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Artifact ID: f85ef1c289e65cb17547a31ae040eddb44b48cb1d55b495166853c68bbf7ccf6
Ticket: 584bfb772724c1a938f671b8a9ac1d57b2d70f58
WS::Client returns nonsense for abstract types
User & Date: oehhar 2018-02-20 21:50:59

  1. Appended to comment:

    oehhar added on 2018-02-20 21:50:59 UTC:
    What I understand from https://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-1/#ct-target_namespace, an abstract type should have:

    • simpleContent
    • complexContent

    In our case, it is complex content, but saved as simple type.

    So this is changed in branch [bug584bfb7727-abstract-type] by commit [6975d0e818].

    This results in a complex type definition for tns1:Envelope with the attributes:

    typeInfo client $service tns1:envelope {
        definition {}
        xns tns1
        abstract true

    The result is still the same. This does not help and there is more work necessary.

    But here is the log of the WSDL parse of envelope type:

    Entering parseComplexType Client serviceInfo 1 domNode053DBE0C tns1 
    Complex Type is tns1:Envelope 
    	 Abstract type = true 
    Complex Type is tns1:Envelope, middle is annotation 
    Complex Type is tns1:Envelope, middle is complexContent 
    isComplexContent := 1 
    Content Type is {extension} 
    Calling partList for extension of tns1:Envelope 
    Entering partList Client domNode053DBEBC 1 results tns1 -- for extension 
    	 base name of extension is {tns1:Geometry} with typeinfo {0 0} 
    	 Simple type 
    partList for extension of tns1:Envelope is {{}} 
    at end of foreach {tns1:Envelope} with {} 
    Defining tns1:Envelope as  
    Entering ::WS::Utils::ServiceTypeDef Client 1 tns1:Envelope {} tns1 true