TIP 394: Platform-Independent Handling of Contemporary Mice

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Author:		Andreas Leitgeb <avl@logic.at>
Type:		Project
Tcl-Version:	8.7
State:		Draft
Vote:		Pending
Created:	30-Nov-2011


This TIP proposes a change to Tk's Events such as to support new features of modern pointer devices (mice) in a platform-independent way.


Modern pointing devices (mice) do have more controls beyond the standard three buttons and one-dimensional scrolling gadget. They often have any of these as well:

  • Tilt-able scroll wheel

  • A second wheel for horizontal scrolling

  • A scroll-ball rather than a scroll wheel (see Apple's "mightymouse")

  • Additional "forward" and "backward" buttons

  • even more buttons...

On Linux platform, bind'ing on