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[html::description "tclhttpd FAQ generator FAQ"]
[html::keywords ]
[html::author "Colin McCormack"]
[mypage::header "tclhttpd FAQ generator FAQ"]

[FAQinit "tclhttpd FAQ FAQ"]

<!-- the FAQ calls return a value that is the section
     or question ID.  This comment hides them:

[FAQsection "General Questions"]
[FAQ "What is it?" "The FAQ package allows you to present FAQs with minimal 
fuss.  It runs under tclhttpd."]

[FAQ "How do I use it from .tml?" {
        The following structure under .tml will produce a beautiful FAQ page
        <p>[FAQinit "name of FAQ"]
        <p>[FAQsection "name of section"]
        <p>[FAQ "question" "answer"]
        <p>[FAQsection "name of next section"]

[FAQ "What facilities does it provide?" "Among other things, it'll produce an 
Index, it'll generate internal html references to sections and questions, 
it'll handle the numbering, and it'll let you generate links to each of these 
indexable elements."]

[FAQ "Wouldn't this format be terribly easy to generate from a text file?" \
"Yes, it would.  And the text file could be generated from forms.  It'd be a 
very nice, simple FAQomatic."]

[FAQsection "Detailed Questions"]
[FAQ "Shouldn't there be some detailed explanation here of each exported 
function from FAQ?" "Yep, there certainly should."]

[FAQsection "Unanswered Questions"]
[FAQ "What is the \"S1 Q1.1 Q1.2 Q1.3 S2 Q2.1 Q2.2\" across the top, just 
under the heading?" "This is gone now, hiding
inside an HTML comment.  The FAQsection and FAQ procedures
return section and question numbers that you'll want to comment out."]

[FAQsection "Silly Questions"]
[FAQ "Why is this section here?" "I wanted the FAQ to demonstrate section 
[FAQ "How long did this take you to write this FAQ?" "Something under 5 

Just before FAQgen -->