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<i>Past Releases</i>

<p><b>1.17 (April 30, 2015)</b>
<a href="technote/56416fe9cf1b0c0f5cd535861225a56af8228999">Details</a>
<p><b>1.16 (Feb 11, 2014)</b>
<a href="technote/dac0ddcd2e990234143196b4dc438fe01e7b9817">Details</a>
<p><b>1.15 (Feb 5, 2013)</b>
<a href="event/67846cf33ba77f07dccd4fdd353f46f98fb06c3b">Details</a>

To be filled with (references to) the Release Archives currently found at
<a href="">

Previously <b>released distributions</b> are still found at SourceForge, in
the project's
<a href="">File Area</a>.

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