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link fails on Ubuntu 18.04
User & Date: marc_culler 2018-11-10 14:57:42

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    I checked again and it still happened. So then I checked on a different Ubuntu 18.04 system and there was no problem. So then I compared the config.log files from the two systems to see how they differed. That revealed the problem.

    On the system where the link failed I had previously built and installed Tcl 8.7. In fact I had done that before I upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04. The configure script was reading /usr/local/lib/ Look at this:

    $ grep ieee /usr/local/lib/ TCL_LIBS='-ldl -lz -lpthread -lieee -lm'

    So I guess the question is: Why is the configure script using a which was installed by a different version of Tk (and a different version of the operating system)?

    Even on the system where the build succeeds the behavior is weird. The configure script is reading /usr/lib/ Why is it assuming that I want to use the same compiler and linker flags that the package maintainer happened to use? And if I had installed the Tk 8.7 package and then tried to build Tk 8.6 it would have used the 8.7 linker flags, so it would link against the ieee library even though 8.6 doesn't need that library.

    This does not seem very robust to me.

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