Tcl package Thread source code

Tracking Thread Sources

The source code history of Thread is kept by a distributed version control system called Fossil. The master copy of Thread sources are kept here at

and a mirror server is kept at

in case anything goes wrong with the master.

Tracking or contributing to the Thread sources requires a release of Fossil that supports the

fossil open --nested

option. Use

fossil version

to determine the vintage of your fossil client program, and confirm that it is no older than 2011-02-08. Upgrade as necessary.

Then start by cloning the repositories for Thread and tclconfig, a set of TEA build support files that Thread makes use of.

fossil clone /path/to/thread.fossil
fossil clone /path/to/tclconfig.fossil

Then construct your workspace:

cd /my/work/space
mkdir thread
cd thread
fossil open /path/to/thread.fossil trunk
mkdir tclconfig
cd tclconfig
fossil open --nested /path/to/tclconfig.fossil trunk

And at that point you have in /my/work/space/thread the current development state of the source files of Thread and tclconfig, which you can build, install, edit, etc.