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[comment {-*- tcl -*- doctools manpage}]
[manpage_begin datefield n 0.3]
[see_also clock(n)]
[see_also entry(n)]
[keywords clock]
[keywords date]
[keywords dateentry]
[keywords entry]
[keywords widget]
[copyright {Keith Vetter <>} and
{Thomas Wunderlich <>}]
[moddesc {Tk datefield widget}]
[titledesc {Tk datefield widget}]
[category Widget]
[require Tk]
[require datefield [opt 0.3]]

The [package datefield] package provides the datefield widget which
is an enhanced text entry widget for the purpose of date entry. There
are three valid formats for the dates which can be entered:
[list_begin [enum]]
[enum] English form MM/DD/YYYY using [arg {-format "%m/%d/%Y"}] (default)
[enum] German form DD.MM.YYYY using [arg {-format "%d.%m.%Y"}]
[enum] ISO form YYYY-MM-DD using [arg {-format "%Y-%m-%d"}]


The datefield widget is, in fact, just an entry widget with
specialized bindings. This means all the command and options for an
entry widget apply equally here.

[section COMMANDS]

[list_begin definitions]
[call [cmd ::datefield::datefield] [arg widgetpath] [opt [arg options]]]

Creates and configures a date field widget.


[section OPTIONS]

[list_begin definitions]
[call [arg -format]]

One of "%m/%d/%Y" (English, default if option left), "%d.%m.%Y" (German),
or "%Y-%m-%d" (ISO).



See the [cmd entry] manual entry for details on all remaining/available

[section EXAMPLE]
[example {
 package require datefield

 wm title . "Datefield example"
 proc DayOfWeek {args} {
     set now [clock scan $::myDate]
     set ::myDate2 [clock format $now -format %A]
 trace variable myDate w DayOfWeek

 ::datefield::datefield .df -textvariable myDate -format "%m/%d/%Y"
 label .l1 -text "Enter a date:"   -anchor e
 label .l2 -text "That date is a:" -anchor e
 label .l3 -textvariable myDate2 -relief sunken -width 12

 grid .l1 .df -sticky ew
 grid .l2 .l3 -sticky ew
 focus .df
[vset CATEGORY datefield]
[include ../../support/devel/doc/]