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50 most recent timeline items

[ee4fe788b9] Leaf: Modified the names of several methods to make it clearer what is going on in the notation    generate-cmethod -> generate-tcl_c_api    cmethod -> c_tcloomethod    c_tclproc_raw > c_tclcmd    Aliases for cmethod and c_tcl_proc raw have been kept to allow old practcl build to continue to work (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[7ca9d650cb] More enhancements for debugging builds    Added names to practcl managed TclObjTypes    Each sub-project gets the name of the Tcl interpreter that called practcl as a --with-tclsh option    Added "clean" mechanisms for practcl managed builds    Created a seperate code checkout sandbox for Tcl and Tk when So that the switch between dubbing and normal builds is seemless    Added an additional pattern match for static compiled Tcl shells on Windows under MSYS/MinGW (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
13:21 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Move to branch mistake. Mark "Closed". (user: jan.nijtmans)
12:53 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Edit check-in comment. (user: stu)
12:50 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Edit check-in comment. (user: stu)
12:49 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Edit check-in comment. (user: stu)
[5dd2f839c6] Closed-Leaf: On OpenBSD, make SHLIB_VERSION default to ".1.0" if not specified (as in Tcl/Tk's tcl.m4)    No,that's wrong. It was the way it was for a reason. I purposely set it up that way. Tcl/Tk's tcl.m4 is not the same as TEA's Tcl.m4 (as I said before). Why don't you ask me before doing things? Bro, do you even OpenBSD? Not happy at all, here. (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: mistake)
[a54ea71f17] Added a dedicated library handler which allows a module to be pure code (as opposed to a compile product.) (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[cd0c6dfd0c] Allow the package indexer to handle an empty or missing path (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[18e79736d2] Leaf: All the world was a VAX. (user: stu, tags: trunk)
[c5f23ff480] Added a mechanism to allow the distribution of binary extensions via kits without invoking the Tcl built-in behavior of unpacking dlls to a temporary location for each process    Any kits that contain a "teapot" directory will copy the contents to a designated path in the users' home directory, and run the packages from there. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[2587b67f73] Removing "inline" from headers, and placing that information in the C source files. The behavior of "extern inline" is well into the realm of dragons when trying to reconcile gcc and clang (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[4ba20c502c] Fix to close the "config.tcl" file when finished generating it (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[eb2e416b87] Added new markup and handling for extern inline functions (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[4d5df47620] Fixes to the build process for shells that statically link Tk (and generally require access to the Tk headers)    Fixed a typo (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[d727a76322] Reverted the zipfs path prefix to zipfs:/ based on further testing in Windows (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[ff60b31c63] Practcl 0.8a1    The prefix for zip volumes is now selectable at compile time. The default has been changed to //zipfs:, based on feedback from Christian Werner and Roy Keene    Users can select the sandbox location per-project now with the ::practcl::config array (which also allows other parameters to be modified). These changes have to be present in memory before ::practcl::config.tcl is called    ::practcl::LOCAL defers as long as possible before instantiating itself. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
16:22 • Ticket [ab69a602bf] MSVC rules.vc: Set HAVE_UINTPTR_T & HAVE_INTPTR_T status still Open with 3 other changes (user: mr_calvin) ... 2 similar events omitted.
[d810d2ecd7] Adding provisions to support multiple tool chains    GCC style implemented as the first, with an empty implemenation intended for MSVC (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[37039116de] Fixes to ensure prefix setting are consistent across the core and extensions (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[260e64606d] Added a PRACTCL_WINDOWINGSYSSTEM flag    Added better handling for Cocoa/Hitheme and SDL (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[52d135a32d] Fixed the routine that was supposed to be converting .lib files to -l flags    Fixed how TEA platform strings and architectures are computed during cross compiles (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[8ada06f13f] Added a copy of http::wget from tcllib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[dd4163508c] Tweak to ensure the config.site trumps autoconf. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[0effaa95ee] Replace [define get os] calls to [define get TEAPOT_OS] (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[ef37cbe372] Fixed a problem with the Package index maker    Fixed a problem with the {package ifneeded} generated for a static library    Removed several chatty PARRAY lines (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[1fe2fc0c6d] Fixed a goof in the TEA_CONFIG_TEAPOT mechanism. It wasn't checking that TEA_CONFIG_SYSTEM had run first (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[9306bcea5f] Changed the install-vfs method on subprojects to the install method    Made the destroot a manditory argument (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[e35781ffa1] Removed compiler and toolset detection from [local_os] moved those checks (with xcompile aware logic) into config.tcl    Standardized srcroot -> srcdir    Added a critcl invoker    Revamped where projects get tclconfig from    Added tool handlers for critcl, kettle, and tcllib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[568593190d] Fine tuning (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[7890e70c40] Bumped version to 0.7    Added support for Tcl 8.5 by either reimplementing features or providing an alternate implementation    Added a local preference file for storing persistent data    Removed a lot of chatty PUTS statements    Creates an object called ::pratcl::LOCAL which stores the local platform data, and can act as a project for the purpose of installing local build tools    Added a facility to load a package from tcllib (and go so far as to install a resident tcllib)    Created a modular plugin architecture for software distribution and local tools (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[d0a296b832] Updating a few calls to ::debug to point to ::practcl::debug instead (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
18:49 • Edit [fae8456ce9363754|fae8456ce9]: Add propagating "hidden". Mark "Closed". (user: hypnotoad)
[b3592dd5a3] Moved all commands to the ::practcl namespace (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[e86ee9359a] Further efforts to keep DEFS from shell/GCC from being passed through subst (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[19c24ccebd] Eliminated the effort in trying to sanitize compiler flags and replace the PACKAGE_NAME, PACKAGE_VERSION, etc.    Now we just append -D entries to the end of the block. Needed because many of the quoting fixes to allow Mac to work directly conflict with quoting fixes needed to make MinGW work. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[a70b84cb3e] Pulling changes from trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
19:55 • Closed ticket [5c9aac9213]: Update tcl.m4 to include NetBSD install path plus 5 other changes (user: hypnotoad) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[c8eddeddb9] Added /usr/pkg/lib to the paths searched on the journey to find tclConfig.sh (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[61c2cff8a3] Fixed a quoting problem in de_shell    Added better handling for ranlib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[b6593bbc14] Clarified how shells compiled against a core implementing tip#430 should be different to those where we are utilizing an external zipfs implemention (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[17134ff7ac] Adding support for cross compiling. Practcl now looks for a "CONFIG_SITE" element in the master project's define array. If present, practcl adapts itself to perform a cross compile.    If ::practcl::config.tcl is run, this entry will be automatically created if a config.site file is in the directory of the master project build.    CONFIG_SITE points to a file containing a sh compadible description of the cross compiler environment. Practcl will also read and respond to flags in this file (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
03:30 • Ticket [5c9aac9213] Update tcl.m4 to include NetBSD install path status still Open with 3 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[dd33f1cac6] Fix to cut down on the number of empty trace comments in generated C code    Added provisions of private (i.e. static) typedefs and structs in C files    Moved where verbatim headers are read in from    Added a the concept of a "pre C loaded" tcl init script and "post C loaded" tcl init script (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[0022e43c53] Closing a local branch (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[897a86da1e] Corrected a logic bug in the struct access macros used to pull metadata from objects.    Defined a thisObject variable for every method's implementation which will be pre-populated with the current object the method is servicing.    Macros now refer to thisObject instead of constantly hammering the Tcl_ObjectContextObject() function (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)