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Comment:Added clarification discussed on tcl-core and elsewhere.
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User & Date: dkf 2018-04-11 13:00:27
Documented in TIP #496 that -justify can only be honored if there is enough display space, and a bit of reformatting. check-in: 6896b0788d user: fvogel tags: trunk
Added clarification discussed on tcl-core and elsewhere. check-in: d037db9c8b user: dkf tags: trunk
Updated index check-in: d8578b82cc user: dkf tags: trunk
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Changes to tip/

    49     49   This will iterate internally over the elements of the array called
    50     50   _arrayName_ in array-iteration order \(i.e., the same as that used by the
    51     51   other **array** subcommands\), setting the variable _keyVar_ to the name of
    52     52   the element and the variable _valueVar_ to the content of the element before
    53     53   evaluating the script _body_. The result will be the empty string \(excepting
    54     54   errors, **return**, etc.\) and any contained **break** and **continue**
    55     55   will have their normal interpretation as loop control operations.
           56  +
           57  +Modifying the array while this command is iterating over it will make the
           58  +**array for** command terminate with an error once the current execution of
           59  +_body_ finishes.
    56     60   
    57     61   # Implementation
    58     62   
    59     63   Branch: `tip-421` (Code is also available
    60     64   [here]( within a
    61     65   comment, but that is _not_ the definitive version.)
    62     66