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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

15:34 Bump to version 1.1.0 for release. Leaf check-in: b5ed85efdd user: dgp tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-1-0
06:38 Added and to distribution check-in: 15b8b5db38 user: apnadkarni tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-6
19:10 Use tdbc_SRC_DIR from to locate genstubs tool, instead of hardcoded path. Make genstubs target like the other tdbcs'. check-in: 9e1ebeaf84 user: stu tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-5
20:34 -> check-in: a1a013df6a user: dgp tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-4, rc1
19:04 TEA/autconf update check-in: 193a370ed6 user: dgp tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-3
20:05 Fix a critical memory leak in resultset initialization. Change uses of ClientData for integers to the PTR2INT and INT2PTR macros, to avoid compiler warnings. Update to enable these macros, which require additional data types to be present. Advance patchlevel to 1.0.3 check-in: a6e4b1fd92 user: kennykb tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-3
20:09 TEA update; Bump to 1.0.2 check-in: a1a8c48060 user: dgp tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-2
17:59 bump to 1.0.1 check-in: cbaaf5d8fc user: dgp tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-1
15:08 Put win/* nmake support files into the distribution. check-in: 9653128e97 user: dgp tags: trunk, tdbcpostgres-1-0-0
20:05 Fix win/ generation of pkgIndex.tcl check-in: dc470dee39 user: dgp tags: trunk, 1.0b17
19:05 Merge into the trunk with execute permission turned on in the configurators check-in: cdee385d7b user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b16
17:03 correct inadvertent fork check-in: f23b4dd7f5 user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b15.1
02:56 Changes to restore builability of all drivers under Visual C++ (plus cleanup identified in making those changes) <verbatim> tdbc: * aclocal.m4: Add a TEAX_PATH_LINE rule to simplify emitting the stub library paths in * tools/genExtStubs.tcl (ParseImports, writeStubDeclarations): Add a new '* CONVENTION:' declaration to the stub declarations that specifies the linkage convention (e.g., __stdcall, WINAPI) that is used in an imported library. * Add code to put the stub library path (build and (install) in the file so that extensions that import TDBC stubs can find it. * generic/tdbc.h: * README: Advance release to 1.0b15 * configure: autoconf-2.59 tdbcmysql: * aclocal.m4: Synchronize with tdbc. * Advance TEA version to 3.7. Advance release to 1.0b15. Corrected the TDBC stub library specification so that it works under MSVC. * generic/mysqlStubDefs.txt: Split out the linkage convention so that genExtStubs.tcl can generate syntactically correct VC++ pointer-to-function declarations. * generic/mysqlStubInit.c: * generic/mysqlStubs.h: Regenerate * generic/tdbcmysql.c: Added code to silence VC++ warnings. * README: Advance release to 1.0b15 * tclconfig/: Advance to TEA 3.7 * configure: autoconf-2.59 tdbcodbc: * aclocal.m4: Synchronized with the 'tdbc' package. * Advanced release to 1.0b15 and TEA version to 3.7. Added code to detect VC++ and include the stub library by path rather than with -L and -l. * generic/fakesql.h: Corrected syntax of INSTAPI specifiers. * generic/odbcStubDefs.txt: Added a CONVENTION: SQL_API line so that genExtStubs.tcl can get the syntax right on the pointer-to-function declarations. * generic/odbcStubInit.txt: Corrected syntax of INSTAPI specifiers. Regenerated. * generic/odbcStubs.h: Regenerated. * generic/tdbcodbc.c: Silenced several VC++ warnings. * README: Advanced release to 1.0b15. * tclconfig/: Advanced to TEA 3.7 * configure: autoconf-2.59 tdbcpostgres: * aclocal.m4: Synchronized with tdbc. * Advanced version number to 1.0b15. Advanced TEA version to 3.7. Corrected the way that stub libraries are located on VC++. * generic/tdbcpostgres.c: Corrected a number of errors and warnings in the VC++ build. * README: Advanced to 1.0b15 * tclconfig/: Advanced to TEA 3.7 * configure: autoconf-2.59 tdbcsqlite3: * aclocal.m4: Synchronized with 'tdbc'. * Advanced version to 1.0b15. Advanced TEA to 3.7. * library/tdbcsqlite3.tcl: Advanced version to 1.0b15. * README: Advanced version to 1.0b15. * tclconfig/: Advanced TEA to 3.7. * configure: autoconf-2.59 </verbatim> check-in: 6ca3665834 user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b15
22:59 <verbatim> * tools/genStubs.tcl: Revised 'genStubs' to write files in Unix format (-translation lf) so that 'make genstubs' generates the same output on Unix and Windows. * tdbcDecls.h: * tdbcStubInit.h: make genstubs * README: * * generic/tdbc.h: Advance patchlevel to 1.0b14.1 * configure: autoconf-2.59 </verbatim> check-in: e2d1d7f671 user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b14, 1.0b14.1
23:24 -- 1.0b14 RELEASE -- check-in: f9bae25da3 user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b14.0
14:56 Updated recipe for release management and packager for Windows binaries to include Postgres check-in: e8ac920205 user: 200002852 tags: trunk, 1.0b13
01:07 Update change log, prepare for 1.0b11 check-in: 26bb9fcd1e user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b11
02:24 Retagged 1.0b10 check-in: 44c5b4a87b user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b10
21:50 1.0b8 - commit missed change to 1 failing test, sign manifest check-in: 3fb3d3cb0e user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b8
22:28 Added tests/tdbc.test to "make dist" check-in: bb20ca1ef7 user: kennykb tags: trunk, 1.0b7
04:49 Added makeWinBinaries.tcl, to make Windows binary distribution check-in: 4a926e130b user: kennykb tags: 1.0b6, trunk
22:12 Fixed 'make dist' rules. Advanced release to 1.0b5 check-in: 46df70f083 user: kennykb tags: 1.0b5, trunk
19:38 Added missing MakingReleases.txt file with notes on release building check-in: 86c5c9489a user: kennykb tags: 1.0b4, trunk
19:01 Many trivial changes to ease CVS merge conflicts. Advanced version to 1.0b3 check-in: 9d58e36f61 user: kennykb tags: 1.0b3, trunk
17:32 Advance version numbers to 1.0b2 check-in: 2862e8f512 user: kennykb tags: 1.0b2, trunk
03:21 Removed debugging line check-in: 859ea811cc user: 200002852 tags: 1.0b1, trunk