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2013-11-07  Andreas Kupries <>

	* support/devel/sak/localdoc/localdoc.tcl (::sak::localdoc::run):
	  [Ticket 7c7f946046]: Pull in exclusion information from the
	  installer configuration, and use it to exclude the associated
	  man-pages from generation.

2013-11-07  Andreas Kupries <>

	* support/installation/man.macros: [Ticket 369f67aeee] Updated to
	  newest from Tcl/Tk.

2013-05-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* [Bug 3613973][Allura 1371]: Applied patch by
	  Wolfgang Kechel, fixed missing CYGPATH invokations for paths in
	  the installation targets.

2013-04-04  Andreas Kupries  <aku@hephaistos>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl (Module): 
	* modules/debug: debug narrator module adapted
	  from Colin McCormack's Debug wub utility package.

2013-03-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* aclocal.m4: [Bug 3608581]: Extended check for executable
	* configure: extension to recognize an MSYS environment as Windows
	  and requiring a ".exe" suffix. Regenerated configure.

2013-03-11  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Added 'pt' (of modules/pt) to
	  the set of distributed applications. Note that the application
	  was moved to apps/ for this.

2013-03-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/validate/syntax.tcl (::sak::validate::syntax::Setup): 
	* support/devel/sak/validate/testsuites.tcl (::sak::validate::testsuites::Setup):
	  The namespace ::tcl contains parts necessary for the proper
	  operation of the interpreter, since 8.6. Do not delete anymore.

2013-02-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module 'string'. String/text utilities, 8.5+.
	  First packages:
	  - string::token        - regex based lexing.
	  - string::token::shell - parsing basic shell command line syntax.

2013-02-08  Andreas Kupries <>

	* apps/dtplite: Fixed missing -ibase option in direcotry
	* apps/ processing with -merge. Fixed sorting in
	  generated toc and indices. Plus new feature: -toc for external
	  toc to place in the output. Bumped to 1.0.4. Updated

2013-02-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.15 ========================

2013-01-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/fileutil: New package 'fileutil::decode'.
	* modules/zip: New module 'zip', with packages 'zipfile::encode'
	  and 'zipfile::decode'

2013-01-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module and packages: clock (rfc2822, iso8601).
	  Tcl 8.5 only.

2013-01-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* [Bug 3593146]: Extended with CYGPATH usage to
	  allow building under cygwin.
	* configure: Regenerated (autoconf 2.67).

2012-08-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/generator: Generators (via the coroutines of
	  Tcl 8.6). Provided by Neil Madden.
	* support/installation/modules.tcl:

2011-12-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.14 ========================

2011-11-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl (xcopy): Fixed bug a preventing the detection of files
	  in subdirectories; copied from the installer.
	* sak.tcl (ipackages): Fixed bug (reuse of varname) which placed
	  packages into the wrong module.

2011-05-31  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module and package: oo::util. Right now only easy
	  referencing of instance methods for callbacks.

	* New module and package: lambda. Easy anonymous procedures for
	  Tcl 8.5+.

	* New module and package: try. Tcl 8.5+ forward compatibility
	  implementation of try/catch/finally (TIP 329).

2011-04-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/struct/queue_c.tcl: Disabled the critcl debug settings used
	* modules/pt/pt_rdengine_c.tcl: to work around bugs in critcl v2's
	* modules/pt/pt_parse_peg_c.tcl: handling of C companion files.
	* modules/pt/pt_cparam_config_critcl.tcl:

	* sak.tcl (__critcl): Fixed processing of -debug, added the
	  forgotten handling of its argument. Plus added handling of
	  option -target.

	* ./modules/sha1/sha256.h: Fixed the conditional definition of
	  uint64_t and uint32_t for aix and hpux machines.

2011-04-06  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/valtype: New module: Validation types. snit validation
	  types for various classes of numbers (ISBN, EAN, ...) and
	  general check-digit algorithms (luhn(5), verhoeff, ...).

2011-01-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.13 ========================

2011-01-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Trim dross of extracted version numbers.
	* support/devel/sak/note/cmd.tcl: Extended 'sak note' to accept
	* support/devel/sak/note/help.txt: a file of note data.

2011-01-12  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/hook: New module 'hook'.
	* support/installation/modules.tcl:

2010-11-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* examples/mime/maildemo.tcl: [Patch 3117246]: Added the standard
	  script prologue. Thanks to Stuart Cassoff.

2010-11-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* apps/ Extended with new option -exclude to specify
	* apps/dtplite: exclusion patterns (glob matching). Further fixed
	  issues with file paths causing resolution of include file paths
	  to break. This uses the new option -ibase of doctools 1.4.11 to
	  keep include resolution and HTML cross-link generation apart
	  from each other. Bumped version to 1.0.3.

2010-10-26  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: [Bug 3085417]: Added the nano
	  nameservice applications to the installation.

2010-10-22  Kevin Kenny  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Corrected installation
	  of grammar::aycock.
2010-10-18  Kevin Kenny  <>

	* modules/grammar_aycock: New module, Aycock-Earley-Horspool
	  parser generator.
2010-10-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/pki: New module, public key infrastructure.
	* support/installation/modules.tcl:

2010-07-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: [Bug 3027371]. Fixed typo
	  'imap' -> 'imap4'. Thanks to Larry Virden <>
	  for reporting.

2010-07-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/gpx: New module 'gpx'.
	* support/installation/modules.tcl:

2010-07-06  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Module 'imap4' activated.

2010-03-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module 'pt', for ParserTools. Requires Tcl 8.5. Supercedes
	  grammar_peg, grammar_me, and page.

2009-12-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl (CaptureFailureCollectBody,
	  CaptureFailureCollectError): Fixed issue with test result
	  capture on failure. We failed on the capture of failure due to
	  unexpected return codes, because the output syntax is different
	  for that compared to failure due to result differences. Code has
	  been added to recognize and capture this other syntax.

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Extended the test framework to
	* support/devel/all.tcl: record time per .test file, count of
	  tests per file, enabling it to compute a speed (microseconds per
	  test), as a rough and crude benchmark of where we may have
	  performance problems with either packages or tests.

2009-12-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.12 ========================

2009-12-03  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/readme/readme.tcl: Strip trailing whitespace
	  from the table formatted parts of the generated readme.

2009-12-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New modules 'virtchannel_{core,base,transform}' with packages
	  providing core services to reflected channels and
	  transformations, and basic reflected channels, and
	  transforms. This is in essence the example code for the paper I
	  presented at Tcl'2009 in Portland (Reflected and Transformed

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New modules 'virtchannel_*'.

2009-11-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New package 'json::write' in existing module 'json'.

	* support/devel/sak/note/cmd.tcl: Extended note command to show
	* support/devel/sak/note/note.tcl: saved hints when called without

2009-11-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Fix issue with examples for logger,
	* support/installation/actions.tcl: which did not fit the
	  expectations of action _exa, which assumed the module name,
	  which is 'log'. Instead of wrestling CVS into renaming the
	  directory a new action is made which takes the actual name as

	* support/devel/sak/note/cmd.tcl: New sak commands 'note' and 'readme'
	* support/devel/sak/note/help.txt: for semi-automatic generation of
	* support/devel/sak/note/note.tcl: the release README.txt from
	* support/devel/sak/note/pkgIndex.tcl: current and last package
	* support/devel/sak/note/topic.txt: versions, and note'd hints.
	* support/devel/sak/readme/cmd.tcl:
	* support/devel/sak/readme/help.txt:
	* support/devel/sak/readme/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* support/devel/sak/readme/readme.tcl:
	* support/devel/sak/readme/topic.txt:

2009-11-11  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* apps/dtplite: Updated the requirements to force use of doctools
	  v1, this app is not doctools v2 ready yet.

2009-11-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/validate/cmd.tcl: Extended argument processing
	* support/devel/sak/validate/manpages.tcl: of the validation command
	* support/devel/sak/validate/syntax.tcl: to enable a user to specify
	* support/devel/sak/validate/testsuites.tcl: which version of Tcl
	* support/devel/sak/validate/validate.tcl: to check against. Plus
	* support/devel/sak/validate/versions.tcl: fix to handle modules
	  without manpages.

	* modules/coroutine: New module 'coroutine' providing to coroutine
	  utility packages for easier use of channel operations. These
	  packages are for Tcl 8.6+.

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'coroutine'.

2009-09-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl (::sak::test::run::CaptureStack):
	  Fix missing variable declaration, and tweak generated output a

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl (Do): Reworked a bit to save
	  captured error stacks and failed tests (body, actual, expected)
	  into separate log files for quick access.

2009-07-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README.releasemgr: Added links to important places in the
	  SourceForge site for managing Tcllib releases and uploading
	  files (WebDAV), to avoid the ever more byzantine link sequences
	  needed to find them on their site.

2009-06-02  Andreas Kupries <>

	* README.developer: Extended with more information about the basic
	  directory hierarchy and files to be found, testing and
	  validating modules, writing of test cases, and documentation.

2009-02-06  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl (Module): Put 'exif' on the
	  exclude list, deprecating it. Use 'jpeg' instead to access the
	  exif information block in images.

2009-01-29  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* examples/bibtex/bibtex.tcl: Modified examples to assume that
	* examples/htmlparse/webviewer.tcl: they are run by a tclsh found
	* examples/irc/irc_example.tcl: on the PATH, and that this shell
	* examples/mapproj/tkmap.tcl: has access to the packages of
	* examples/math/bigfloat.demo.tcl: Tcllib required by the example.
	* examples/ntp/rdate.tcl: Stuart Cassoff <>
	* examples/sasl/saslclient.tcl: provided by the patches as
	* examples/struct/diff.tcl: part of his work on making a Tcllib
	* examples/struct/diff2.tcl: OpenBSD port.

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Added the examples for a
	  number of modules to the installer. Patch by Stuart, see above.

2009-01-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* apps/dtplite: Added missing EOL to last line of the generated
	  .toc and .idx files. Bumped version to 1.0.1

	* apps/*.man: Added category information to the majority of man
	* modules/*/*.man: pages. 

	* support/devel/sak/doc/cmd.tcl: Moved the main code for the
	* support/devel/sak/doc/doc.tcl: imake/ishow commands into a
	* support/devel/sak/doc/pkgIndex.tcl: separate package. Added a
	* support/devel/sak/doc/doc_auto.tcl: new command 'doc index'
	* support/devel/sak/doc/manpages.txt: which not only updates
	* support/devel/sak/doc/kwic.txt: 'manpages.txt', but also
	* support/devel/sak/doc/toc.txt: generates a keyword index
	  ('kwic.txt'), and a table of contents ('idx.txt'). The first
	  result are committed as part of this change. The newly generated
	  files are in docidx and doctoc formats, respectively.

2008-12-12  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.11.1 ========================

2008-11-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'map' with
	  packages 'map::slippy::*'.

2008-11-18  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'cache' with
	  package 'cache::async'.

2008-10-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.11 ========================

2008-09-03  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/devtools/testutilities.tcl (useTcllibC): Added code to
	  print the location of the tcllibc used by the testsuite.

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl (::sak::test::run::AbortCause):
	  Tweaked to be more lenient and accept more error messages.

2008-07-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'amazon-s3' with
	  packages 'S3' and 'xsxp', by Darren New. Access to Amazon's
	  Simple Storage Service.

2008-06-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/actions.tcl (_manfile): Tossed two of the
	  three identical copies of this procedure. Thanks to Stuart
	  Cassoff for noticing and reporting this.

2008-06-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

 	* support/installation/version.tcl: Added code integrated
	  struct::stack's critcl implementation into the build.

2008-05-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Added 'yaml' to the list
	  of official modules.

2008-03-26  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/validate/syntax.tcl: Fix problem in pcx scan
	  logic, have to handle unknown commands. Like is done for

2008-03-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/validate/syntax.tcl: Do not try to check TeX
	  files for Tcl syntax.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/syntax.tcl: New code, syntax checking
	  via tclchecker.
	* support/devel/sak/validate/validate.tcl: Activated new
	  validation module.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/manpages.tcl: Skip tcllibc.
	* support/devel/sak/validate/testsuites.tcl: Skip tcllibc.

	* support/devel/sak/util/feedback.tcl: Flush log lines.

	* sak.tcl (ppackages): Added code to recognize a pragma '@sak
	  notprovided' which we can use to mark the packages which have
	  provide statements yet are not really visible and thus not

	* modules/sha1/sha256c.tcl: Added notprovided pragmas to the
	* modules/sha1/sha1c.tcl: critcl based package implementations
	* modules/md5/md5c.tcl: and the pseudo-packages declared by
	* modules/struct/graph_c.tcl: plugin management code.
	* modules/struct/tree_c.tcl:
	* modules/struct/sets_c.tcl:
	* modules/dns/ipMoreC.tcl:
	* modules/md5crypt/md5cryptc.tcl:
	* modules/rc4/rc4c.tcl:
	* modules/crc/crcc.tcl:
	* modules/base64/base64c.tcl:
	* modules/md4/md4c.tcl:
	* modules/page/peg_grammar.tcl:
	* modules/page/pluginmgr.tcl:

2008-03-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Added 'simulation' to the list
	  of official modules.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/versions.tcl: New code for the
	  comparison of indexed versus provides packages.
	* support/devel/sak/validate/validate.tcl: Activated new
	  validation module.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/testsuites.tcl: Reworked log format.
	* support/devel/sak/validate/manpages.tcl:   Reworked log format.

2008-03-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/validate/help.txt: Clarified that testsuite
	  validation is not testsuite execution.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/validate.tcl: Added testsuite
	* support/devel/sak/validate/cmd.tcl: validation, using the new
	  entrypoints to move summaries after the checking phases, and
	  updated to the feedback api changes.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/testsuites.tcl: New code, validation
	  of testsuites (= checking which packages are without).

	* support/devel/sak/validate/manpages.tcl: Reworked for changed
	  feedback module, split summary generation from main body, and
	  set up proper multiple entry points.

	* support/devel/sak/util/feedback.tcl: Reworked for easier use
	  when used from multiple packages which can be run separately and
	  together. Added support for summary generation.

2008-03-18  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/old/help.txt: Renamed old validation command.
	* sak.tcl: Renamed old validation command.

	* support/devel/sak/validate/cmd.tcl: New validation code, currently
	* support/devel/sak/validate/help.txt: only checking documentation.
	* support/devel/sak/validate/manpages.tcl:
	* support/devel/sak/validate/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* support/devel/sak/validate/topic.txt:
	* support/devel/sak/validate/validate.tcl:

	* support/devel/sak/doc/cmd.tcl: Fixed a typo.
	* support/devel/sak/doc/topic.txt: Deeper indentation.
	* support/devel/sak/help/topic.txt: Deeper indentation.
	* support/devel/sak/old/topic.txt: Deeper indentation.

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Replaced custom color code with
	  use of the new package sak::color.
	* support/devel/sak/test/cmd.tcl: Fixed a typo.
	* support/devel/sak/test/topic.txt: Deeper indentation.

	* support/devel/sak/util/pkgIndex.tcl: Added two new sak support
	* support/devel/sak/util/color.tcl: packages to handle colorization
	* support/devel/sak/util/feedback.tcl: and common feedback ops (on
	  top of the animation).

	* support/devel/sak/util/anim.tcl: Exported the public commands.

2008-03-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl (::sak::test::run::Summary):
	  Fixed [Bug 1909367]. Error information is now passed from the
	  file summary code to the counters for the whole test run.

2008-01-29  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/stringprep:               New module 'stringprep'.
	* support/installation/modules.tcl:

2007-09-12  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.10 ========================

2007-09-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/releases/history/README-1.10.txt: Updated for modified
	  math package.

2007-08-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* devdoc/critcl-tcllib.txt: Fixed [SF Tcllib Bug 1784843], applied
	* devdoc/dirlayout_install.txt: Larry Virden's patches fixing typos,
	* devdoc/indexing.txt: and doing other editorial changes.
	* devdoc/installation.txt:
	* devdoc/devguide.html:

	* README.developer: Fixed [SF Tcllib Bug 1784836], applied Larry
	* README: Virden's patches fixing typos, and doing other editorial

2007-08-29  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/tcllibc.tcl: Version of package bumped to 0.3.2 for the
	  bugfix in the C implementation of struct::set (v 2.2.1).

2007-08-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/releases/history/README-1.10.txt: Whitespace and
	  formatting cleanup after various updates for modified packages.

2007-08-24  Kevin B. Kenny  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'mapproj' added.
2007-08-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README.developer: Added a section describing the basic steps of
	  adding a new module.

	* support/releases/history/README-1.10.txt: Whitespace and
	  formatting cleanup.

2007-08-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* apps/tcldocstrip (::tcldocstrip::processCmdline): Fixed handling
	  of arguments if there are none. The linsert construction broke
	  for that case. Application version bumped to 1.0.1.

2007-08-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README.developer: Section about testing updated for the changes
	  in the Makefile.

	* (install-applications): New target, complement to
	  'install-libraries', for applications only.

	* (test): The target now distinguishes interactive
	  invokation and batch mode, and chooses its log mode accordingly
	  (interactive: progress feedback, short log, batch: detailed
	  log). The batch mode is invoked by redirecting the stdout to a
	  file. Per a suggestion of Mikhail Teterin. The two modes are
	  also directly acessible, via the new targets 'test_batch' and

2007-08-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README.developer: Added a small introduction to the testing of
	  modules via 'sak.tcl'. This fixes [SF Tcllib Bug 1750655] by
	  Larry Virden.

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Reworked the handling of setup
	  errors and of the various failure states to ensure that they are
	  properly reported as problems in the summary output instead of
	  giving the appearance that everything is ok. Some trouble in the
	  math testsuite was spotted only by reading the detailed log and
	  would have been missed otherwise.

2007-08-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/releases/history/README-1.10.txt: README listing the
	  changes for the upcoming release.

2007-07-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'wip' added. A mini
	  interpreter for word lists based on ideas in 'treeql'.

2007-07-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'uev' added, for
	  the generation and handling of user events.

2007-05-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'nns' added, a
	  nano-sized name service based on and for 'comm'. Derived from
	  the nserver code in the Pool_Net bundle of packages.

2007-05-03  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added stronger check for 'package provided' command to
	  'ppackages'. Code in critcl.tcl generated for tcllibc slips past
	  the less strong filters.

2007-03-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Changed all documentation files (*.man). Replaced all deprecated
	  commands and list types with their new canonical names, putting
	  the Tcllib documentation back in line with the current
	  definition of the doctools language and its companions.

2006-11-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/version.tcl: Added critcl implementation of
	  struct::graph to the list of critcl supported packages.

2006-11-04  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/tcllibc.tcl: Silence critcl warnings. Files with no code
	raise a warning message. Add an empty critcl::ccode block to avoid.

2006-10-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/tcllibc.tcl: Bumped to version 0.3.1. I believe this has
	  to be bumped whenever one of the contained packages changes, or
	  more packages are added. Keep track of this.

2006-10-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/all.tcl: Small comments added to clarify the
	  operation of the cleanup hook, and a tiny bit of code cleanup.

2006-10-03  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.9 ========================

2006-10-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (test): Changed to use an explicit -s TCLSH_PROG to
	  avoid use of the Tcllib registry.

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Flush all writes to logfiles, to
	  ensure that they are uptodate in case an abort is needed. Added
	  output of totals after the test run, and made exit status
	  dependent on failures (1 = Ok, 0 = Had problems).

2006-09-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/all.tcl: Ensure that root is absolute across all
	  versions of Tcl. Added code to recreate the auto_path in the
	  slave interps and processes after it was smashed by older
	  revisions of tcltest during their load.

2006-09-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/releases/history/README-1.9.txt: New file. Readme file
	  for the upcoming release, providing an overview of the changes.

2006-09-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Modified to not use echo and cat
	* support/devel/sak/test/help.txt: when starting a testsuite on
	  windows. Eliminated the use of valgrind for that platform as
	  well. Updated the documentation regarding the latter.

2006-09-19  Andreas Kupries <>

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Extended testsuite logging.
	* support/devel/sak/test/help.txt: Standard user feedback and
	  extended information (raw log, summaries) are written to a set
	  of files. All required information in one run, instead of two.

2006-09-18  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Accepted patch by Michael Schlenker
	  <> for [Tcllib SF Bug 1559489] to
	  divert error messages to a dialog box instead of stderr where
	  possible, to avoid them being silently swallowed by windows.

	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: Reworked output generated
	* support/devel/all.tcl: by testsuites, added processing of
	  the modified output for progress reporting, condensed reporting,
	  and in preparation of placing results into a database.
	* support/devel/sak/test/help.txt: Updated documentation.
	* support/devel/sak/test/shell.tcl: Fixed typo in name of method
	  to call to remove shells from the database.

2006-09-06  Andreas Kupries <>

	* (test): Updated the target to the new syntax
	  for running testsuites accepted by sak.

2006-09-05  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/test/help.txt: Added reference to the file
	  used to store the list of registered shells.

	* support/devel/all.tcl: Changed to terminate with 'exit' instead
	  of 'return', to allow the testsuites to be driven by a 'wish'
	  without having to deal with its event loop.

	* support/devel/sak/test/cmd.tcl: Replaced the existing
	* support/devel/sak/test/help.txt: implementation of 'test' with a
	  dispatcher to an extensible set of packages. See below.

	* support/devel/sak/test/pkgIndex.tcl: New implementation of the
	* support/devel/sak/test/run.tcl: 'test' command and its sub-
	* support/devel/sak/test/shell.tcl: commands. The 'registry', see
	* support/devel/sak/test/shells.tcl: below, is used to store the
	* support/devel/sak/test/test.tcl: registered shells.

	* support/devel/sak/util/pkgIndex.tcl: Registered package.
	* support/devel/sak/util/registry.tcl: New file, wrapper around
	  the pregistry, customized to SAK.

	* support/devel/sak/registry/pkgIndex.tcl: Package for a small tree-
	* support/devel/sak/registry/ based database similar to
	* support/devel/sak/registry/registry.tcl: the windows registry. For
	* support/devel/sak/registry/registry.test: now just an internal
	  package to support 'sak', in the future it may move and become an
	  official package.

2006-09-01  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'otp'.

2006-08-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: New module 'interp'.

2006-08-17  Jeff Hobbs  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: added json package

2006-08-15  Michael Schlenker  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added support for nagelfar ( to the
	  static syntax checking options of sak.tcl while doing a validate
	  or validate_all. Fixed a slight inconsistency between validate
	  and validate all, tclchecker was not checked for validate.
2006-08-14  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (*-doc): Forgotten to update the Makefile targets
	  for documentation when changing the sak syntax for invoking a
	  doc conversion. See entry 2006-07-09. Thanks to
	  for noticing and provision of a patch.

2006-08-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/sak/doc/doc.tcl (::sak::doc::ps): Fixed bogus
	  redirection argument 1>@, correct is >@.

2006-08-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/devel/all.tcl: Fixed the loading of Tk into the slave
	  interp, before Tk 8.4 we are not a real package. Using an
	  explicit load for a Tk statically bound into the executable.

2006-07-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Removed __test. Replaced with a single command
	* support/devel/sak/test:  with an implementation found in
	  the support tree. See below.

	* support/devel/sak/test/cmd.tcl:   New. Implementation of 'test'.
	* support/devel/sak/test/help.txt:  New. Help for 'test'.
	* support/devel/sak/test/topic.txt: New. Topic definition for 'test'.

2006-07-12  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Fixed registration of 'term',
	  needs recursive install.

2006-07-10  Andreas Kupries  <>
	* New module "term". Terminal control.
	* support/installation/modules.tcl: Registered 'term'.

2006-07-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Removed __nroff and all other documentation commands.
	* support/devel/sak/old/help.txt: Replaced with a single command
	  with an implementation found in the support tree. See below.

	* support/devel/sak/doc/cmd.tcl: New. Implementation of 'doc'.
	* support/devel/sak/doc/doc.tcl: New. Support package for 'doc'.
	* support/devel/sak/doc/pkgIndex.tcl: New. Index for support package.
	* support/devel/sak/doc/help.txt: New. Help for 'doc'.
	* support/devel/sak/doc/topic.txt: New. Topic definition for 'help'.

	* support/devel/sak/util/util.tcl: New. General support package,
	* support/devel/sak/util/pkgIndex.tcl: and index for it.

2006-07-05  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Removed __help. Replaced with implementation found in
	  the support tree. See below.

	* support/devel/sak/help/cmd.tcl: New. Implementation of 'help'
	* support/devel/sak/help/help.tcl: New. Support package for 'help'.
	* support/devel/sak/help/help.txt: New. Help for 'help'.
	* support/devel/sak/help/pkgIndex.tcl: New. Index for support package.
	* support/devel/sak/help/topic.txt: New. Topic definition for 'help'.
	* support/devel/sak/old/help.txt: New. Help for old commands.
	* support/devel/sak/old/topic.txt: New. Topic def. for old commands.

	* sak.tcl: Added code to locate command implementations in the
	  support tree. This allows us to factor the commands out of the
	  main script, making the internal structure of sak clearer
	  (through the use of packages).

2006-06-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* main.tcl:                      Moved, and new location
	* support/installation/main.tcl: of the file.

	* sak.tcl: Updated to the new location (has to be copied to the
	  topdir now, when generating the starkit/pack distribution).

	* man.macros:                      Moved, and new location
	* support/installation/man.macros: of the file.

	* installer.tcl:       Updated to the new location.

	* all.tcl:               Moved, and new location
	* support/devel/all.tcl: of the file. Also updated to handle the
	  new location of the distribution relative to all.tcl, to
	  properly find the testsuites.

	* sak.tcl: Updated to the new location of all.tcl

	* package_rpm.tcl:                  Moved, and new location
	* support/releases/package_rpm.tcl: of the file.

	* package_yml.tcl:                  Moved, and new location
	* support/releases/package_yml.tcl: of the file.

	* package_tip55.tcl:                  Moved, and new location
	* support/releases/package_tip55.tcl: of the file.

	* sak.tcl:       Updated to the new location of
	* installer.tcl: package_rpm.tcl, package_tip55.tcl,

	* package_version.tcl:              Moved, and new location
	* support/installation/version.tcl: of the file.

	* sak.tcl:       Updated to the new location of
	* installer.tcl: package_version.tcl
	* install_action.tcl:               Moved, and new location
	* support/installation/actions.tcl: of the file.

	* installed_modules.tcl:            Moved, and new location
	* support/installation/modules.tcl: of the file.

	* sak.tcl:       Updated to the new location of
	* installer.tcl: install_action.tcl, installed_modules.tcl.

	* README.developer:  New files to introduce new developers
	* README.releasemgr: and release managers to Tcllib, the tools
	  available to support and ease their tasks, the procedures we
	  have in place, etc. For now they are more or less placeholders,
	  to be fleshed out with actual content over time.

	* installed_modules.tcl: Registered new module 'nmea'.

	* PACKAGES: Moved.
	* support/releases/PACKAGES: New location of PACKAGES.
	* sak.tcl: Updated to the new location of PACKAGES.

2006-06-30  Andreas Kupries <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Changed to a declarative style (more
	  amenable to automated processing).

2006-06-15  Andreas Kupries <>

	* sak.tcl: Extended to allow the specification of a module M as
	  either M or modules/M. The latter is a path relative to the
	  topdir and enables the entering of modules through
	  tab-completion in the shell.

2006-05-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: New module 'base32'.

2006-05-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: New module 'transfer'.

2006-04-26  Andreas Kupries <>

	* sak.tcl (gd-gen-tap): modified to strip non-version characters
	  out of version numbers.

2006-01-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* all.tcl: Removed the definitions of the common test constraints,
	  and the emulations of the 'wrongNumArgs' and 'tooManyArgs'
	  commands. These have all moved into the new common test support
	  code found in "devtools".

2005-11-02  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Removed all functionality related to execution of
	  .timing files. They are superceded by the benchmarks provided
	  through .bench files.

	* modules/aes/aes.timing: Removed, superceded by .bench files.
	* modules/des/des.timing:
	* modules/rc4/rc4.timing:
	* modules/blowfish/blowfish.timing

2005-11-02  Andreas Kupries <>

	* sak.tcl (ppackages): Added hack to exclude the package @@ from
	  the tap file. This is defined in template code in
	  page/gen_peg_cpkg.tcl, i.e. a variable.

2005-10-27  Andreas Kupries <>

	* sak.tcl (bench_mod): Modified default interp to use in
	  benchmarks from PATH to the interp executing SAK.

2005-10-21  Andreas Kupries <>

	* sak.tcl: Extended benchmark facility. New command for removal of
	  columns from results. New option to explicitly specify a single
	  interpreter to use.

2005-10-18  Andreas Kupries <>

	* sak.tcl: More benchmarking functionality, showing benchmark data
	  after the fact, implicit merging, and changing interp
	  information around. Now we need only some functionality to show
	  the data graphically, and possibly compute statistical

2005-10-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: New module "bench". Benchmarking support
	* sak.tcl: Added benchmarking functionality.

2005-10-06  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.8 ========================

2005-10-05  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added support for passing parameters to critcl. v04
	will support -debug and -clean and v034 supports -keep.

2005-09-29  Andreas Kupries <>

	* README-1.8.txt: New file. Readme file for the upcoming release.

	* sak.tcl (pkg-compare): Modified the core of the 'rstatus'
	  functionality to sort by module, then package, and show the
	  module name before the packages. Easier for use in new release
	  README file.

	* installed_modules.tcl: log module changed to use _msg for

	* install_action.tcl (_msg): New action for modules having a
	  message catalogs in a msgs subdirectory.

	* installer.tcl (xcopy): Fixed bug in the interaction of recursion
	  and pattern argument. It is for files, but affected directories
	  as well, causing page to ignore its plugin directory.

2005-09-28  Andreas Kupries <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Using _tcr to install page and its

	* install_action.tcl (_tcr): New install action, recursive install
	  of all .tcl files in the module.

2005-09-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules: New module:      grammar_me.
	* installed_modules: New module:      grammar_peg.
	* installed_modules: New module:      page.
	* installed_modules: New application: page.

2005-09-26  Andreas Kupries <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added the 'tcldocstrip' application to
	  the installer.

2005-09-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* all.tcl: Added Tcl 8.5 specific code to

2005-09-05  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added a 'timing' subcommand to run *.timing scripts.

2005-08-29  Kevin Kenny  <>

	* all.tcl (tcltest::wrongNumArgs): Revised to handle 8.5 error message.
2005-08-29  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/aes:            NEW MODULE: aes
	* installed_modules.tcl: 

2005-08-17  Bob Techentin <>
	* installed_modules.tcl:  NEW MODULE: units
	* modules/units:

2005-07-26  Stephane Arnold <>
	* installed_modules.tcl : registered math example

2005-07-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* config/config.guess: Updated to newer versions.
	* config/config.sub:

	* all.tcl: Small correction in wrongNumArgs for when the argument
	  list is not empty (Added a space).

	* sak.tcl: Rewrite of critcl invokation on Windows, allow usage of
	  critcl starpack, and for starkits a plain tclsh as interpreter.

2005-07-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/pluginmgr:  New module for the management of plugins.

2005-04-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Fixed installer, updated to the new file and API
	  for package meta information. Fixed bug in app installation,
	  forgot to skip actual copy operations when in simulate-mode.

2005-04-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Should be bundle independent now, with (undocumented)
	  API to the bundle specific information (package_* files).

	* sak.tcl: Moved existing name/version variables over to package
	  neutral names. Moved meta data file to package neutral
	  name. Changed the API between sak and meta data file, it is now
	  command oriented. Replaced hardwired package labeling with
	  variables. Moved the bundle specific release cleanup into the
	  meta data file, and made the cleanup code generic. Ditto for the
	  bundle specific critcl definitions. Modified package load to
	  fall back to a regular 'require' if there is no local
	  file containing the package implementation.

	* sak.tcl:         Moved the bundle specific template data
	* package_rpm.txt: into separate file and rewrote the code
	* package_yml.txt: using them to be more regular.
	* package_tip55.txt:

2005-04-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Extended to handle multiple versions of a package
	  better when comparing and listing versions.

	* apps/tcldocstrip:     New application, an implementation of
	* apps/ docstrip in Tcl, for Tcl. Incl.

2005-03-31  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added code to regenerate sources of modules whose
	  master sources are in one or more docstrip files. 

	* sak.tcl: Extended the code for the extraction of version
	  information from packages with a heuristic static analysis to
	  cut down on the expense of executing package code. Also made the
	  code more robust for packages importing other packages.

	* sak.tcl: Replaced all internal 'package require' statements with
	  calls to an internal helper which always loads from the local
	  directory tree, i.e. preventing use of an external installation
	  (which may be incompatible). ... Removed triplicate definition
	  of command 'write_out'. ... Extended help message a
	  bit. ... Added code to help internal debugging through logging.

2005-03-25  Jeff Hobbs  <>

	* (install-libraries): add -app-path arg (steffen)

2005-03-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/bibtex:        NEW MODULE: Parser for BibTeX bibliographies.
	* installed_modules.tcl: Added to the list of installed modules.

2005-02-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/asn/          Used the new functionality in sak
	* modules/base64/    to look over the package descriptions.
	* modules/base64/  Tightened them a bit, consolidating
	* modules/base64/   especially differing module descriptions.
	* modules/cmdline/  Added some missing descriptions.
	* modules/comm/
	* modules/crc/
	* modules/crc/
	* modules/crc/
	* modules/crc/
	* modules/dns/
	* modules/dns/
	* modules/fumagic/cfront.tcl
	* modules/grammar_fa/
	* modules/grammar_fa/
	* modules/grammar_fa/
	* modules/grammar_fa/
	* modules/jpeg/
	* modules/ldap/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/math/
	* modules/md4/
	* modules/md5/
	* modules/md5crypt/
	* modules/multiplexer/
	* modules/ntp/
	* modules/rc4/
	* modules/ripemd/
	* modules/ripemd/
	* modules/sha1/
	* modules/snit/
	* modules/snit/
	* modules/textutil/
	* modules/textutil/

	* sak.tcl: Extended with code to extract package descriptions from
	  the module manpages. The association between packages and
	  manpages is made through the manpage title and require
	  statements. Added sub commands which format and print the found
	  information.  Extended the tap generator to insert such
	  information into its result.

	* modules/doctools/fmt.desc: New format, used for the basic data
	  extraction mentioned above.

2005-02-14  Andreas Kupries <>

	* modules/docstrip:       NEW MODULE: docstrip.
	* installed_modules.tcl:  Literate programming support.

	* apps/dtplite (::dtplite::processCmdline): Fixed the [SF Tcllib
	  Bug 1111364]. The extension has to be set up before the creation
	  of the filename (for a directory output path), otherwise the
	  result will have no extension.

2005-02-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/fumagic:       NEW MODULE: fileutil::magic.
	* installed_modules.tcl: Magic(5) based file recognizers and
	  support code. Currently only one recognizer, for mime-types.

2005-01-31  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/sasl:          NEW MODULE: sasl
	* installed_modules.tcl: 'Simple Authentication and Security Layer'

2005-01-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/rcs:           NEW MODULE: rcs
	* installed_modules.tcl: Utilities to deal with 'diff -n' patches.

2005-01-10  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Added -no-apps, and -app-path to the installer
	  targets, to ensure that a configure --bin-path is handled

	  Thanks to Gregor Leusch <> for both
	  diagnosis and patch ([Tcllib SF Bug 1099727]).

2004-12-06  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/blowfish:      NEW MODULE: blowfish
	* installed_modules.tcl:   

2004-10-13  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* examples/htmlparse/webviewer.tcl: Added a sample app to 
	demonstrate the use of the htmlparse package. This also demos the
	use of the autoproxy package too.

2004-10-05  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.7 ========================

2004-09-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added new module 'treeql' to the
	  installer. Thanks to Colin McCormack for donating it.

2004-09-29  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl (ainstall): Ensure existence of directory for the
	  applications to install.

2004-09-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl (tclfiles, docfiles): Added code to exclude files under
	  SCCS directories from the validation. Required to prevent bogus
	  output when run in my BitKeeper repository. Also fixed bug in
	  docfiles, redefined the wrong command.

2004-09-19  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: New module 'tie added to installer. Tcl
	  files and documentation, no examples.

2004-08-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* all.tcl: Added constraint 'tcl8.5plus'.

2004-08-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/tar:
	* installed_modules.tcl: New module: 'tar'. Tcl files and
	  documentation, no examples.

2004-07-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* apps/dtplite:     New application, a lightweight doctools
	* apps/ processor, superceding mpexpand.

	* installer.tcl:         Extended the installer with code to
	* install_action.tcl:    handle the installation of the
	* installed_modules.tcl: applications provided by tcllib.

2004-07-17  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: NEW MODULE: http
	The http module is intended to contain things for use with the http
	package. Now, this is the 'autoproxy' package. I plan to add an
	auto-cookie managing package too (if I can find it.)

2004-07-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 988123], which caused the doctools
	  converter to fail if one run a module without documentation was
	  followed by a module having documentation. Found by Reinhard Max

2004-07-09  Reinhard Max  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: NEW MODULE: ident

2004-07-08  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: NEW MODULE: uuid

2004-07-04  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Support critcl implementation of rc4.
	* modules/tcllibc.tcl: Increment version to 0.2.0.

2004-07-02  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: NEW MODULE: rc4

2004-06-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added module 'bee'.

	* New module for  de- and encoding data using the bittorrent
	  serialization format.

2004-05-25  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: remove struct1 module.
2004-05-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* tcllib_version.tcl: Changed version in main line to distinguish
	  it from the 1.6 branch and the release coming up in it.

2004-05-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.6.1 ========================

2004-05-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Bumped version in branch to 1.6.1 in preparation of upcoming
	  bugfix release.

2004-05-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module for querying JPEG images, and manipulating their

	* New module: PNG querying and manipulation.

2004-05-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* install_action.tcl: Fixed [SF Tcllib Bug 784519]. Loading the
	  proper doctools directly, and not using the package system. The
	  latter may get confused and try to load the wrong (old) package.

2004-04-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added new module.
	* examples/ldap:
	* modules/ldap: New module: LDAP client. Provided to us by Joechen
	  Loewer <>.
2004-04-16  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Some mods to the critcl build code for use under
	Windows. If it cannot find critcl.kit, then use env(CRITCL) for
	the location of the kit file.

2004-03-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* examples/csv/csv2html.orig:		Unified the startup header of all
	* examples/csv/csvcut.orig:		applications, using suggestions
	* examples/csv/csvdiff.orig:		made by Stuart Cassoff <>.
	* examples/csv/csvjoin.orig:
	* examples/csv/csvsort.orig:
	* examples/csv/csvuniq.orig:
	* examples/ftp/ftpdemo.tcl.orig:
	* examples/ftp/ftpvalid.orig:
	* examples/ftp/hpupdate.tcl.orig:
	* examples/ftp/mirror.tcl.orig:
	* examples/ftp/newer.tcl.orig:
	* examples/ftpd/ftpd.orig:
	* examples/ftpd/ftpd.test.orig:
	* examples/ftpd/ftpd.unix.orig:
	* examples/irc/irc_example.tcl.orig:
	* examples/mime/mbot/README.html.orig:
	* examples/mime/mbot/README.txt.orig:
	* examples/mime/mbot/README.xml.orig:
	* examples/mime/mbot/impersonal.tcl.orig:
	* examples/mime/mbot/personal.tcl.orig:
	* examples/nntp/postnews.orig:
	* examples/oreilly-oscon2001/oscon.orig:
	* examples/smtpd/tcl_smtpd.orig:
	* examples/smtpd/tk_smtpd.orig:
	* examples/smtpd/tk_smtpdMIME.orig:
	* modules/des/des.tcl.orig:
	* modules/devtools/musub.tcl.orig:
	* modules/doctools/mpexpand.orig:
	* modules/doctools/mpexpand.all.orig:
	* modules/doctools/tocexpand.orig:
	* modules/fileutil/fileutil.test.orig:
	* modules/mime/performance.tcl.orig:
	* modules/pop3/clnt.tcl.orig:
	* modules/pop3/srv.tcl.orig:

2004-03-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Requiring Tcl 8.2 when executing the installer,
	  as anything below that version does not make any sense. This
	  fixes [Tcllib SF Bug 899152].

	* installer.tcl: Fixed [Tcllib SF Bug 899209] by deleting an
	  existing file before trying to overwrite it.

2004-02-18  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* tcllib_version.tcl: Moving mainline to to distinguish
	  development from the released version.

2004-02-16  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/ripemd: New module: RIPEMD message-digest implementation
	* installed_modules.tcl: Added new module.

2004-02-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.6 ========================

2004-02-14  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README-1.5.txt -> README-1.6.txt
	* INSTALL.txt
	* tcllib_version.tcl

	  We have too many places which use the Tcllib CVS head under the
	  designation Tcllib 1.5. Because of that the next officially
	  released version is called Tcllib 1.6, skipping the number
	  1.5. This should differentiate cleanly between the various
	  instances of Tcllib/CVS floating around and this release, and
	  avoid any confusion about what is which.

2004-02-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl (release): Made functional, added the code which extends
	  all the ChangeLogs with the release notice.
	  (gd-assemble): Extended to exclude SCCS and BitKeeper files from
	  the distribution.
	  (gd-gen-packages): Fixed problem with missing global variable.

	* all.tcl: 'getErrorMessage' and 'tooManyMessage' renamed to
	  'wrongNumArgs' anfd 'tooManyArg'. Also placed the common
	  constraints (checking Tcl version: 8.3 only, 8.3+, 8.4+) in
	  here, and removed their declaration from all test files using

	* README-1.5.txt: Updated logger version info to 0.3.

2004-01-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added a very primitive approval mechanism to suppress
	  output from the package comparison in 'status'. Allows to work
	  through a set of problems with repeated comparison, approving
	  packages when done.

	* sak.tcl: Extended functionality for release engineering. Better
	  comparison of current state against last release. Alerts for
	  mismatches in version numbers of packages versus changes made to

	* PACKAGES: New file. Always carries the package information from
	  the last release. Basis for the release status work above.

2003-12-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added 'struct1', the v1.x version of the
	  struct module. Kept for backward compatibility.

2003-10-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added -nonewline to a number of puts statements to work
	  around a problem with Tcl 8.4 where additional ^M characters
	  appear for Mac OS X. [Bug 784523].

	* README: Updated to describe the new way of adding modules to
	  tcllib. [Bug 784515].

	* INSTALL.txt: Updated references to tcllib 1.4 to 1.5.
	  [Bug 784516, incomplete].

	* installed_modules.tcl: Changed doc action for snit from _null to
	  _man (We have doctools manpages for snit for a while now).

	* all.tcl: Added code to try to load 'Tk'. This allows the
	  execution of 'tk' constrained tests, if Tk is present (for
	  example when this code is run run by 'wish'). An example of a
	  module having such tests is 'snit'.

2003-07-26  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/md5crypt: New module: MD5-crypt implementation
	* installed_modules.tcl: Added new module.
	* sak.tcl: Added reference for critcl impl of md5crypt.

2003-07-24  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added a command for generating a YAML description
	file. This is much like the TIP55 format but used for FreePAN.
	* sak.tcl: Altered the finding of critcl under Windows.

2003-07-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/snit: New module, William Duquette's oo package 'snit'
	  (aka Snit Is Not IncrTcl).

	* tcllib_version.tcl: Upped to 1.5 because of the new modules
	  (snit, inifile).

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added 'snit' to list of modules.

2003-07-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added the new module 'inifile' to the
	  list of packages handled by 'sak'.

2003-07-04  Miguel Sofer <>

	* modules/
	* modules/ftpd.tcl (::ftpd::server): the variable ::ftpd::port is
	now updated to reflect the port were the server was opened. This
	is only relevant when a server was requested at port 0 - ie, at a
	port determined by the OS.	

2003-05-26  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: Updated rpm spec generator using the latest .spec by
	  Jean-Luc as template. The spec now determiens the list of files
	  on its own. Don't have to generate them.

2003-05-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl (gd-gen-rpmspec): Added functions to generate a .spec
	  file (RPM build specification). Added method 'rpmspec' to
	  generate tcllib.spec.

2003-05-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installed_modules.tcl: Added 'multiplexer' to the list of
	  installed modules. Tested and validqated module. Documentation
	  looks ok for me.

2003-05-13  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: added a critcl command to sak to build any critcl
	tcllib submodules into a tcllibc library (or separate libraries).

2003-05-09  Jeff Hobbs  <>

	* updated comm to v4.1
	* comm.tcl: rewrite of code to remove pseudo-object model.
	Clean up code, add send -command callback to allow for
	notification of results for asynchronous sends.

2003-05-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl (modules_mod): Fixed incorrect check. Caused first
	  module to be reported as bogus although it isn't.

2003-05-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Fixed typo in the code loading the new
	  'install_action.tcl', had used '...._actions'; note the trailing
	  's'. Thanks to Larry <> for
	  reporting this.

2003-05-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* tcllib_version.tcl: Updated to to distinguish the CVS
	  from the official release.

	* install_action.tcl:
	* installer.tcl:
	* sak.tcl: Lots of changes to make a number of command
	  module-ware. In the sense that they now work for individual
	  modules and not only for all in one go. The most important is
	  'validate'. IOW, it is now possible to validate a single module,
	  making this feature more convenient for a developer, as there is
	  less noise in the output. This required more sharing of code
	  with the installer.

2003-05-05  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged Tcllib 1.4 ========================

2003-05-02  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Added a contributors command to list the contributors
	to the library. This is also used when generating the TIP55
	description file. Names are extracted from the ChangeLog files.

2003-05-01  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/base64/base64.test:      
	* modules/base64/uuencode.test:     
	* modules/base64/yencode.test:     Various fixes to fix the
	* modules/control/ChangeLog:       testsuite for tcl versions
	* modules/control/do.test:         from 8.2 to 8.5
	* modules/csv/csv.test:
	* modules/dns/dns.test:
	* modules/fileutil/ChangeLog:
	* modules/fileutil/
	* modules/fileutil/fileutil.tcl:
	* modules/fileutil/fileutil.test:
	* modules/math/combinatorics.test:
	* modules/math/math.test:
	* modules/mime/mime.test:
	* modules/ntp/time.test:
	* modules/pop3/pop3.test:
	* modules/pop3d/pop3d.test:
	* modules/pop3d/pop3d_dbox.test:
	* modules/pop3d/pop3d_udb.test:
	* modules/profiler/profiler.test:
	* modules/report/report.test:
	* modules/stooop/pkgIndex.tcl:
	* modules/stooop/stooop.test:
	* modules/struct/list.test:
	* modules/textutil/ChangeLog:
	* modules/textutil/expander.tcl:
	* modules/textutil/split.tcl:

2003-04-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl:
	* installed_modules.tcl: Changed mechanism for exclusion so that
	  installer is able to install even the excluded (i.e. unofficial)
	  modules, if so chosen (cmdline only).

2003-04-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl (gd-tip55): Bugfix, location of changeLog was not computed correctly.

	* README-1.4txt: New, overview of changes from 1.3 to 1.4.

	* installed_modules.tcl: Excluded 'calendar' form the list of
	  installed modules/packages. Not yet ready.

	* sak.tcl (ppackages): Rewritten to use a sub-interpreter for
	  retrieving package version information instead of regexes

	  Reverted all changes made to [package provide] commands on
	  2003-04-24, except for minor details, like the actual version
	  numbers and typos.

	 Fixes SF Tcllib FR #727694

2003-04-30  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* sak.tcl: Various fixes to enable document generation under
	Windows.  Gracefully avoid non-present archivers (tar or zip).
	Support for generating a TIP55 style metadata file (gentip55).
	Added a file mtime check to avoid unecessary document generation.

2003-04-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/base64/yencode.tcl:    Modified the [package provide]'s
	* modules/base64/uuencode.tcl:   of various packages to aid the
	* modules/crc/sum.tcl:           automatic consistency checking at
	* modules/crc/cksum.tcl:         the expense of slightly more
	* modules/crc/crc32.tcl:         manual overhead for updating the
	* modules/crc/crc16.tcl:         numbers.
	* modules/dns/dns.tcl:
	* modules/dns/resolv.tcl:        Additionally cleanup of the found
	* modules/ftp/ftp.tcl:           inconsistencies.
	* modules/ftp/ftp_geturl.tcl:
	* modules/pop3d/pop3d.tcl:
	* modules/pop3d/pop3d_udb.tcl:
	* modules/pop3d/pop3d_dbox.tcl:
	* modules/pop3d/
	* modules/smtpd/smtpd.tcl:
	* modules/des/des.tcl:
	* modules/des/
	* modules/ntp/time.tcl:
	* modules/md4/md4.tcl:

	* sak.tcl: Changed provide heuristics a bit, more robust against
	  whitespace in various places.

2003-04-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* sak.tcl: New command 'provided' to list packages provided by tcl
	  code. Extended the 'validate' command to compare the lists of
	  provided and indexed packages. Note: A number of packages use
	  variable in provide commands. These will show up as
	  differences. They need higher attention to ensure version

	  Modified some modules (calendar, exif, control, math) to reduce
	  the number of reported false positives.

	* sak.tcl: Added 'vcompare' to compare the current list of
	  packages against a list in a file. Marks new and unchanged
	  packages for higher attention. Helper for release engineer.

	* modules/base64/uuencode.n: Removed old nroff documentation. All
	* modules/cmdline/cmdline.n: documentation is generated from the
	* modules/comm/comm.n:       doctools manpages (.man).
	* modules/control/control.n:
	* modules/counter/counter.n:
	* modules/crc/cksum.n:
	* modules/crc/crc32.n:
	* modules/crc/sum.n:
	* modules/csv/csv.n:
	* modules/exif/exif.n:
	* modules/fileutil/fileutil.n:
	* modules/ftp/ftp.n:
	* modules/ftpd/ftpd.n:
	* modules/html/html.n:
	* modules/htmlparse/htmlparse.n:
	* modules/irc/irc.n:
	* modules/javascript/javascript.n:
	* modules/log/log.n:
	* modules/math/combinatorics.n:
	* modules/math/math.n:
	* modules/md5/md5.n:
	* modules/mime/mime.n:
	* modules/mime/smtp.n:
	* modules/ncgi/ncgi.n:
	* modules/nntp/nntp.n:
	* modules/pop3/pop3.n:
	* modules/profiler/profiler.n:
	* modules/report/report.n:
	* modules/sha1/sha1.n:
	* modules/smtpd/smtpd.n:
	* modules/stooop/stooop.n:
	* modules/struct/graph.n:
	* modules/struct/matrix.n:
	* modules/struct/queue.n:
	* modules/struct/record.n:
	* modules/struct/stack.n:
	* modules/struct/tree.n:
	* modules/textutil/expander.n:
	* modules/textutil/textutil.n:
	* modules/uri/uri.n:

	* (install): Merged the code for the partial install
	  targets into one call for full normal install, and dropped the
	  link between install and the partial install targets.

	* installed_modules.tcl: Moved the list of installed modules out
	* installer.tcl:         of the installer proper into a separate
	* sak.tcl:               file, so that the other tools have access
	                         to it too. Extended the SAK to check this
	                         information against the list of modules
	                         under development and print out all the
	                         discrepancies, i.e: modules which are not
	                         installed, or modules installed, but not
	                         existing. This is under 'validate'.

	* sak.tcl: Restricted the list of modules to subdirectories of
	  'modules' which contain a package index (pkgIndex.tcl).

	  Added the subcommand 'lmodules' listing all modules one per
	  line.  The existing subcommand 'modules' in contrast prints
	  everything on a single line.

	  Added the subcommand 'packages' listing the packages in tcllib
	  and their versions, one per line.

	  Added subcommand 'text' to generate documentation as plain text.

2003-04-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/stats: Removed all files in the deprecated module
	  'stats' now. They there not provided in releases for over a year
	  now. It is time to clean up the CVS too.

2003-04-22  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* modules/dns/ Cleaned up RFC references, usage
	* modules/ftp/        of such in the keyword sections,
	* modules/ftpd/      and added links to the master RFC
	* modules/irc/        website at
	* modules/md4/
	* modules/mime/
	* modules/mime/
	* modules/nntp/
	* modules/pop3/
	* modules/pop3d/
	* modules/pop3d/
	* modules/pop3d/
	* modules/smtpd/
	* modules/struct/
	* modules/uri/ 

2003-04-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* devdoc/indexing.txt:
	* installer.tcl: Extended [gen_main_index] to include the header
	  of Don's generated package index. This makes the final chosen
	  master index a combination of [i7/ad] and [i4/sd] as the
	  fallback position.

	* installer.tcl: Made sure that all [file copy] operations use
	  -force. Fix for #719616.

2003-04-19  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Bug fix, the modules calendar, control, and math
	  have a "tclIndex" file which has to be installed too. Also
	  changed usage of 'tcl_pkgPath', as this variable does not exist
	  on windows.

2003-04-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Switched over from the original build system
	* configure:    to one where configure/Makefile are optional
	*  and delegating all real work to 'sak.tcl'.
	* INSTALL.txt:  Updated documentation, reduced configure macros.
	* aclocal.m4:
	* sak.tcl:
	* devdoc/releaseguide.html:

2003-04-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Bug fixes in non-gui mode, added option to force
	  cmdline mode.
	* sak.tcl: Added command to invoke the testsuite(s).

	* installer.tcl: Added GUI.

	* main.tcl: New file, entrypoint for *kit, *pack, redirects to

	* sak.tcl: Helper tool for tcllib development (Generate
	  distribution, various forms of documentation, check the bundle
	  of packages for problems.

	* Added des to the list of modules. (That is the good
	  thing which came out of the erroneous commit, we found this

	* mkIndex.tcl: Reverting accidential commit of this file. The
	  committed state works with a changed Makefile, but not with the
	  current one.

2003-04-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Added 'des' to list. Reworked according to
	  feedback from Don.

	* tcllib_version.tcl: Added, for sharing with other scripts.

	* modules/stats/pkgIndex: Now throwing an error when trying to
	  load 'stats'.

	* modules/struct/ChangeLog: Typo correction.

2003-04-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: Added 'md4' to installer.tcl

2003-04-15  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/md4: New module md4 created: MD4 hash algorithm.

2003-04-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* installer.tcl: EXPERIMENTAL. New installer for tcllib. Currently
	  only cmdline based. Use -help to get help.

2003-04-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (check-doc-markup): Fixed setting for DOC_FLAGS. The
	  option '-visualwarn' does not exist anymore. Replaced by the
	  option '-deprecated'. Thanks to Larry Virden for reporting the

2003-04-11  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* install.tcl: Changed to notify the user if the directory to
	  install is not a source distribution but a CVS snapshot. Right
	  now a direct installation of a CVS snapshot is not possible.

	* Fixed bug #614591 throughout. Numerous modules updated. Also
	  first round of getting version number consistents, and updated
	  for a 1.4 release of the whole.

2003-04-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module: devtools. Internal use only for now. Does not
	  contain true packages.

2003-04-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (MODULES): Added the soundex module.

2003-03-28  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README: Updated information about acceptable documentation
	  formats, i.e. added doctools, made it the most prefered
	  format. This fixes the [Bug #685270], reported by Larry Virden

2003-03-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* README: Updated to refer to the SF website for Tcllib. Thanks to
	  Larry Virden <> for the report and
	  fix. [Bug #707607].

2003-03-17  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/ntp: New module ntp created for time related network
	protocol stuff. Added RFC868 (TIME) protocol client and example.

2003-03-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (install-libraries): Extended special code for
	  doctools to install the new idx and toc engines.

2003-02-11  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* modules/des: Imported and tcllib-ised the DES package
	from wiki page "DES in Tcl" by Jochen Loewer. NOT added to the
	main package list as it requires CBC/CFB/OFB modes for real use.

2003-01-18  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* More doctools changes: Command [strong] is deprecated now. Added
	  the command [copyright]. Went through all manpages to eliminate
	  [strong]. Partial setting of copyright information, where known.

2003-01-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mkInstallScripts.tcl: 
	* (install-libraries): Added module specific
	  installation code.

	  doctools: Install message catalogs and predefined formatting

	  textutil: Install hyphenation files.

	* Module doctools rewritten to make it a true package +
	  application, instead of a pure application module. This means
	  that this module now truly installs some functionality useable
	  by other applications and packages.

2003-01-03  Pat Thoyts <>

	* smtpd: enhanced error handling for FR #655611
	  Handle some ESMTP options.
2002-11-24  Gerald Lester <>

	* html: Fixed bug #643337 (changes made though 2002-12-2)
2002-11-24  Gerald Lester <>

	* html: Fixed bug #596000
2002-10-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* struct (graph): Implemented FR 603924

2002-10-14  Andreas Kupries  <>
	* pop3: Fixed bug #620062.

2002-10-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (install-libraries): Added code to skip directories
	  without .tcl files. Some shells do not like a for with nothing
	  to iterate over.

2002-10-08  Pat Thoyts <>

        * smtpd: implemented feature request #531531 to use MIME tokens

2002-09-25  Jeff Hobbs  <>

	* better DESTDIR/libdir support (steffen)

2002-09-14  Andreas Kupries  <>
	* mime: New field_decode, extended testsuite.

2002-09-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* all.tcl (tcltest::tooManyMessage): Additional command to create
	  different error messages for 8.3 and 8.4. Used in the testsuite
	  of pop3.

2002-08-30  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* cmdline:
	* counter:
	* dns:
	* ftpd:
	* html:
	* ncgi:
	* examples/ftp: Cleaned up nits ('info exist' --> 'info exists').

2002-08-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* examples/ftp: Fixed problem in ftpdemo.tcl.

2002-08-19  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* nntp: Updated documentation, see Tcllib SF #597102.

	* (install-doc): Fixed problem noted by Elchonon
	  Edelson. Code to inline man.macros appended to existing
	  files. Multiple execution of 'make install-doc' thus extended
	  the manpages of tcllib with multiples of their original
	  content. Not anymore.

2002-08-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* exif: Applied patch #582828. Partially applied #530970.

2002-08-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (DOC_EXP): Use the tclsh found during configuration
	  to run mpexpand. This ensures that mpexpand does not pick
	  something from the path on its own, possibly something too old
	  to understand TCLLIBPATH. Problem noted by Elchonon Edelson

	* mime: Accepted SF Tcllib FR #595240. This entails the donation
	  of the personal mail filter mbot, as written and used by
	  Marshall T. Rose, as an example of the usage of the mime and
	  smtp packages.

	* mime (smtp): Followup to patch SF #557520/2 (See 2002-07-25).

2002-08-09  Andreas Kupries  <>
	* (install-doc): Changed $$(basename) to
	  `basename`. Portability problem. Works for Linux for example,
	  but not everywhere else. See 2002-08-06 for the change which
	  introduced this.

2002-08-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* htmlparse: Fixed SF bug #579853.

2002-08-06  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (dist): Fixed SF Bug #567079, reported by Don Porter
	  <>. No infinite recursion anymore for
	  srcdir == builddir.

	* ftp: Fixed SF Bug #582668.

	* comm: Fixed SF Bug #589225.

	* (install-doc): Restored the code inlining the
	  man.macros file into the generated nroff manpages. Got somehow
	  deleted. Was still in the 'dist' target. Thanks to Reinhard Max
	  <> for noticing this.

	* struct (pool): Fixed bug SF #585093.
	* struct (tree): Fixed bug SF #587533.

2002-07-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime:        Applied SF patch #585455.
	* mime (smtp): Applied patch SF #557520/2.

2002-07-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* struct (tree): Fixed SF bug #578460.

	* doctools: Fixed bug #578465.

2002-07-02  Don Porter <>

	* all.tcl: Corrected name of tcltest hook procedure

2002-06-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* csv: Fixed SF bug #565051.

	* mime: Fixed SF bug #548832.

2002-06-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Applied patch for bug #567428. Bug reported by Larry Virden
	  <>, patch by him too. Correction of
	  spelling mistakes in the documentation of various modules +
	  correction of comment placements which interfere with solaris
	  conventions for nroff output.

2002-06-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Released and tagged tcllib 1.3.0. ========================

2002-06-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* dns: Fixed SF bug #564670.

2002-06-05  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* all.tcl: Updated to use a default value for -modules if that
	  option is not present.

	* install.tcl: New file, alternate installer for unix and
	  windows. Execute with any tclsh and tcllib 1.3 is installed in
	  the parent directory of the tcl script library
	  directory. Courtesy Gerald Lester

	* (install-doc): Changed to use the doctools generated
	  nroff and html files instead of the manually written .n files.

	* (MINOR_VERSION): Updated to version 1.3

	* (doc): Removed tmml-doc from default set of
	* (dist, install): New target 'gen-main-index'
	  encapsulates the generation of the package index for
	  tcllib. This target is used by both the direct installation
	  (install) and during the generation of a source distribution

	* mkIndex.tcl: Rewritten to make use of 'pkg_mkIndex' to get the
	  list of all packages in tcllib. Added a message which deprecates
	  [package require tcllib] if it is used.

2002-06-03  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* math (calculus): Fixed SF Tcllib Bug #553773.

	* ftpd:
	* html:
	* htmlparse:
	* base64:
	* uuencode: Updated version information.

2002-05-29  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime: Fixed SF Tcllib Bug #561416

2002-05-27  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* base64: Fixed SF Tcllib Bug #548354.

2002-05-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* doctools: Fixed bug #556509.
	* fileutil: Fixed bug #556504.

2002-05-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* pop3d: Fixed bug #532216. All parts of pop3d now have a

2002-05-14  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* pop3d: Added testsuites for user database and simple mailbox

	* fileutil: SF Bug #462015 closed. Proosed change rejected, added
	  new commands to perform the desired operation instead.

2002-05-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* doctools: Fixed bug #534334 (actually more a FR).

	* examples/csv/csvdiff: Applied patch associated with tcllib SF
	  bug #551133. Bug reported by <>,
	  patch by <>.

	  Accepted FR #551127 and added code implementing the feature.

2002-05-08  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* struct (tree): Accepted FR #552972.

	* mime: Fixed bugs #539952, #553784.

2002-05-08  Don Porter <>

	* all.tcl: Show full stack trace when an error occurs sourcing
	a test file.

2002-04-24  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* cmdline: Accepted patch #540313

	* examples/ftp/hpupdate.tcl: Accepted patch #548221 by Larry
	  Virden <>.
	  Fixed bug #548224 (Touch).

	* base64: Fixed bug #548112.

2002-04-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* doctools: Fixed bug #527025.

	* smtp (mime): Fixed bug #547336.

2002-04-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (dist): Ensured that the deprecated module 'stats'
	  is not distributed anymore. Use 'counter' instead.
	  (*-force): Enforced generation of documentation, for developers.

2002-04-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (MODULES): Added irc module.

2002-04-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime: Fixed bug #533025.

2002-04-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (doc_generate): Added 'touch' command to prevent
	  multiple execution of target.

	* struct (matrix): Fixed bug #532791.

	* doctools: Fixed SF Bug #535382.

2002-03-25  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* doctools: Implemented FR #530059 and FR #527029.

	* Fixed minor formatting errors in several existing doctools

	* struct (matrix): Fixed bug #532783.

2002-03-19  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* ftpd: Fixed SF Bug #531799.

	* New module:  pop3d. A POP3 server.
	* Added pop3d.

2002-03-15  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* math: Update of calculus. #528434

	* report, struct (matrix): Fixed bug #530207.

2002-03-14  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* textutil (expander): Fixed SF Bug #530056.

2002-03-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* doctools: Fixed bug #528390.

2002-03-09  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* struct (matrix): Accepted FR #524430 (-nocase).

	* doctools: FR #527716 accepted. Bug #527025 partially fixed.

2002-03-07  Andreas Kupries  <>  

	* (doc_generate): Added "TCLLIBPATH=$(srcdir)/modules"
	  in front of the mpexpand invocation so that it is forced to use
	  the "expander" package inside of the distribution. This fixes
	  Tcllib Bug #525007 reported by Don Porter

2002-03-02  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* New module: dns
	* updated for new module

2002-02-27  Andreas Kupries  <>  

	* doctools: Done FR #517599. FR #520269.

	* mime: Fixed bug #519623.

	* (install-doc): Changed code determining the files to
	  install to handle missing files better (use 'ls', suppress error

2002-02-18  Andreas Kupries  <>  

	* exif: New module. FR 517066 accepted.

2002-02-14  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (statcheck, frink, procheck): Added developer
	  targets to invoke two static code checkers.

	* Ran frink over the package and corrected several minor problems.

2002-02-12  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* Added target for generation of documentation in
	  various formats from .man pages

2002-02-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime: Applied patch 511692.

2002-01-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (dist): Brought archive names and contents more in
	  sync with earlier releases. This comes from work on release 1.2.

2002-01-18  Andreas Kupries  <>
	* Bumped version to 1.2, new release. Summary of changes here. See
	  the individual Changelogs to see the detailed changes in each

	  New modules: calendar, crc, doctools, irc, smtpd, and stooop.

	  calendar:	Version is	0.1
	  crc:		Version is	1.0
	  doctools:	Version is	1.0
	  irc:		Version is	0.1
	  smtpd:	Version is	1.0
	  stooop:	Version is	4.3

	  Changed modules: base64, comm, control, csv, fileutil, ftp,
	  html, math, mime, ncgi, nntp, pop3, struct, textutil, and uri.

	  base64:	Version stays @	2.2, but got new subpackage.
	  comm:		Version up to	3.7.1
	  control:	Version up to	0.2
	  csv:		Version up to	0.2
	  fileutil:	Version up to	1.3
	  ftp:		Version up to	2.3
	  html:		Version up to	1.2
	  math:		Version up to	1.2
	  mime:		Version up to	1.3.1
	  ncgi:		Version up to	1.2.1
	  nntp:		Version up to	0.2
	  pop3:		Version up to	1.5.1
	  struct:	Version up to	1.2
	  textutil:	Version up to	0.4
	  uri:		Version up to	1.1

2002-01-18  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (dist): Fixed bug #495976.

2002-01-17  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* crc module: added sum manual page
	* base64 module: added uuencode manual page

2002-01-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* examples/csv/csvdiff: New example for csv module. FR #485717.

	* mime: Fixed bug #499242.

2002-01-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime: Implemented FR #503336
 	* ftp:  Fixed bug #503471.
	* nntp: Fixed bug #502250

2002-01-16  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* base64 module: added uuencode package
	* crc module: added sum and cksum packages.

2002-01-11  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* mkInstallScripts.tcl:
	* Added crc and smtpd modules to the installation files.
2002-01-11  Kevin Kenny  <>

	* mkInstallScripts.tcl: Changed the installation process for
	Windows to avoid the unimplemented [file permissions] in favor of
	[file attributes].
2002-01-11  Kevin Kenny  <>

	* New module: calendar.
2002-01-11  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* New module: crc. From patch #501339

2002-01-11  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (install-doc): Fixed bug #500655. Using the code
	  from the tcl "" as template equivalent code for
	  tcllib was created and added to the file "". The
	  modified makefile now includes the contents of "man.macros" into
	  every installed manpage.

	* html: Applied patch #484117.

2001-12-14  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* New module: doctools. FR #492234.

2001-12-13  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* texturil: Applied patch #492156.

2001-12-11  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* pop3:     Bugfix for item #490151.

	* textutil: Bugfix for item #476988.

2001-12-10  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* textutil: Update from William, 'evalcmd' callback.

2001-12-06  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* fileutil: Bugfix for item #486572.

2001-11-28  Reinhard Max  <>

	* split.tcl: Speed improvement.

2001-11-23  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* struct.matrix: Implemented FR #481022.

2001-11-19  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* irc: Added IRC example to examples section. Patch #481479.

	* struct/graph: Applied patch #483125
	* smtpd: Example consolidation: Moved the smtpd example to
	  'examples' directory.

	* ftp: Implemented FR #481161.

	* ftpd: Added example ftp server used for testing the
	  functionality of FR #481161.

2001-11-17  Pat Thoyts  <>

	* smtpd: New module.

2001-11-16  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* csv: Applied patch #482570.

	* comm: Fixed bug #480227.

	* ftp, uri: Implemented FR #476804.

	* ftp: Applied patch #428053.

2001-11-12  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* irc: New module. Internet protocol handling. Internet Relay Chat
	  (IRC). Author David N. Welton <>.

	* examples/nntp: Moved example applications out of the nntp module
	  into the example space.

	* examples/ftpd: Moved example applications out of the ftpd module
	  into the example space.

	* examples/ftp: Moved example applications out of the ftp module
	  into the example space.

	* csv: Implemented FR #481023.

	* textutil: Added 'expander' code by William H. Duquette
	  <>. Added option -strictlength to
	  adjust. Code by Dan Kuchler <>.

2001-11-09  Joe English  <>

	* comm: Replaced nroff macro trickery in comm.n manpage.

2001-11-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime: Fixed bug #479174.

	* mkInstallScripts.tcl: Added code to install tclIndex files.

	* (install-libraries, dist): Added commands to copy
	  'tclIndex' files into installation and distribution. This fixes
	  the remainder of #475846.
	  (dist): Fixed error in generation of tar/zip files too.

2001-11-07  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* examples/ftp/ftpvalid: New example, using ftp and uri
	  modules. Validation of ftp urls.

	* fileutil: Accepted Patch #477805.
	* ftp:      Accepted Patch #478478.

2001-11-07  Reinhard Max  <>

	* control: added implementation for a 'do ... while/until' loop.

2001-11-04  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* ftp: Fixed bug #476729.

2001-11-01  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* mime: Fixed bugs #477088, #472009.

2001-10-21  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* uri: Accepted patch #470211.

2001-10-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* ncgi: Fixed bug #464560.
	* ftp:  Fixed bug #466746.

2001-10-17  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* ------------------ Tcllib 1.1 released ------------------

	* tcllib moved to version 1.1
	* cmdline:	Version up to 1.1.1
	* ftp:		Version up to 2.2.1
	* html:		Version up to 1.1.1
	* md5:		Version up to 1.4.1
	* mime/smtp:	Version up to 1.3
	* ncgi:		Version up to 1.2
	* pop3:		Version up to 1.5
	* report:	Version up to 0.2
	* sha1:		Version up to 1.0.1
	* struct:	Version up to 1.1.1
	* textutil:	Version up to 0.3

2001-10-14  Jeff Hobbs  <>

	* csv.tcl: moved to v0.2

2001-09-24   Joe English  <>

	* modules/ftpd/ftpd.tcl: fix improperly-formatted multi-line 
	  replies.  See SF tracker ID #424797

2001-08-24   Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (check): Added target to report modules without
	  testsuites and/or manpages.

2001-08-22  Andreas Kupries <>

	* examples/nntp: Added new example application 'postnews'. This is
	  an example how to use the 'nntp'-client library provided by

	* (MODULES):  Added package 'comm'.

2001-08-21  Don Porter <>

	* (MODULES):  Added package 'control'.

2001-08-20  Andreas Kupries  <>

	* (mandir, libdir): Applied patch [447141] by Reinhard
	  Max <> to virtualize mandir and libdir
	  via ${INSTALL_ROOT}.

	* all.tcl: Added ::tcltest::getErrorMessage in preparation of
	  fixing [440051], [440049] and [440046] reported by Larry Virden

2001-07-17  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Bumped version to 1.0

2001-07-10  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Frink 2.2 run, fixed dubious code.

2001-07-06  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Fixed #438748, corrections of various misspellings in manpages
	  accross all modules. 

2001-06-21  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Ran frink and procheck over all modules and fixed the reported
	  problems. As far as they actually were problems.

2001-06-21  Andreas Kupries <>

	* (MODULES): Added module 'sha1'. This is another
	  message digest like 'md5'.

2001-05-01  Andreas Kupries <>

	* (MODULES):  Added module 'report'.

	* all.tcl: Added code to propagate "::tcltest::testDirectory" into
	  the slave actually doing the tests. This tripped some of the
	  tests for the new CSV module as they use some external files and
	  were thus unable to find them correctly without this setting.

	* (MODULES): Added module 'csv'.

	* Added directory 'examples' for future sample applications of
	  tcllib and some example applications too.

2001-04-24  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Added module 'md5'.

2001-03-26  Andreas Kupries <>

	* (install-libraries):  [Bug #404917]
	  Added 'smtp' explictly to the list of modules for the full
	  package index. It is part of the 'mime' directory and thus not
	  automatically found / part of the list.

2001-03-26  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Added module 'htmlparse'.

2001-03-21  Andreas Kupries <>

	* Added module 'log'.

2001-03-20  Andreas Kupries <>

	* all.tcl: [Bug #410100, Patch #410105]
	  Squashed a subtle bug with package management for the
	  tests. Changes: all.tcl now adds the module path to the
	  auto_path (the tested modules did it themselves before) and also
	  moved the setting of the auto_path in the slave before the first
	  'package require'. Why ? Assume the old code, an installed
	  fileutil 1.0 and a new fileutil 1.1 under development. The
	  initialization of the tests scans the package directories and
	  finds fileutil 1.0. The module then adds itself to the auto_path
	  and then requires fileutil (without version). Now fileutil 1.0
	  is found by the pkg management, it is acceptable according to
	  the rules of require and thus used. The new version is not
	  considered at all, as changing the auto_path does *not* enforce
	  a rescan of package directories. It is possible to solve the
	  problem by having the modules require themselves and request a
	  specific version (1.1 in this case). But this would mean that in
	  each module we have (at least) one more file containing the
	  version number (all test files!) and we have to maintain this
	  for every module. The change here however solves the problem
	  without touching the modules at all.

2000-11-02  Brent Welch <>

	* Bumped version number to 0.8

2000-11-01  Dan Kuchler <>

	* Added javascript package to tcllib.

2000-10-27  Dan Kuchler <>

	* Added ftpd package to tcllib.

2000-10-04  Brent Welch <>

	* Nuked stats in favor of counter.

2000-09-19  Brent Welch <>

	Added the stats module.
	Increased version number to 0.7
	* modules/stats/stats.tcl:
	* modules/stats/stats.n:
	* modules/stats/stats.test:
	* modules/stats/pkgIndex.tcl:
	Initial version of the stats package.

2000-08-23  Brent Welch <>

	* fixed typo

2000-08-22  Brent Welch <>

	* Bumped patchlevel to 0.6.1
	* Ignore errors when installing documentation,
	which only partly exists. You'll still see the error messages
	but it doesn't stop the install.
	Applied tcllib-0-6-1 tag

2000-07-19  Brent Welch <>

	* Bumped patchlevel to 0.6
	applied tcllib-0-6 tag

2000-06-15  Dan Kuchler	 <>

	* Added nntp client package.
	* modules/nntp: Added nntp client package to tcllib.

2000-06-13  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Added uri package.
	* modules/uri: Added uri package from Steve Ball, Andreas Kupries.

2000-06-09  Brent Welch <>

	* Bumped patchlevel to 0.5
	applied tcllib-0-5 tag

2000-06-02  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Added ftp package.
	* modules/ftp: Added ftp package from Steffen Traeger to tcllib.

2000-04-28  Sandeep Tamhankar <>

	* mkInstallScripts.tcl: Fixed a bug in the UNIX shell script where
	it was checking if TCLINSTALL was non-null, but it was using ==,
	which isn't legal in /bin/sh.  I found this out the hard way while
	trying to install tcllib0.4 in the default location
	(/usr/local/lib/tcllib0.4) and because of this bug, it ended up
	installing in /lib/tcllib0.4.
2000-04-26  Brent Welch <>

	* Bumped patchlevel to 0.4
	* Fixed dist target to deal with missing manual
	pages and test files.
	* mkInstallScripts.tcl: Made install directory a parameter to
	the unix script

2000-04-25  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Tweaked dist target to include README and
	license.terms in distributions.

2000-04-17  Brent Welch	 <>

	* modules/html: Added html generation module

2000-04-10  Brent Welch	 <>

	* restored ncgi module

2000-04-07  Eric Melski	 <>

	* configure: 
	* Upped version to 0.3.

2000-03-29  Eric Melski	 <>

	* mkIndex.tcl: Added missing "== -1" to [lsearch] for package dir
	in generated pkgIndex.tcl.

2000-03-28  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Added $(srcdir)/ prefix to mkIndex.tcl call in the
	install-libraries target, so that it would find the mkIndex.tcl
	script when run outside of the source tree.  Same for man.macros
	in the install-doc target, so it would find the file.

2000-03-27  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Added dist target for building distribution.

	* Removed mkIndex.tcl from AC_OUTPUT call.

	* mkInstallScripts.tcl: First cut at script for autogenerating
	simple INSTALL.BAT and files for tcllib distributions.

	* mkIndex.tcl: 
	* Replace with mkIndex.tcl, which
	now takes more args to specify values.

2000-03-09  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Added ncgi module, commented out until tests are done.

2000-03-09  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Updated test target to call out to all.tcl.

	* all.tcl: First checkin of all.tcl, the magic that hides behind
	"make test".

2000-03-08  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Commented out cgi module until it's ready for use.
	Added checks for bogus module names in install-libraries, but
	they're not foolproof.

2000-03-07  Brent Welch <>

	* modules/cgi: Preliminary version of a CGI module.  Still needs
	some cookie functions, test suite, and docs...
2000-03-07  Eric Melski <>

	* modules/math: math library

	* added math library to list of modules

2000-03-07  Scott Stanton  <>

	* configure: 
	* aclocal.m4:
	* Changed to use shared config subdirectory.  Also
	fixed problem on Windows builds where it would fail to identify
	the tclsh executable to use.  Simplified to minimum
	number of macros.

2000-03-06  Eric Melski	 <>

	* man.macros: Moved from individual modules to toplevel tcllib
	dir, so that it is not repeated hundreds of times.
	* Added version number to installed tcllib dir.

	* license.terms: Adapted license from Tcl.
	* README: Added more information about file layout in module dirs.

2000-03-06  Scott Redman  <>

	*	added pop3 module.

2000-03-02  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Instead of probing install dir for modules,
	changed to take module list on command line, so that users can
	change what goes into the pkgIndex.tcl from the Makefile.
	* additional work on module list and pkgIndex.tcl
	generation.  Now changing the module list changes what is
	installed and what is put in the pkgIndex.tcl.

2000-03-02  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Work on install-libraries, install-doc; removed
	references to compiled bits.

	* Tweaked the generated pkgIndex.tcl to only
	append the dirname if it doesn't already exist in the auto_path,
	and to use \[file dirname \[info script\]\] instead of [pwd].

	* configure:
	* Removed checks for compiler, and all stuff related
	to compiling/linking (this is a tcl only extension).

	* tcl.m4: new tcl.m4 from sample extension.

2000-03-01  Eric Melski	 <>

	* Added fileutil, cmdline, mime, base64 modules.

2000-02-24  Eric Melski	 <>

	*, et al: Preliminary Makefile and configure script, and
	supporting files