CONFIG_SITE" element in the master project's define array. If present, practcl adapts itself to perform a cross compile.    If ::practcl::config.tcl is run, this entry will be automatically created if a config.site file is in the directory of the master project build.    CONFIG_SITE points to a file containing a sh compadible description of the cross compiler environment. Practcl will also read and respond to flags in this file (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
03:30 • Ticket [5c9aac9213] Update tcl.m4 to include NetBSD install path status still Open with 3 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[dd33f1cac6] Fix to cut down on the number of empty trace comments in generated C code    Added provisions of private (i.e. static) typedefs and structs in C files    Moved where verbatim headers are read in from    Added a the concept of a "pre C loaded" tcl init script and "post C loaded" tcl init script (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[0022e43c53] Closing a local branch (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[897a86da1e] Corrected a logic bug in the struct access macros used to pull metadata from objects.    Defined a thisObject variable for every method's implementation which will be pre-populated with the current object the method is servicing.    Macros now refer to thisObject instead of constantly hammering the Tcl_ObjectContextObject() function (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[42843bd2f2] Fix to exercise the install-package keyword when installing a practcl package (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[39000ffade] Rewrote the compiler option digester    It's a long story. A long, long story actually... (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[aa9025645c] Added an AC_SUBST to capture if this extension is a Tk extension    Added a "fossil_status" command to capture data from fossil (because the standard fossil command redirects stdout)    Eliminated the internal mkzip implementation, and replaced with a mechanism to download a local copy of tcllib    Added a Tcl->C encoder    Bootstrap Tcl scripts are now embedded in C rather than distributed as a seperate file    Tweaks to the kitbuilding process    Added a "Collate_Source" method, which allows a project to generate its dynamic sources during the compilation sequence, instead of during initialization of the object    Created a class to handle behaviors particular to autoconf based projects, and split that behavior from the library class.    Created a new "project" class to act as a high level abstraction for projects which may implement both a kit and a dynamic library    Eliminated the need to have a copy of odie in order to generate a basic kit.    Added behaviors to exercise a practcl style make.tcl script if present within a project. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[3529a5fc6d] Tweaked how option escape characteres are managed    Added CFLAGS and PKG_CFLAGS to the config.tcl.in substitution template (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[873469a3cf] Moved where the IncrRefCount is applied so it happens BEFORE we check for the existence of the init script (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[88edbd2f64] Added the concept of aliases to practcl triggers/depends/targets    Added a compute flag for dependencies that returns a cached answer to prevent infinite recursion (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[a99373f005] Added a general purpose Tcl script -> constant C string encoder.    Added a complete zipkit implementation. (We no longer need to go out to odie for hard coded C sources.)    If zipfs.c is present in the Tcl sources, that is used. If zipfs.c is not present, odie is automatically added as a sub-project and the zipfs implementation from there is used. (Helpful while we transition from 8.6 -> 8.7)    The "main" file produced for a zipkit now includes a complete TCL_LOCAL_APPINIT and TCL_LOCAL_MAINHOOK implementation, as well as a package index and zipfs mounter. This file is generated at implementation time.    Re-arranged the kit building process such that dynamically added sources have a chance to influence compile flags (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[8b2c5d5403] New version 0.5    Removed the seperate classes tracking static vs. dynamic binary extensions. They are now a single class and the build strategy is determined by the "static" define.    Created a unified "Configure" method which used by both the config.sh and compile method. It turns out that much of what config.sh needs isn't known until autoconf is run.    Fixed a quoting problem for spaces in -D flags    Simplified the arguments for ::practcl::build::static-tclsh. We now only need to pass the master object, the script can figure out the rest. (For now, so long as there are two sub-objects TCLCORE and TKCORE) (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[6979153dcc] Developed a new mechanism for advertising a package, but not invoking its loader. The key part is to build a minimalist proc in the tcl interp that can invoke the PROJ_Init from the interpreter in response to a "package require".    We can't use Tcl_StaticPackage, because that assumes the Init call was already loaded (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[0c2b56e291] Pulled a puts statement (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[a6169325e2] Going back to disabling stubs for static libraries. Something in stock make files for TEA packages dies horribly on [make all] with --disable-shared but -enable-stubs (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[3dfb97da54] Adding a new "domake.tcl" which is designed to exercise a practcl tcl make system.    Behavioral fixes for sub-components which can have elements of the Init() process farmed to them    Added handlers for compiling a library and basekit in debug mode    Added a mechanism for the build system to compile a different obj file for debug mode    Added tweaks for Tk extensions    Fixed the pkgindex.tcl file generator for static libraries.    Practcl libraries now burn Tcl initialization code into the C library itself, eliminating the need for an external tcl file (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[b684dbfbf8] Tweaked modules and libraries to honor the desire of sub-modules and dynamic sources to express themselves as seperate C files (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[d1d02eb80e] Finally have a working implementation to build shared libraries from Tcl.    Moved the makefile snippet generator to a proc.    Added a few more substitutions that the tcl based make system requires (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[3d7c8fae82] Added facilities to build an internal pkgIndex.tcl file for kits    Added version detection and tracking for static packages, as well as a flag to indicate if a package should be automatically loaded when the shell initializes (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[9244b28b3e] Adapted the build process such that dynamic C code can decide for itself to be compiled as a standalone C file rather than be massed into the main application/library loader (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[b19812c359] Based on feedback from the community, changed the "practcl.tcl.in" template to "config.tcl.in", and it stores a key/value list instead of a stream of Tcl commands    Rewrote chunks of practcl to better handle builds in a different directory than the source checkout.    The kit builder now creates its own build folders for binary packages    Package objects now compute a builddir on startup    Replaced calls the the global ::project array with calls to [define get]. (Note: make files are still welcome to write to a ::project array. That array is simply no longer assumed to be present and populated by most of the practcl library.) (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[57bcbae0cb] Added a --with-tclsh option, to allow dynamic build systems to utilize a known good Tcl interpreter instead of guessing when generating dynamic content (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[148be84c92] Added a built-in tool to fill in the gaps provided by autoconf for platforms where autoconf is not available.    Added a mechanism for the tclkit integrator to derive ./configure time information from the Makefile for packages where a "practcl.rc" file is not generated.    The process of substituting DEFS and generating self contained executables are now procedures instead of object methods.    Added a mechanism for compiled objects to specify their output product's file name.    Added handlers for compiling and linking C++ code.    Added hooks to exploit the new static library build features of TEA 3.10    Incorporated the SUBPACKAGE method defined in IRM to the main practcl library.    Added several common subpackage component classes to the practcl library    Added a new export PRACTCL_CFLAGS, which provides a snapshot of the CFLAGS generated by autoconf for a package minus the package specific flags (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[b9ed8aa410] Pulling changes from trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[ba3a2928e5] Updating comments    Condensing the STUBS_BUILD behaviors to one subroutine (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[e8d611141b] Fixing a typo in TEA (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[1279f82873] Pulling changes from trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[ba73067b41] Added an --disable-stubs flag which can be used in conjuction with the --disable-shared flag will prevent the USE_TCL_STUBS and USE_TK_STUBS flags from being set (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[a82acf8adb] Modified the kitbuilder to no longer require a seperate KIT array. The data needed was already encoded in TCL and TK (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[96175a5ab5] Improvements to practcl:    Updated version to 0.3    Introduces some platform auto-dectect functions    Embeds a local copy of zip::mkzip    Adds a rudimentary build dependency system    Allows direct compilation of executables, shared libraries, and static libraries    Allows the downloading, compiling, and embedding of external Tcl binary (and script) packages (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[e315779c3b] Fixes to practcl.    Practcl's package-ifneeded method now writes code that wraps properly inside of an amaglamated pkgIndex script (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[cbe5f3d89b] Bumped practcl to 0.2 (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[986d80d3f4] Merging changes from trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[5fce60ae04] Improvments to practcl to allow for the creation of multiple static or dynamic libraries for a project.    Added several PRACTCL_ defines which allow a practcl enable build script to synthesize the instructions needed to compile libraries on the target platform. (MAKE_LIB, etc are unchanged) (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[dbb639b5c0] Fixes in the implementation to support odielib. This branch *should* be ready for others to start playing with it. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[3c009701ef] Fixed a missing quote. (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[b1a033f31d] Creating a branch to explore using Tcl for package building automation. This project is build around the concepts introduced in the "practcl" package. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)