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Artifact ID: 6644efbdbfb56b3269045986fca86a97907cbf22fbc885fac5fe7e7a33299060
Ticket: 1ba71a86bb6ab29180418ba4a25b0074e3c9de7a
TK Cocoa <KeyRelease> generated on <KeyPress>
User & Date: pooryorick 2018-08-12 14:05:21

  1. Change icomment to:

    I an old patch lying around that I've applied to commit [e8961ae643c31f02], but no longer have a relevant system to test it on. Does it perhaps resolve this issue?

    --- macosx/tkMacOSXKeyEvent.c
    +++ macosx/tkMacOSXKeyEvent.c
    @@ -198,11 +198,11 @@
                   if (repeat) {
                     Tk_QueueWindowEvent(&xEvent, TCL_QUEUE_TAIL);
                     xEvent.xany.type = KeyPress;
    -                xEvent.xany.serial = LastKnownRequestProcessed(Tk_Display(tkwin));
    +                xEvent.xany.serial = LastKnownRequestProcessed(Tk_Display(tkwin)) - 1;
                 Tk_QueueWindowEvent(&xEvent, TCL_QUEUE_TAIL);
                 savedModifiers = modifiers;
                 return theEvent;
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  3. Change mimetype to "text/x-fossil-wiki"