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[::learn::header "Tcl in your Page"]

This page shows what you can do with a little bit of Tcl code in a page.

<!-- learn safe interp
[if {![interp exists learn]} {
  interp create -safe learn
}] -->
<!-- proc cmd status:
[if {[ncgi::value proc] != ""} {
  # The values have cr-lf in them from the POST encoding.
  # Here we launder those into regular newlines so
  # that, in particular, a \ at the end of line is 
  # properly understood
  regsub -all \r\n [ncgi::value proc] \n body
  catch {uplevel #0 [list proc Example1 args $body]} _
  catch {interp eval learn [list proc Example1 args $body]} _
  set _
}] -->
Right below the &lt;hr&gt; horizontal line we'll display the
result of the Example1 procedure:
[if {[catch {interp eval learn Example1} result]} {
  set _ "<b>Error</b><pre>\n$result\n</pre>"
} else {
  set _ $result
The body of the Example1 procedure is shown here.
<form action=[ncgi::urlStub] method=post>
<textarea rows=5 cols=80 name=proc>
[if {[info proc Example1] == ""} {
  set _ "# Example1 is not a procedure"
} else {
  set _ [info body Example1]
<input type=submit name=submit value="Define Example1">
<i>Hint</i> if there is no procedure, try<pre>
return "&lt;b&gt;\[clock format \[clock seconds\]\]&lt;/b&gt;"
Understand that this code runs with all the powers of the
web server application.  If you want to halt the server, try this.
Ha! tried it, huh?  This page runs Example1 in a Safe-Tcl interpreter,
although the TML template system normally runs the templates in
the main interpreter of your application.