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Artifact ID: 9f9cd11151b2ec56de487352557ebeda1129637f
Ticket: 00ed054f4fd86af9f3484f4defd6528101c7dc7b
Search in Debian per-version directories
User & Date: anonymous 2013-12-23 20:38:28

  1. Change comment to:

    In Debian, tclConfig.sh installs into /usr/lib/tcl8.?, with a symlink in /usr/lib for a default version. However, the default version symlink is present only if tcl-dev package is installed, while tcl8.* packages don't install it themselves.

    It'd be cool if tcl.m4 checked those per-version locations too:

    From: Andrew Shadura <andrew@shadura.me>
    As Debian supports multiple parallel installations of Tcl, allow using any available of them if no default selected. 
    --- a/tcl.m4
    +++ b/tcl.m4
    @@ -138,6 +138,7 @@
     			`ls -d /usr/contrib/lib 2>/dev/null` \
     			`ls -d /usr/lib 2>/dev/null` \
     			`ls -d /usr/lib64 2>/dev/null` \
    +			`ls -d /usr/lib/tcl[[8-9]].[[0-9]] 2>/dev/null` \
     			; do
     		    if test -f "$i/tclConfig.sh" ; then
     			ac_cv_c_tclconfig="`(cd $i; pwd)`"
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