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[::thread::send -async] posting order not respected when sending to current thread
User & Date: adrianmedranocalvo 2018-07-31 14:35:32

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    Hello sebres,

    thank you for your comments.

    Indeed that's the issue: some [thread::send -async] are being transformed into "after" events, which implies all points you detailed, while other [thread::send -async] do not.

    Mine was a lengthy text, I'm not sure my proposal it's clear. Let me summarize it:

    - I think that each "thread::send -async $tid $script" should be appended to the same queue, so that events for thread $tid are evaluated on the order they were posted.

    - Other events can be handled in whatever order.

    - I think that transforming some "thread::send -async $tid $script" into "after idle" (as it's currently done in Thread 2.8.0) is a misfeature, because it makes "thread::send -async" no longer work as a useful thread-safe queue.

    - I propose removing the code selected in the following link:

    What's your opinion on doing that?

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