Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Author:         Don Porter <>
Author:         Donal K. Fellows <>
Author:         Kevin B. Kenny <>
Author:         Jeff Hobbs <>
Author:         Pavel Goran <>
Author:         Daniel A. Steffen <>
Author:         miguel sofer <>
State:          Draft
Type:           Informative
Vote:           Pending
Created:        29-Jan-2001


This document keeps a record of who maintains each functional area of Tcl ([16]).


Listed below are Tcl's functional units, in the same order as in [16]. See [16] for the precise definition of what code belongs to what area. The area names are changed to match the Categories in Tcl's SourceForge Bug Manager .

Note that an area can have more than one maintainer. When the maintenance of the entire area requires several types of expertise, it is desirable to have more than one maintainer.

In several of the areas below, there are maintainers who have volunteered to provide special expertise (for example, assistance with programming and testing for the Mac platform) to assist in maintaining an area, but who have not taken on the whole area. These maintainers are indicated by a parenthesized designation of their expertise.

For each of Tcl's functional units, the following maintainers are assigned:

  1. Notifier - Kevin Kenny (Win32, Solaris, HP-UX), Daniel Steffen (Mac OS X), Alexandre Ferrieux

  2. Event Loops - Jan Nijtmans, Jeff Hobbs

  3. Timer Events - Kevin Kenny, Jeff Hobbs

  4. Async Events - Joe Mistachkin

  5. XT Notifier -

  6. Time Measurement - Kevin Kenny, Jeff Hobbs

  7. Variables - Miguel Sofer, Jeff Hobbs

  8. Environment Variables - Jeff Hobbs

  9. Linked C Variables - Jeff Hobbs

  10. Objects - Miguel Sofer, Alexandre Ferrieux, Jeff Hobbs

  11. Conversions from String - Jeff Hobbs

  12. ByteArray Objects - Donal K. Fellows, Jan Nijtmans, Alexandre Ferrieux, Jeff Hobbs

  13. Index Object - Jan Nijtmans, Jeff Hobbs

  14. List Object - Jan Nijtmans, Jeff Hobbs

  15. Dict Object - Donal K. Fellows

  16. Commands A-H - Donal K. Fellows, Jeff Hobbs

  17. Commands I-L - Donal K. Fellows, Jeff Hobbs

  18. Commands M-Z - Donal K. Fellows, Jeff Hobbs

  19. [history] - Jeff Hobbs

  20. [interp] - Jeff Hobbs

  21. [namespace] - Miguel Sofer, Jeff Hobbs, Donal K. Fellows (especially ensembles)

  22. [proc] and [uplevel] - Miguel Sofer, Jeff Hobbs

  23. [scan] - Jeff Hobbs

  24. Channel Commands - Andreas Kupries, Jeff Hobbs

  25. Channel System - Andreas Kupries, Alexandre Ferrieux, Jeff Hobbs

  26. Channel Transforms - Andreas Kupries, Jeff Hobbs

  27. Channel Types - Andreas Kupries, Rolf Schroedter (WinSerial), Jeff Hobbs

  28. dde Package - Pat Thoyts, Kevin Kenny

  29. http Package - Pat Thoyts, Jeff Hobbs

  30. msgcat Package - Harald Oehlmann

  31. opt Package - Jan Nijtmans

  32. registry Package - Kevin Kenny

  33. Safe Base - Jeff Hobbs

  34. tcltest Package - Jeff Hobbs, Melissa Chawla, Don Porter

  35. TclOO Package - Donal K. Fellows

  36. Pathname Management - Vincent Darley, Jeff Hobbs

  37. File System - Vincent Darley, Jeff Hobbs, Daniel Steffen (Mac OS X), Jim Ingham (Mac OS X)

  38. Init - Library - Autoload - Don Porter, Jeff Hobbs, Daniel Steffen (Mac OS X), Jim Ingham (Mac OS X)

  39. Package Manager - Don Porter, Jeff Hobbs

  40. Dynamic Loading - Kevin Kenny, Jan Nijtmans, Jeff Hobbs, Daniel Steffen (Mac OS X), Jim Ingham (Mac OS X)

  41. Memory Allocation - Jeff Hobbs, Joe Mistachkin

  42. Memory Preservation - Jeff Hobbs

  43. Regexp - Pavel Goran, Colin McCormack

  44. UTF-8 Strings - Jan Nijtmans, Jeff Hobbs

  45. Parsing and Eval - Miguel Sofer, Jeff Hobbs, Don Porter

  46. Traces - Don Porter

  47. Bytecode Compiler - Miguel Sofer, Jeff Hobbs

  48. Number Handling - Don Porter, Kevin Kenny

  49. Threading - Andreas Kupries, Jeff Hobbs, Joe Mistachkin

  50. Embedding Support - Don Porter, Jeff Hobbs, Joe Mistachkin

  51. Release Notes - Don Porter, Jeff Hobbs, Daniel Steffen (Mac OS X), Jim Ingham (Mac OS X)

  52. Portability Support - Mo DeJong, Jeff Hobbs, Zoran Vasiljevic

  53. Configure and Build Tools - Mo DeJong, Jeff Hobbs, Lloyd Lim, Acacio Cruz (BSD), Daniel Steffen (Mac OS X), Jim Ingham (Mac OS X), Pat Thoyts (Windows)

  54. Configuration Reporting - Andreas Kupries

  55. Other Tools - Jeff Hobbs

  56. LibTomMath - Kevin Kenny

  57. zlib - Donal K. Fellows

Orphaned Categories

The following Categories in Tcl's SourceForge Bug Tracker should be mapped to new Categories corresponding to a maintained area of Tcl, when seeking the appropriate maintainer:

  1. [resource] (obsolete) - Used for closed old reports about the resource command that was implemented only on the now unsupported Mac Classic platform.

  2. Mac Classic (obsolete) - Used for closed old reports about other issues on the now unsupported Mac Classic platform.

  3. Other - Used for reports that span several categories. Also includes many closed old reports from before the time the current categories were established.

Sections Without Maintainers

Those sections without a maintainer are maintained by the Tcl Core Team with each change requiring TYANNOTT review.


This document has been placed in the public domain.