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Artifact ID: 85bbee58ceb8fb323cc9908333c01a58680e6f80
Ticket: 8a270c661cb7829dce10f89777f3f4a23fabec8c
ttk::treeview -selectmode doesn't match [listbox]
User & Date: MG 2014-03-16 00:23:56

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    There's no themed [listbox], but [ttk::treeview]s can be set up to do more or less the same job. However, although they both have the -selectmode option, they work differently; in [listbox], -selectmode single allows you to select a single row, while -selectmode browse also lets you select a single row, but also lets you drag the row to reorder elements.

    In [ttk::treeview], there's no "single", and "browse" doesn't allow dragging. It would be nice if the treeview's "browse" was renamed "single", and a new "browse" mode that allowed dragging, to match the one in [listbox], was added.

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