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13:21 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Move to branch mistake. Mark "Closed". (user: jan.nijtmans)
12:53 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Edit check-in comment. (user: stu)
12:50 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Edit check-in comment. (user: stu)
12:49 • Edit [5dd2f839c64f49f3|5dd2f839c6]: Edit check-in comment. (user: stu)
[5dd2f839c6] Closed-Leaf: On OpenBSD, make SHLIB_VERSION default to ".1.0" if not specified (as in Tcl/Tk's tcl.m4)    No,that's wrong. It was the way it was for a reason. I purposely set it up that way. Tcl/Tk's tcl.m4 is not the same as TEA's Tcl.m4 (as I said before). Why don't you ask me before doing things? Bro, do you even OpenBSD? Not happy at all, here. (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: mistake)
[18e79736d2] Leaf: All the world was a VAX. (user: stu, tags: trunk)
[c5f23ff480] Leaf: Added a mechanism to allow the distribution of binary extensions via kits without invoking the Tcl built-in behavior of unpacking dlls to a temporary location for each process    Any kits that contain a "teapot" directory will copy the contents to a designated path in the users' home directory, and run the packages from there. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[2587b67f73] Removing "inline" from headers, and placing that information in the C source files. The behavior of "extern inline" is well into the realm of dragons when trying to reconcile gcc and clang (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[4ba20c502c] Fix to close the "config.tcl" file when finished generating it (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[eb2e416b87] Added new markup and handling for extern inline functions (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[4d5df47620] Fixes to the build process for shells that statically link Tk (and generally require access to the Tk headers)    Fixed a typo (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[d727a76322] Reverted the zipfs path prefix to zipfs:/ based on further testing in Windows (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[ff60b31c63] Practcl 0.8a1    The prefix for zip volumes is now selectable at compile time. The default has been changed to //zipfs:, based on feedback from Christian Werner and Roy Keene    Users can select the sandbox location per-project now with the ::practcl::config array (which also allows other parameters to be modified). These changes have to be present in memory before ::practcl::config.tcl is called    ::practcl::LOCAL defers as long as possible before instantiating itself. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
16:22 • Ticket [ab69a602bf] MSVC rules.vc: Set HAVE_UINTPTR_T & HAVE_INTPTR_T status still Open with 3 other changes (user: mr_calvin) ... 2 similar events omitted.
[d810d2ecd7] Adding provisions to support multiple tool chains    GCC style implemented as the first, with an empty implemenation intended for MSVC (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[37039116de] Fixes to ensure prefix setting are consistent across the core and extensions (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[260e64606d] Added a PRACTCL_WINDOWINGSYSSTEM flag    Added better handling for Cocoa/Hitheme and SDL (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[52d135a32d] Fixed the routine that was supposed to be converting .lib files to -l flags    Fixed how TEA platform strings and architectures are computed during cross compiles (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[8ada06f13f] Added a copy of http::wget from tcllib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[dd4163508c] Tweak to ensure the config.site trumps autoconf. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[0effaa95ee] Replace [define get os] calls to [define get TEAPOT_OS] (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[ef37cbe372] Fixed a problem with the Package index maker    Fixed a problem with the {package ifneeded} generated for a static library    Removed several chatty PARRAY lines (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[1fe2fc0c6d] Fixed a goof in the TEA_CONFIG_TEAPOT mechanism. It wasn't checking that TEA_CONFIG_SYSTEM had run first (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[9306bcea5f] Changed the install-vfs method on subprojects to the install method    Made the destroot a manditory argument (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[e35781ffa1] Removed compiler and toolset detection from [local_os] moved those checks (with xcompile aware logic) into config.tcl    Standardized srcroot -> srcdir    Added a critcl invoker    Revamped where projects get tclconfig from    Added tool handlers for critcl, kettle, and tcllib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[568593190d] Fine tuning (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[7890e70c40] Bumped version to 0.7    Added support for Tcl 8.5 by either reimplementing features or providing an alternate implementation    Added a local preference file for storing persistent data    Removed a lot of chatty PUTS statements    Creates an object called ::pratcl::LOCAL which stores the local platform data, and can act as a project for the purpose of installing local build tools    Added a facility to load a package from tcllib (and go so far as to install a resident tcllib)    Created a modular plugin architecture for software distribution and local tools (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[d0a296b832] Updating a few calls to ::debug to point to ::practcl::debug instead (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
18:49 • Edit [fae8456ce9363754|fae8456ce9]: Add propagating "hidden". Mark "Closed". (user: hypnotoad)
[b3592dd5a3] Moved all commands to the ::practcl namespace (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[e86ee9359a] Further efforts to keep DEFS from shell/GCC from being passed through subst (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[19c24ccebd] Eliminated the effort in trying to sanitize compiler flags and replace the PACKAGE_NAME, PACKAGE_VERSION, etc.    Now we just append -D entries to the end of the block. Needed because many of the quoting fixes to allow Mac to work directly conflict with quoting fixes needed to make MinGW work. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[a70b84cb3e] Pulling changes from trunk (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
19:55 • Closed ticket [5c9aac9213]: Update tcl.m4 to include NetBSD install path plus 5 other changes (user: hypnotoad) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[c8eddeddb9] Added /usr/pkg/lib to the paths searched on the journey to find tclConfig.sh (user: hypnotoad, tags: trunk)
[61c2cff8a3] Fixed a quoting problem in de_shell    Added better handling for ranlib (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[b6593bbc14] Clarified how shells compiled against a core implementing tip#430 should be different to those where we are utilizing an external zipfs implemention (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[17134ff7ac] Adding support for cross compiling. Practcl now looks for a "CONFIG_SITE" element in the master project's define array. If present, practcl adapts itself to perform a cross compile.    If ::practcl::config.tcl is run, this entry will be automatically created if a config.site file is in the directory of the master project build.    CONFIG_SITE points to a file containing a sh compadible description of the cross compiler environment. Practcl will also read and respond to flags in this file (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
03:30 • Ticket [5c9aac9213] Update tcl.m4 to include NetBSD install path status still Open with 3 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[dd33f1cac6] Fix to cut down on the number of empty trace comments in generated C code    Added provisions of private (i.e. static) typedefs and structs in C files    Moved where verbatim headers are read in from    Added a the concept of a "pre C loaded" tcl init script and "post C loaded" tcl init script (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[0022e43c53] Closing a local branch (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[897a86da1e] Corrected a logic bug in the struct access macros used to pull metadata from objects.    Defined a thisObject variable for every method's implementation which will be pre-populated with the current object the method is servicing.    Macros now refer to thisObject instead of constantly hammering the Tcl_ObjectContextObject() function (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[42843bd2f2] Fix to exercise the install-package keyword when installing a practcl package (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[39000ffade] Rewrote the compiler option digester    It's a long story. A long, long story actually... (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[aa9025645c] Added an AC_SUBST to capture if this extension is a Tk extension    Added a "fossil_status" command to capture data from fossil (because the standard fossil command redirects stdout)    Eliminated the internal mkzip implementation, and replaced with a mechanism to download a local copy of tcllib    Added a Tcl->C encoder    Bootstrap Tcl scripts are now embedded in C rather than distributed as a seperate file    Tweaks to the kitbuilding process    Added a "Collate_Source" method, which allows a project to generate its dynamic sources during the compilation sequence, instead of during initialization of the object    Created a class to handle behaviors particular to autoconf based projects, and split that behavior from the library class.    Created a new "project" class to act as a high level abstraction for projects which may implement both a kit and a dynamic library    Eliminated the need to have a copy of odie in order to generate a basic kit.    Added behaviors to exercise a practcl style make.tcl script if present within a project. (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)
[3529a5fc6d] Tweaked how option escape characteres are managed    Added CFLAGS and PKG_CFLAGS to the config.tcl.in substitution template (user: hypnotoad, tags: practcl)