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Welcome to the tcllib, the Tcl Standard Library.


This README is intended to be a guide to the tools available to a

	Release manager

working on the creation of a release of Tcllib.


The intended audience is the release manager of Tcllib, his deputies,
and anybody else interested in the task.


< Flesh this out >

	sak.tcl validate
	sak.tcl test run
	sak.tcl review
	sak.tcl readme
	sak.tcl localdoc
	sak.tcl release (change to include rpmspec+gentip55+yml)

< Tasks, and how to perform them >

  	 Making a release (candidate) branch.
	 Readying the release in the branch.
	 Make the release official, merging the branch back.

Uploading and releasing files

(1) Create a proper fossil event for the release, via

    See existing events (*) for a template

    (Ad *)

(2) Update the following web locations

    (a) Home page:
    (b) Downloads: 
    (c) Past Releases:

    Admin access to the fossil repository required


    ssh access to