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Artifact ID: 530b669d66e88af4d9fc2e56704585851ace455077721b62f2b8e784073eb72b
Ticket: 584bfb772724c1a938f671b8a9ac1d57b2d70f58
WS::Client returns nonsense for abstract types
User & Date: gwlester 2018-01-26 21:03:48

  1. Appended to comment:

    gwlester added on 2018-01-26 21:03:48 UTC:
    The type to dict conversion routine should be looking at the xsi:type attribute of nodes who are an "abstract type" node to see what the type to use for the conversion to a dictionary really should be for incoming messages.

    That is the behavior documented.

    The dict to type conversion routine does this for outgoing messages.

    I *really* seem to remember this code being there at one time. It should be a couple of lines of code to fix the issue.