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200 most recent check-ins using file Examples/tclhttpd/htdocs/templates/faqfaq.tml version baa2557845

2018-12-06 13:06
Revert an optimisation which limits the argument list. The method may set multiple arguments. Leaf check-in: 58072a102f user: oehhar tags: trunk, Release_2.6.2
2018-12-06 12:17
(WSDL)Support type with namespace definition in tag. Ticket [6fbee3208e] check-in: a1cf727fd3 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2018-11-05 13:41
Fail in case of a node local namespace, which is not found globally. Before, an identical global prefix (with other namespace) may be picked. Closed-Leaf check-in: 12bb39fa7a user: oehhar tags: ticket-6fbee320-local-ns-prefix
2018-11-05 08:48
Patch to support ns prefix defined in the element. Ticket [6fbee3208e] check-in: 62c4dae5f1 user: oehhar tags: ticket-6fbee320-local-ns-prefix
2018-09-03 17:55
Replaced stderr error print by error log (::WS::Utils::ProcessImportXml). Plus some documentation and ticket numbers. check-in: 07f65e990e user: oehhar tags: trunk
2018-09-03 17:26
Changed WS:Utils package version to 2.6.1 check-in: 2a9f30c6aa user: oehhar tags: trunk
2018-07-24 04:47
Preliminary hacks working towards custom SOAP headers. Ticket [7c2ae385da] Leaf check-in: ecbb5e058a user: andy tags: soap-header
2018-07-24 02:47
Remove extra colon in namespace delimiter check-in: 01f9053e79 user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-24 02:42
Clean up end-of-line whitespace check-in: 178aaf8434 user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 16:50
Add change history message (assuming next version is 2.6.1) and clean up whitespace check-in: 667c024d14 user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 16:02
Avoid debug [puts] check-in: 8d89b3237b user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 15:55
Spelling correction, though keep old name for compatibility check-in: 77d58d723c user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 15:54
Correct which document is being imported. Ticket [61fd346dc3] check-in: 867828f03a user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 15:46
Add missing variable import. Ticket [7bb1cd7b43] check-in: 1fb2ffad2d user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 15:25
Removed execute flags (again) check-in: 50b6c37ac6 user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 15:21
Debug log spelling check-in: dd05a23974 user: andy tags: trunk
2018-07-20 15:17
Minor spelling fix check-in: f041a75d3a user: andy tags: trunk
2018-06-13 07:57
Change version numbers of changed files to 2.6.0 check-in: fc8e965f20 user: oehhar tags: trunk, Release_2.6.0
2018-06-13 07:47
Also use logsubst for the server side check-in: 80103f4d61 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2018-05-28 11:16
Add support to translate distant namespace prefixes in attribute values or text values to local correspondances, required for abstract types. Ticket [584bfb77]: client.tcl 2.5.1, utilities.tcl 2.4.2 check-in: e406ab9e21 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2018-05-14 14:52
Add support to translate distant namespace prefixes in attribute values or text values to local correspondances, required for abstract types. Ticket [584bfb77]: client.tcl 2.5.1, utilities.tcl 2.4.2 Closed-Leaf check-in: 300b2b5c3a user: oehhar tags: bug584bfb7727-abstract-type
2018-02-20 21:31
First step to parse complex abstract type in wsdl. Bug [584bfb7727] check-in: 6975d0e818 user: oehhar tags: bug584bfb7727-abstract-type
2018-02-20 14:20
Reduce non logging log impact by only building log message when logging. Requires tcllib log package 1.4 or included emulation. Ticket [93ebedfa] check-in: 150950db68 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2018-01-08 17:37
Set package version to release version 2.5.0 check-in: 53f12a2aa1 user: oehhar tags: trunk, Release_2.5.0
2018-01-08 17:28
Removed errorneous ifneed http 2.8.12. This is now contained in tcl 8.6.8 check-in: de79f4aab6 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-12-07 17:37
ClientSide rev 2.4.6: Define new parameter "serviceNumber" to address a service definition (of n) in a WSDL file. Ticket [955e3754e5] check-in: b5e0c651f1 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-12-05 19:50
Comment why dict is build by a list check-in: 57c46d4424 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-12-04 20:51
New global option "inlineElementNS" to switch inline WSDL namespace prefixes. Document "WS::Client::SetOption". Extend both option procedures by a return of current dict. Tickets: [7140a6c07a], [dcce437d7a]. ::WS::Client package now version 2.4.5 check-in: 4bc013299a user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-12-04 20:47
New global option "inlineElementNS" to switch inline WSDL namespace prefixes. Document "WS::Client::SetOption". Extend both option procedures by a return of current dict. Tickets: [7140a6c07a], [dcce437d7a] Closed-Leaf check-in: 9e96c059eb user: oehhar tags: hao-option-inlineElementNS
2017-11-28 15:43
Add option "inlineElementNS" - struggleing at the fact that there are no options available in the WSDL parsing phase. Tickets: [7140a6c07a], [dcce437d7a] check-in: 9592c7f1a4 user: oehhar tags: hao-option-inlineElementNS
2017-11-28 15:37
Two log optimizations "a $b" -> [list "a" $b] check-in: f52de14493 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-11-14 10:14
Reworked the webservice call option list documentation (so I understand it better) check-in: 63108ec92f user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-11-06 08:20
Added check (for nested namespace prefix case), that a namespace prefix is not reused for another URI. See Ticket [dcce437d7a] check-in: fb182ca3fc user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-11-03 16:00
Search namespace prefix also in element nodes and not only in definition node of wsdl file. Patch by by Wolfgang Winkler. Ticket [dcce437d7a] check-in: 1915e65746 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-11-03 15:51
Documentation and formatting, Client.tcl now version 2.4.4 Closed-Leaf check-in: e11e603f89 user: oehhar tags: rfe-dcce437d7aa5e64a
2017-11-03 15:27
Wrong } nesting in comment check-in: 3632fc3da6 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-11-03 15:18
merged trunk check-in: b774fc3821 user: oehhar tags: rfe-dcce437d7aa5e64a
2017-11-03 15:11
Add some documentation (for me) on WSDL parsing namespaces in client mode check-in: f8d98804f8 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-11-03 11:19
WSCall: also extend the output node name search to multiple message root nodes in the response Ticket [21f41e22bc] check-in: 170d9d7c59 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-08-31 09:14
Documented name return check-in: 7677c62986 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-08-31 09:10
Documented wrong version check-in: 3b9fcbf29a user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-08-31 09:05
The response node name may also be the output name and not only the output type [21f41e22bc] check-in: 6e84da1680 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-08-31 08:51
Use utility function ::WS::Utils::geturl_fetchbody for http::geturl calls which handles errors and follows redirects. Exception are calls with a -command argument check-in: 118a1dadf5 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-08-31 08:41
Correct errors found by static analyser. Some documentation help for static analyser too check-in: 6e8f96d585 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-08-30 08:53
Transfered some of the info in ticket [9c6ff35e39] about the 2.4 changes to the documentation. Restored stripping of a header from an xml response. check-in: 1ed3999e04 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2017-04-11 16:21
Merge JSON REST changes into trunk. Ticket [9c6ff35e39] check-in: 2b869c069e user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.4.0
2017-04-10 17:46
Removed exec flag check-in: d7b6d160c6 user: oehhar tags: rfe-dcce437d7aa5e64a
2017-04-10 17:46
Removed exec flags Leaf check-in: ac19faf750 user: oehhar tags: bug-ce9cf80b6efd6419
2017-04-10 10:06
Fixes proposed by Dennis Pfeifer to address parsing errors. Ticket [ce9cf80b6efd6419] check-in: 2e183f0cc8 user: oehhar tags: bug-ce9cf80b6efd6419
2017-04-07 06:54
Allow inline namespaces in WSDL. RFE [dcce437d7aa5e64a] check-in: 57a60e547b user: oehhar tags: rfe-dcce437d7aa5e64a
2017-04-06 21:51
Fix bug with barewords in ClientSide & enforceRequired Closed-Leaf check-in: 9fba0d2efc user: jeff.lawson tags: rfe-9c6ff35e39, fwr-jsonrest-changes
2017-04-05 22:50
remove unintentional proprietary code inclusion check-in: 36a8a04e9e user: jeff.lawson tags: fwr-jsonrest-changes
2017-04-05 03:59
change "string equal" to eq/ne check-in: a489b96328 user: jeff.lawson tags: fwr-jsonrest-changes
2017-04-05 03:58
* add "flavor" support for "rest" or "soap" * add support for returning json serialized representation of documentation. * add support for optional structure members with "?" suffix char * add "enforceRequired" option to trigger error when a proc fails to return a requiredstructure member. * add "verifyUserArgs" option to validate proc arguments. * add "errorCallback" option to be invoked when serializing a error response. check-in: 5833e8d089 user: jeff.lawson tags: fwr-jsonrest-changes
2017-04-01 08:41
Create new branch named "fwr-jsonrest-changes" check-in: 171251a55b user: jeff.lawson tags: rfe-9c6ff35e39, fwr-jsonrest-changes
2016-11-23 16:40
Fix for bug [6bdf06291d] -- undefined variable when asynch call fails. check-in: 51c849b483 user: gerald tags: trunk
2016-11-03 09:28
Removed exec file property from tcl files check-in: dbd1245897 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2016-11-03 09:26
The type 'anyType' is apparently a base simple type. At least defining it makes some server happy [554877fd21]. check-in: e9780565f6 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2016-11-03 09:14
ClientSide provided old version 2.3.8. Is now 2.3.9. check-in: a82d4a352d user: oehhar tags: trunk
2016-11-03 09:06
Removed file "CheckAndBuild". It was apparently integrated in Utilities.tcl and has no reference or Doc. check-in: 3e0d4aff79 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2016-10-31 16:02
SOAP fault return: elemts faultcode and faultstring should not use own namesape. Ticket [b65828c8cc] check-in: fc39f59118 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2016-10-31 15:46
Load and register tls only if no https handler was registered before check-in: 2e7e8c373f user: oehhar tags: trunk
2016-03-03 21:09
Unify all synchronous calls to http::geturl with error handling by utility function geturl_followRedirects check-in: f1d6d9f8d9 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-11-09 17:25
Unify all synchronous calls to http::geturl with error handling by utility function geturl_followRedirects Closed-Leaf check-in: 0f7ac08844 user: oehhar tags: unify_http::geturl
2015-11-09 16:24
restore deleted debug line check-in: c7cdb73c8f user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-11-09 16:19
Removed own debugging message, sorry check-in: 0cda2c9b1d user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-11-09 16:17
::WS::Utils::geturl_followRedirects : limit to 5 redirects, plug http package memory leak, add redirect test scripts check-in: a18130bfaf user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-11-03 17:42
Fixed outdated example EchoEmbeddedService. Ticket [0e2728fadd] check-in: 1610455cee user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-06-16 17:05
Return http error messages for authentication and server errorrs. Ticket [ea054d339d] check-in: 3647d0b69f user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-06-16 16:43
http package complained about wrong list. Cause is, that any "{}" was replaced by double quotes, destroying the list structure (resulting in SOAPAction ""service:method"" ) Ticket [ab9ad7b044] check-in: 284717ad56 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2015-06-02 17:36
Log the fact that there is no TLS support Closed-Leaf check-in: 7e275a2c33 user: oehhar tags: client-http-error
2015-06-02 17:30
Addition case that server did not send any data and just closed check-in: 90dc8d7789 user: oehhar tags: client-http-error
2015-06-02 15:13
http package complained about wrong list. Cause is, that any "{}" was replaced by double quotes, destroying the list structure (resulting in SOAPAction ""service:method"" ) Ticket [ab9ad7b044] Closed-Leaf check-in: 450754413a user: oehhar tags: bug-ab9ad7b044
2015-06-02 14:07
Return http error messages for authentication and server errorrs. Ticket [ea054d339d] check-in: 027ddd8c7c user: oehhar tags: client-http-error
2015-06-02 13:08
Dead code removed - is covered by upper if check-in: b63a8eb960 user: oehhar tags: client-http-error
2015-05-24 01:25
Another partial fix. check-in: 9c7e118edb user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-05-23 17:12
Switched one of the debug statements back to info. check-in: 11b59f5d29 user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-05-23 17:03
Partial fix for [bcdbb594db].    It may be the entire fix -- waiting on feed back. check-in: 94ea895cf9 user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-05-08 02:38
Fix for [411a2eb59f] -- add double qutoes arround the SOAP Action. check-in: 80934c5bda user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-03-12 23:17
Fix for [9efd219dc8] - DoCall instead of DoAsyncCall in Tcl_Web_Service_Example.html. check-in: dcae275d25 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.8
2015-03-12 23:13
Fix for [b124391cf5] - inTransform and outTransform are "in" and "out" from the server point of view. check-in: 5009b918a3 user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-03-12 23:08
Fix for [8cf2656d0e] - proc inTransform does not transform the XML Soap message check-in: d512c8e2b3 user: gerald tags: trunk
2015-03-12 23:05
Fix for [9ea9b8e9a3] - $top undefined in ::WS::Client::parseResults check-in: 6a7c94f3a8 user: gerald tags: trunk
2014-11-26 23:56
Corrected change to use tls1. check-in: ff3e708397 user: gerald tags: trunk
2014-11-06 16:56
Change to address open vulnerability via "poodle" attack (see http://nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2014-3566). check-in: aa1358233d user: gerald tags: trunk
2014-04-01 01:17
Correct issue with cyclic includes and some simple type declarations. check-in: 342697b2e8 user: gerald tags: trunk
2014-01-13 23:25
Corrected logic of test. check-in: a487bd41ac user: gerald tags: trunk
2014-01-11 20:33
Correction to typo. check-in: 09d64d0da9 user: gerald tags: trunk
2014-01-08 23:15
Fix for: [2c3ef042cf] -- Need to handle SOAP errors reported with HTTP-500 code. check-in: f7183d2c90 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-10-22 21:30
Roll version number in Client to agree with package index.    Correct handling of file uri imports. check-in: e8d348f9f5 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-10-03 21:47
Add documentation for ::WS::Utils::GenerateTemplateDict. check-in: 6d391b11b5 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-08-22 03:25
Corrections on generating XML for simple types to avoid double leveling in some cases and adding name space qualifiers when it should not have. check-in: ef4eb37768 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-08-17 01:22
Updated license files. check-in: a84ca21e46 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.7
2013-07-21 00:27
Added GetParsedWsdl to ClientSide.    Rolled versions to 2.3.7 check-in: 2ca79da750 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-06-29 00:56
Correct typo in debug statement and added code to handle a reply message that is just a simple type (e.g. a string) with no components. check-in: 7e11ee2877 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-05-31 18:31
Correction to ignore namespace definitions on child elements when parsing response with attributes. check-in: 0c0c56dfc5 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.6
2013-05-29 22:03
Correct ::WS::Client::SetOptions to actual set the option to the value passed in. ≈ß≈ç check-in: 2ae4e3011a user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.5
2013-05-29 21:53
Fixed check. check-in: ed7917e66e user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-05-29 21:24
Make suppression of target namespace addition backwardly compatiable with older parsed wsdls. check-in: e01d3735c3 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-05-29 21:23
Added option to suppress default namespace. Added option to generate error on service redefine and code to to unset on a redefine. check-in: f86b538245 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-05-28 21:20
Roll version numbers to 2.3.5. check-in: 596f9ffbe6 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-05-28 18:48
More fixes for bug [a949d84bb5] -- Schema elements of xs:any not handled correctly. check-in: 57d9181a02 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-05-27 23:46
Fix for bug [a949d84bb5] -- Schema elements of xs:any not handled correctly check-in: ac002ddf8b user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-25 20:16
Add target namespace to client request check-in: 67ef52d7cb user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.4
2013-04-20 03:49
Fix a interaction bug with skipLevelWhenActionPresent and nsOnChangeOnly. check-in: 496530e891 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.3
2013-04-19 21:44
Fixed bug to get qualified namespace. check-in: 7ae81cabfb user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-10 03:10
Added documentation on how type casting of abstract to concrete types works. check-in: bc60d4585a user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.2
2013-04-10 02:38
Added details for special namespace attributes. check-in: f77791f44f user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-10 02:34
Documentation for chagnes dealing with attributes. check-in: 1f1af1e51b user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-10 02:14
Corrections toXML -> Dictionary conversion for new changes. check-in: 0b5d3f4ece user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-09 20:24
Generalization of attributes defined in "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance", aka "type" and "nil" in particular. Also added support for ::value instead of {} for value of tag. check-in: cfdc32b392 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-09 15:54
forgot to save changes to Utilities.tcl! check-in: 394de07dfb user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-04-09 15:50
Fixes for incorrect error signalling and to add automatic type casting of abstract to real types. check-in: cecf30f810 user: gerald tags: trunk
2013-03-08 05:19
Updated docs for release 2.3.1 check-in: ce2053ddc1 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.3.1
2013-03-08 02:57
Fix for [4d55a803fd] -- added namespace options into Client Side. check-in: 1317e4416e user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-11-09 14:34
Updated all docs pages from wiki. Not present wiki pages: clients, Downloads, Pretty Printing a Dictionary Instance check-in: d7188ff2cb user: oehhar tags: trunk, Release_2.3.0
2012-11-09 04:15
Merge changes for package require into trunk. check-in: 2e8c40a883 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-11-08 21:15
Fix version numbers for WS::Util requirements. Closed-Leaf check-in: 7f17665126 user: andreask tags: aku-require-changes
2012-11-08 19:26
Replace spaces in html file names with underscores. check-in: 100da64630 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-11-08 19:18
Corrected document links. check-in: 2f21fba30b user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-11-08 19:10
Added require Tcl 8.4 most places, and set up more places to require dict. Could possibly use WS::Utils as central provider for the latter. check-in: 49a22efbe6 user: andreask tags: aku-require-changes
2012-11-06 17:03
Documented Embedded and server user interface change check-in: 164e7224e1 user: oehhar tags: trunk
2012-11-06 08:19
Documented changes in respond. check-in: b0f33e9a8c user: oehhar tags: trunk
2012-11-05 14:07
Additional corrections to embedded code. check-in: 8ab30a71a3 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-11-04 19:20
Move default content type to a configurable option. check-in: df85e4e49c user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-11-02 05:06
Corrections for Embedded Mode. check-in: 0bdb608566 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 14:37
Bug fix [66fb3aeef5] -- correct header parsing check-in: b2b280b87e user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 14:19
Bug fix: [68310fe3bd] - Content Length wrong check-in: ba63c62ab5 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 06:42
Enhancement: [98ce08579d] -- Return socket hadle by ::WS::Embeded::Listen check-in: b9290820be user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 06:37
Roll version to 2.3.0. check-in: 455f74add5 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 06:36
Roll version number to 2.3.0. check-in: 89802893d0 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 06:08
Fix for: [9143f6d463[ -- Missing square brackets in Examples/Math/CallMathWebService.tcl check-in: 27148df0f2 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 06:05
Roll version numbers to 2.3.0 check-in: 3399b69461 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-31 06:04
Fix bug [ff67c5356f] -- Enter missing in checkin [1ba41a6993] check-in: 7f025a5dc4 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-16 22:11
Rolled version numbers to 2.2.10.    Fixed: [22382a9828] - Service specific simple types do not work check-in: 1ba41a6993 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-10-10 01:11
Fixed: [92cd058f9a] - Empty abstract types not handled correctly [f7be84f410] - Complex type definition is ignored if an element definition with the same name exists. check-in: d87f496ea3 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.9
2012-09-27 03:43
Rolled version numbers to next release -- 2.2.9. check-in: 192b30fff0 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-27 03:14
[fa2d29cfaa] - Pre-Parsed WSDL error: key "contentType" not known in dictionary. check-in: ac34d59f60 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-27 03:08
[b15d09a403] - Documentation grammer fix. check-in: bde7145c36 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-20 17:27
Corrected build of simple array elements on ::WS::Utils::convertDictToEncodedType. check-in: 39fddfa92f user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.8
2012-09-09 21:21
Corrected marking of arrays when no maxOccurs is present. check-in: 01b9ac3b53 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-08 20:59
Correct unbalanced parans. check-in: ae9ea437b8 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-08 15:38
Corrected array processing. check-in: 11da371c34 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-08 15:37
Enhanced processing of array elements. check-in: b83f5b24e3 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-07 05:41
Corrected handling of arrays elements. check-in: ffda452ea6 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-05 03:50
Correct handling of soap encoded arrays from complex type definition that is only a restriction making something an array. check-in: 69ecf185ee user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-09-05 03:48
Correction to return inputs and outputs on operation list. check-in: 5e09915ab0 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-28 04:40
Correct typo. check-in: de790bc3ed user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-26 00:16
Correction to handle expected, but missing reply headers (i.e. the SOAP Header element is missing enterly).    Also made a correction to handle a complex type that extends another type but does not add any elements or attributes. check-in: 3c5e0ef7f8 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-15 13:13
Fix for bug [5c28604989] -- REFs in WSDL to Elements handled incorrectly. check-in: 835687e82e user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-15 03:31
Fix for bug [00485c1c92] -- request xml invalid because of double header elements added a new client side option, skipHeaderLevel check-in: fbce1cb930 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-05 00:36
Added back in info level debug of URL gets. check-in: affb1f6bf4 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-05 00:29
Correction of reintroduction of elements as arrays bug! check-in: 99a5113b7b user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-02 02:34
Added a better error if reply is not a SOAP reply. check-in: 9bfe56a004 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-08-02 02:22
Removed extra debug statements. check-in: 08bb8d2924 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-06-11 21:08
Added skipLevelOnReply client option check-in: 2ae9e609c0 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-06-11 16:41
Enhanced info messages. check-in: 6e6c3062cc user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-06-11 15:23
Added info level debug to HTTP results. check-in: 51f2dc539f user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-06-11 14:47
Changed HTTP exchanges to log level info. check-in: 335719e389 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-06-04 15:15
Fix: 8e844665cf - Element tags are always parsed always as arrays check-in: 533b0738c4 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.7
2012-05-14 15:29
Fix for : a8de49b7c3 extensions of non-simple types do not work check-in: 489aab1ce0 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.6
2012-05-14 15:09
Fix for: 1a9a9f98e9 patch to get nsOnChangeOnly feature to work check-in: 86e74cdf42 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-03-16 17:03
Fix for: 68a1cfafdc -- Type definitions assigned to wrong namespace check-in: 9ff57ba482 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.5
2012-03-09 02:38
Added option of putting namespace prefixes only on changes of namespace. Added option of using type vs element namespace as prefix. Added skipping of top level element on results. check-in: 3f7942e79f user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.4
2012-03-04 21:44
Added feature request [5a786018ed] -- Add support for XML List Type check-in: 588d0b4e32 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-02-22 22:47
fix spelling in comments check-in: 2b1dd22f8c user: bovine tags: trunk
2012-02-22 22:33
allow ImportNamespace to handle https documents check-in: 98ba4318ed user: bovine tags: trunk
2012-02-09 21:09
Fix for [398fcd8692] -- ::WS::Utils::geturl_followRedirects doesn't support the -headers arg    Also rolled version numbers to 2.2.4 in advance of the next release. Holding off for a week or two to see if anymore defects come in. check-in: d92f693a72 user: gerald tags: trunk
2012-01-26 02:36
Fixes for: [6067c10a0f] - WSDL's with XML comments fail to parse [323b93d3bd] - extra tns in parseComplexType check-in: 2fa421983d user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.3
2012-01-23 00:15
Corrected typo in encoding.    Added support where max occurs is defined at the sequence level. check-in: 2a2846d0c2 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.2
2012-01-22 23:13
Fix for [2042b7a4ed] -- Enhance error handling of http status and codes check-in: cf63bb0e89 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.1
2012-01-16 03:55
Fixes: 11674e69b0 -- syntax errors in trunk 7c55121bce -- Server side handling for wibble not functional    Implements: 6ee947f218 -- Byte Order Marker from some servers not handled fc2ccda89c -- Add support for Wibble 0.2 check-in: 2565010cf5 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.2.0
2012-01-06 03:54
Fixes to Embedded Server mode/package and to Utils package. check-in: 468f6b66dc user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.1.3
2012-01-03 02:05
Partial fix of Embedded code. check-in: fb1d392a79 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-12-29 17:06
Correction to version number typo and undefined funtion in utils. check-in: 118f3fb5b0 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.1.2
2011-12-27 16:29
Fixes for bugs:    4a72ac4b11 Code_Defect Redirects not being followed 3de47c423b Code_Defect Invalid command name Tcl error when parsing WSDL xml 83bd219e9a Code_Defect extra level in typeInfo dict 35e25c0a53 Code_Defect typos check-in: 28bc6ec06d user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.1.1
2011-10-25 18:06
Start of 2.1.0 support branch. Leaf check-in: f13b317e98 user: gerald tags: 2.1_support
2011-09-08 12:10
Always pass back numeric HTTP code on error. check-in: 218600e054 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-09-05 18:14
Corrected header comments on :WS::Client::DefineRestMethod check-in: 706b351f51 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.1.0
2011-09-05 16:05
Corrected setting of error code to be {WS CLIIENT}. check-in: 646a1a4cb2 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-08-31 12:38
Add setting of Character Set to UTF-8 in a couple of calls that were missing them. check-in: 91a7e3bac2 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-08-30 21:10
Additional corrections from 2.1 testing. check-in: 7129d8bf1c user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-08-26 19:07
Added character set optional information to the -type. check-in: 07abe45f6d user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-08-26 16:29
Corrected two bugs with Release 2.1.0 beta. check-in: edff541dc0 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-08-23 12:03
Remove extra close curly brace. check-in: 85154c47b6 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-08-20 21:46
Roll Version Numbers to 2.1 to prepare for release.    Also fixes for: [a2b1add55a] German umlauts not working (at least with SugarCRM) [ced827a9da] Client: Convert XML to UTF-8 check-in: be889e8260 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-06-25 20:15
Fix for [359aeceb30]. check-in: a7bcb1e2a3 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-05-27 19:44
Code enhancement for [210b52a307]. check-in: 3b7a41504e user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-05-23 15:50
Corretions to handling of target namespace. check-in: 8571f32388 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-05-11 21:27
Corrected setting up target namespaces in parsing of a WSDL. check-in: bdfbb1e6e4 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-05-09 18:11
Fix for ticket [a52d5db004].    Also add recording of which namespaces were imported. check-in: decafbe2f1 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-05-03 04:02
Fixes ticket [ebd3d46395] Implements enhancement [f73f1a68c5] check-in: 5bcbf05609 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-04-24 03:32
Client side fix to loading revised style of parsed WSDLs.    Utilities fix to build RPC Encoded messages. check-in: 12c74e09be user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-04-12 06:09
Implement feature request [6eae39ab12] -- Add inbound and outbound transforms on Server side similar to what is available on Client side check-in: 0435e4f9eb user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-04-12 06:08
Implement feature request [6eae39ab12] -- Add inbound and outbound transforms on Server side similar to what is available on Client side check-in: e2abe0e419 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-04-11 20:51
Implements Feature Request [ce7126364f] -- Generate dictionary template of data types check-in: 71b1fcfce7 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-04-09 15:36
Fixes for [0c30a2dcf1]. Changes to namespace eval to ensure no conflicts with globals. Roll 'build' number. check-in: 79f399b56f user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-04-08 23:48
Roll version numbers to 2.0.0 check-in: b3c9c07e41 user: gerald tags: trunk, Release_2.0.0
2011-04-08 23:18
This implements the following new features: [f1d8afed96] Add Client side routine(s) to introspect and override WSDL    This contains the following bug fixes: [0ab8229f4e] Loading a pre parsed WSDL doesn't work for simple methods [926b89f91e] Can not import an XSD via https [8cd388b62a] RPC embedded complex types get wrong namespace [1d7b578fee] Multiple Fault elements cause code failure [8ffcf045c0] Return array not defined correctly when outside xs namespace [80424f3728] Does not support the same type name being defined differently in different name space [c51c90158b] Choice tag in schema's not handled [30c62d6506] WSDL not parsed correctly when import extends type defined in WSDL [1f1c118564] RPC wsdl not parsed correctly check-in: 2aa4fc55f9 user: gerald tags: trunk
2011-03-22 06:12
Correct typo Closed-Leaf check-in: 332cb05c96 user: jeff.lawson@flightaware.com tags: proposed-main