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<h1>Third-party SOAP client compatibility with tclws ServerSide.</h1>


The tclws package aims to be a standards compliant SOAP server compatible with any modern SOAP client that supports Document/Literal wrapped services.

<h1>Tested Clients</h1>
The following clients are known to successfully work with tclws ServerSide:
<li>Microsoft C# .NET/CLR; Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010
<li>PHP builtin Soap Client -- []
<li>PHP NuSOAP -- []
<li>Perl CPAN SOAP::WSDL -- []
<li>Perl CPAN SOAP::Lite, however the "" utility and the SOAP::Lite WSDL support cannot be used. -- []
<li>Java Apache Axis1 -- []
<li>Java Apache Axis2 -- []
<li>Tcl tclws -- this project, of course!
<li>Python SOAPpy -- []
<li>Python SUDS -- []
<li>Ruby soap4r -- []
<li>Ruby savon gem -- []

If you have tested any other third-party clients, please feel free to add your successes or failures.
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