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Artifact ID: b1b332d124219dd0fafb47009f5a4958a76a2c23d5c752bcceaa3c1ad08eb2bd
Ticket: 6fbee3208ebdd73ea2f50a8ed1d0c03545ce3261
xs:element type and xmlns
User & Date: oehhar 2018-11-05 13:44:56

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    oehhar added on 2018-11-05 13:44:56 UTC:
    I ask to review the branch.

    I have added an error condition, that a locally not found namespace should stop directly and not use a global prefix.


    <global xmlns:x1="URI1">
        <x1:el xmlns:x1="URI2">

    In this case, "URI1" should not be linked to node local namespace prefix x1, as it means something else.

    It my thinking ok ? And the implementation ?

    Thank you, Harald