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11 timeline items occurring around 2e7818e4d0da563694d5.

2013-08-22 03:25
[ef4eb37768] Corrections on generating XML for simple types to avoid double leveling in some cases and adding name space qualifiers when it should not have. (user: gerald, tags: trunk)
2013-08-20 20:54 • Changes to wiki page Web Services for Tcl (aka tclws) (user: gwlester)
2013-08-19 15:17 • Changes to wiki page Downloads (user: gwlester)
2013-08-19 15:09 • Edit [a84ca21e4687142a|a84ca21e46]: Add tag "Release_2.3.7". (user: gwlester)
2013-08-19 15:08 • [2e7818e4d0] Release 2.3.7 (user: gwlester, tags: Release_2.3.7)
2013-08-17 01:22
[a84ca21e46] Updated license files. (user: gerald, tags: trunk, Release_2.3.7)
2013-07-21 00:27
[2ca79da750] Added GetParsedWsdl to ClientSide.    Rolled versions to 2.3.7 (user: gerald, tags: trunk)
2013-06-29 00:56
[7e11ee2877] Correct typo in debug statement and added code to handle a reply message that is just a simple type (e.g. a string) with no components. (user: gerald, tags: trunk)
2013-06-03 07:00 • New ticket [2b16ac75c5] Making nested soap requests. (user: anonymous)
2013-06-02 00:22 • Closed ticket [c4a71818df]: Namespaces local to elements in reply cause errors plus 1 other change (user: gwlester)
2013-06-02 00:22 • Changes to wiki page Downloads (user: gwlester)