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Artifact ID: 2e25187d357522a00d10b6fcb2c348f83ba5e7cb
Ticket: 6867cc13a4a9ac80d2861daab0e0380cea1a6ecb
[tk fontchooser configure] overwrites global variables
User & Date: anonymous 2014-01-28 10:58:02

  1. Change assignee to "nobody"
  2. Change closer to "nobody"
  3. Change cmimetype to "text/plain"
  4. Change comment to:

    % set font Helvetica Helvetica % tk fontchooser configure -title foo % set font Zrnic

  5. Change foundin to "8.6.1"
  6. Change is_private to "0"
  7. Change login to "anonymous"
  8. Change priority to "5 Medium"
  9. Change resolution to "None"
  10. Change severity to "Minor"
  11. Change status to "Open"
  12. Change submitter to "anonymous"
  13. Change subsystem to "(unused)"
  14. Change title to:

    [tk fontchooser configure] overwrites global variables

  15. Change type to "Bug"