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Artifact ID: b8fcb1b2c41648b2b0ea6184a1413b1d7c6f9855658c4986f3ae38a15a2e4449
Ticket: 6e8afe516df85f6213f436ef7c2fab2ec2d11c76
Severe bugs in binding (tkBind.c)
User & Date: fvogel 2018-12-07 21:54:15

  1. Change icomment to:

    Sorry, bad news.

    On Windows Vista, at [18c2efa9], bind-22.46 still fails (and the corresponding short test script I provided on Oct 30th, 2018 as well). Moreover bind-15.23 is now failing as well, which was not the case before [18c2efa9].

    ==== bind-15.23 MatchPatterns procedure, time wrap-around FAILED
    ==== Contents of test case:
        bind .t.f <Double-1> {set x 1}
        set x 0
        event generate .t.f <Button-1> -time -100
        event generate .t.f <Button-1> -time 500
        event generate .t.f <ButtonRelease-1>
        return $x
    ---- Result was:
    ---- Result should have been (exact matching):
    ==== bind-15.23 FAILED
    ==== bind-22.46 HandleEventGenerate: options <Key> -keycode 20 FAILED
    ==== Contents of test case:
        bind .t.f <Key> "lappend x %k"
        event generate .t.f <Key> -keycode 20
        return $x
    ---- Result was:
    ---- Result should have been (exact matching):
    ==== bind-22.46 FAILED
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