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<TABLE class=toc id=toc>
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        <LI class=toclevel-1><A href="#Loading_the_Webservices_Embedded_Package"><SPAN
        class=tocnumber>1</SPAN> <SPAN class=toctext>Loading the Webservices
        Embedded Package</SPAN></A>
        <LI class=toclevel-1><A href="#Listen"><SPAN
        class=tocnumber>2</SPAN> <SPAN class=toctext>Specify a Port to Receive Request on</SPAN></A>
        <LI class=toclevel-1><A href="#EventQueue"><SPAN
        class=tocnumber>3</SPAN> <SPAN class=toctext>Enter the event queue</SPAN></A>
        <LI class=toclevel-1><A href="#Stop"><SPAN
        class=tocnumber>4</SPAN> <SPAN class=toctext>Shutdown server</SPAN></A>

<A name=Loading_the_Webservices_Embedded_Package></A>
<H2>Loading the Webservices Server Package </H2>

<P>To load the webservices server package, do: </P><PRE> package require WS::Embedded
<P>This command will only load the server the first time it is used, so it
causes no ill effects to put this in each file declaring a service or service
procedure. </P>

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<A name=Listen></A>
<H2>Specify a Port to Receive Request on</H2>

<P><B>Procedure Name&nbsp;: <I>::WS::Embeded::Listen</I></B> </P>
<P><B>Description</B>&nbsp;: Instruct the module to listen on a Port, security information.
<P><B>Arguments</B>&nbsp;: this procedure uses position dependent arguments,
they are: </P>
     <I>port    </I> -- Port number to listen on.
     <I>certfile</I> -- Name of the certificate file. Defaults to {}.
     <I>keyfile </I> -- Name of the key file. Defaults to {}.
     <I>userpwds</I> -- A list of username:password. Defaults to {}.
     <I>realm   </I> -- The seucrity realm. Defaults to {}.
<P><B>Returns</B>&nbsp;: Handle of socket </P>
<P><B>Side-Effects</B>&nbsp;: None </P>
<P><B>Exception Conditions</B>&nbsp;: &nbsp;: None </P>
<P><B>Pre-requisite Conditions</B>&nbsp;: None </P>
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<A name=EventQueue></A>
<H2>Enter the event queue</H2>

<P>To serve any requests, the interpreter must enter the event queue using, for example:</P>
     vwait waitVariable
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<A name=Stop></A>
<H2>Stop the server</H2>

<P>To stop serving requests, the server socket may be closed.
The socket handle was returned by <I>::WS::Embeded::Listen</I>.
Optionally, the event queue may be stopped as follows:</P>
     close $handle
     set waitVariable 1

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