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These are the Release Notes for 2.4.0.

This release contains the following new features:
  *  [9c6ff35e39] Support for JSON REST Web service

This release contains the following bug fix:
  *  [411a2eb59fb4326f] and [ab9ad7b044f5ac7e] put quotes around soap action
  *  [bcdbb594dbfbd35f](partial) Accept namespace
  *  [ea054d339d0fdc2c] Handle http authentication errors (Client)
  *  [f1d6d9f8d9] Follow redirects for all http(s) reuests
  *  [554877fd212eb51f] Add simple type "anyType".
  *  [2e7e8c373f] Load and register tls only if no https handler was registered before
  *  [b65828c8cc] SOAP fault return: elements faultcode and faultstring should not use own namesape.
  *  [6bdf06291d] An error on an asynchronous call results in an undefined variable 

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