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2016-03-11 Sean Woods <yoda@etoyoc.com>
  *tcl.m4 Fixed the search for Tcl and Wish shells under MinGW. Static builds and threaded builds
  get an "s" or "t" added to the name.

2015-08-28  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  Rfe [00189c4afc]: Allow semi-static UCRT build on
	Windows with VC 14.0

2013-10-08  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  Bug [172223e008]: Wrong filename in
	--disable-shared compile on MinGW

2013-10-04  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  stub library is no longer linked with msvcrt??.dll.

2013-10-01  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  Workaround for MinGW bug #2065:  "gcc --shared" links
	with libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll when using 64-bit division in C

2013-07-04  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  Bug [3324676]: AC_PROG_INSTALL incompat,
	Bug [3606445]: Unneeded -DHAVE_NO_SEH=1 when not building on Windows

2013-07-02  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  Bug [32afa6e256]: dirent64 check is incorrect in tcl.m4
	(thanks to Brian Griffin)

2013-06-20  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4:  Use X11/Xlib.h for checking where X11 can be found
	in stead of X11/XIntrinsic.h. Suggested by Pietro Cerutti.

2013-06-04  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: Eliminate NO_VIZ macro as current
	zlib uses HAVE_HIDDEN in stead. One more last-moment
	fix for FreeBSD by Pietro Cerutti

2013-05-19  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: Fix for FreeBSD, and remove support for old
	FreeBSD versions. Patch by Pietro Cerutti

2013-03-12  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: Patch by Andrew Shadura, providing better support for
	* three architectures they have in Debian.

2012-08-07  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Added "-DNDEBUG" to CFLAGS_DEFAULT
	when building with --disable-symbols.

2012-08-07  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Bug 3555058]: Checkin [30736d63f0] broke

2012-08-07  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Bug 3511806]: Checkin [30736d63f0] broke CFLAGS

2012-08-07  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Bug 3511806]: Checkin [30736d63f0] broke CFLAGS

2012-07-25  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: My previous commit (2012-04-03) broke the ActiveTcl
	build for AMD64, because of the quotes in "C:/<path>/AMD64/cl.exe".
	It turns out that the AC_TRY_COMPILE macro cannot handle that.

2012-07-22  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Tidy: consistency, spelling, phrasing, whitespace.
	No functional change.

2012-04-03  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Bug 3511806] Compiler checks too early
	This change allows to build the cygwin and mingw32 ports of
	Tcl/Tk extensions to build out-of-the-box using a native or
	cross-compiler, e.g. on Cygwin, Linux or Darwin.

2011-04-02  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* install-sh: Fix issue with library stripping in install-sh
	 (backported from kevin_walzer's patch from Tcl 8.6 trunk)

2011-04-05  Andreas Kupries  <andreask@activestate.com>

	* tcl.m4: Applied patch by Jeff Lawson. Nicer error message when
	  tclConfig.sh was not found.

2010-12-15  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* install-sh: Upgrade to newer install-sh and use it.
	* tcl.m4:

2010-12-14  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Better building on OpenBSD.

2010-12-14  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: when using gcc, don't try to determine Win64 SDK

2010-12-12  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: Determine correctly a cross-compiler-windres

2010-11-23  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: add some cross-compile support, borrowed from Tcl 8.6

2010-09-16  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correct HP-UX LDFLAGS (only used when building big shell)

2010-09-14  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: add extra if check for .manifest file generation
	Add notice about package name and version being built.

2010-09-09  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: [FREQ #3058486] TEA_LOAD_CONFIG doesn't set all BUILD_ vars
	Slightly related: defining BUILD_$1 on all platforms - not only win -
	allows the -fvisibility feature to be used in extensions as well, at
	least if you compile against tcl >= 8.5.

2010-08-26  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: ensure safe quoting for autoheader usage

2010-08-19  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: add TEA_ADD_CLEANFILES macro to make adding cleanfiles
	easier, and add *.exp to CLEANFILES Windows default.
	(TEA_MAKE_LIB): Enhanced to check for MSVC that requires manifests
	and auto-embed it into proj DLL via MAKE_SHARED_LIB.  Also define
	magic in case it is needed for extended TEA projects.

2010-08-16  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	*** Bump to TEA_VERSION 3.9 ***
	If upgrading from TEA_VERSION 3.8, copy over tcl.m4, change
	TEA_INIT to use 3.9 and reconfigure (ac-2.59+).
	BUILD_${PACKAGE_NAME} will be auto-defined on Windows for
	correct setting of TCL_STORAGE_CLASS.
	TEA_LOAD_CONFIG users should remove the SHLIB_LD_LIBS setting done
	in configure.in (LIBS will be automagically populated by
	TEA_EXPORT_CONFIG has been added for ${pkg}Config.sh creators
	SHLIB_LD_FLAGS was deprecated a while ago, remove it if it is
	still in your Makefile.in.

	* tcl.m4: add /usr/lib64 to set of auto-search dirs. [Bug 1230554]
	Auto-define BUILD_$PACKAGE_NAME so users don't need to.  This
	needs to correspond with $pkg.h define magic for TCL_STORAGE_CLASS.
	Auto-define CLEANFILES.  Users can expand it.
	(SHLIB_LD_LIBS): define to '${LIBS}' default and change it only if
	necessary.  Platforms not using this may simply not work or have
	very funky linkers.
	(TEA_LOAD_CONFIG): When loading config for another extension,
	auto-add stub libraries found with TEA_ADD_LIBS.  Eases
	configure.in for modules like itk and img::*.
	(TEA_EXPORT_CONFIG): Add standardized function for exporting a
	${pkg}Config.sh.  See use by img::* and itcl.

2010-08-12  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	*** Bump to TEA_VERSION 3.8 ***
	If upgrading from TEA_VERSION 3.7, copy over tcl.m4, change
	TEA_INIT to use 3.8 and reconfigure (ac-2.59+).
	No other changes should be necessary.

	* tcl.m4: remove more vestigial bits from removed platforms.
	Add back SCO_SV-3.2*.
	Remove use of DL_LIBS and DL_OBJS and related baggage - these are
	only needed by the core to support 'load'.
	Allow for macosx in TEA_ADD_SOURCES.
	Correct check for found_xincludes=no in TEA_PATH_UNIX_X.

2010-08-11  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: remove the following old platform configurations:
	UNIX_SV*|UnixWare-5*, SunOS-4.*, SINIX*5.4*, SCO_SV-3.2*<readded>,
	OSF1-1.*, NEXTSTEP-*, NetBSD-1.*|FreeBSD-[[1-2]].*, MP-RAS-*,
	IRIX-5.*, HP-UX-*.08.*|HP-UX-*.09.*|HP-UX-*.10.*, dgux*,
	(AIX): drop AIX-pre4 support and use of ldAix, use -bexpall/-brtl

2010-07-05  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Patch #1055668] removal of exported internals from
	tclInt.h (EXTERN macro)

2010-04-14  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4    - Backport a lot of quoting fixes from tcl8.6/unix/tcl.m4
	            - Fix determination of CYGPATH for CYGWIN
	  With those fixes, itcl and tdbc compile fine with CYGWIN

2010-04-06  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* install-sh         [Bug 2982540] configure and install* script files
	                     should always have LF

2010-02-19  Stuart Cassoff  <stwo@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Correct compiler/linker flags for threaded builds on

2010-01-19  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: Detect CYGWIN variant: win32 or unix

2010-01-03  Donal K. Fellows  <dkf@users.sf.net>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): [Tcl Bug 1636685]: Use the
	configuration for modern FreeBSD suggested by the FreeBSD porter.

2009-10-22  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Tcl Patch #2883533] tcl.m4 support for Haiku OS

2009-04-27  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): harden the check to add _r to CC on
	AIX with threads.

2009-04-10  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): check for 64-bit TkAqua.

2009-03-26  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tclconfig/tcl.m4: Adapt LDFLAGS and LD_SEARCH_FLAGS
	together with SHLIB_LD definition to unbreak building on HPUX.

2009-03-20  Andreas Kupries  <andreask@activestate.com>

	* tclconfig/tcl.m4: Changed SHLIB_LD definition to unbreak
	building on HPUX.

2009-03-16  Joe English  <jenglish@users.sourceforge.net>

	(found in tkConfig.sh) when trying to guess where tk.h might be
	[Patch 1960628].

2009-03-11  Joe English  <jenglish@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Allow ${SHLIB_SUFFIX} to be overridden at
	configure-time [Patch 1960628].  Also fix some comment typos,
	and an uninitialized variable bug-waiting-to-happen.

2008-12-21  Jan Nijtmans  <nijtmans@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4: [Bug 2073255] Tcl_GetString(NULL) doesn't crash on HP-UX
	          (this bug report was for Tcl, but holds for TEA as well.)

2008-12-20  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: sync with tdbc tcl.m4 changes
	(SunOS-5.11): Sun cc SHLIB_LD: use LDFLAGS_DEFAULT instead of LDFLAGS

2008-12-02  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	*** Bump to TEA_VERSION 3.7 ***

	* tcl.m4: in private header check, check for <plat>Port.h instead
	of Int.h to ensure all private headers are available.

2008-11-04  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): sync TEA_PRIVATE_TK_HEADERS handling of
	Tk.framework PrivateHeaders with TEA_PRIVATE_TCL_HEADERS.

2008-11-04  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PATH_TCLCONFIG, TEA_PATH_TKCONFIG): exit with error
	when tclConfig.sh cannot be found. [Bug #1997760]
	finding the headers installed in the public areas, e.g. a result of
	make install-private-headers. [Bug #1631922]

2008-08-12  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): link shlib with current and compatiblity version
	flags; look for libX11.dylib when searching for X11 libraries.

2008-06-12  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (SunOS-5.11): fix 64bit amd64 support with gcc & Sun cc.

2008-03-27  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (SunOS-5.1x): fix 64bit support for Sun cc. [Bug 1921166]

2008-02-01  Donal K. Fellows  <donal.k.fellows@man.ac.uk>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Updated to work at least in part with
	more modern VC versions. Currently just made the linker flags more
	flexible; more work may be needed.

2007-10-26  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): add support for 64-bit X11.

2007-10-23  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	*** Tagged tea-3-branch to start TEA 4 development on HEAD ***

2007-09-17  Joe English  <jenglish@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: use '${CC} -shared' instead of 'ld -Bshareable'
	to build shared libraries on current NetBSDs [Bug 1749251].

2007-09-15  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: 	replace all direct references to compiler by ${CC} to
			enable CC overriding at configure & make time.
	(SunOS-5.1x):	replace direct use of '/usr/ccs/bin/ld' in SHLIB_LD by
			'cc' compiler driver.

2007-08-08  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: check Ttk dir for Tk private headers (8.5).
	Add some comments to other bits.

2007-06-25  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PROG_TCLSH, TEA_PROG_WISH): move where / is added.

2007-06-13  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: fix --with-tkinclude alignment. [Bug 1506111]

2007-06-06  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): fix 64bit arch removal in fat 32&64bit builds.

2007-05-18  Donal K. Fellows  <donal.k.fellows@man.ac.uk>

	* tcl.m4: Added quoting so that paths with spaces cause fewer

2007-03-07  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): s/CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/ in -mmacosx-version-min check.

2007-02-15  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correct private header check to search in generic subdir

2007-02-09  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	*** Bump to TEA_VERSION 3.6 ***

	* tcl.m4: correct -d to -f
	(TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): SHLIB_SUFFIX is .so on HP ia64 [Bug 1615058]

2007-02-08  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	that the dirs actually have private headers. [Bug 1631922]

2007-02-04  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: add caching to -pipe check.

2007-01-25  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: integrate CPPFLAGS into CFLAGS as late as possible and
	move (rather than duplicate) -isysroot flags from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS to
	avoid errors about multiple -isysroot flags from some older gcc builds.

2006-01-19  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: ensure CPPFLAGS env var is used when set. [Bug 1586861]
	(Darwin): add -isysroot and -mmacosx-version-min flags to CPPFLAGS when
	present in CFLAGS to avoid discrepancies between what headers configure
	sees during preprocessing tests and compiling tests.

2006-12-19  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): --enable-64bit: verify linking with 64bit -arch flag
	succeeds before enabling 64bit build.

2006-12-16  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Linux): fix previous change to use makefile variable
	LDFLAGS_DEFAULT instead of LDFLAGS in SHLIB_LD, to ensure linker
	flags in sampleextension Makefile are picked up.

2006-11-26  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Linux): --enable-64bit support. [Patch 1597389], [Bug 1230558]

2006-08-18  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): add support for --enable-64bit on x86_64, for
	universal builds including x86_64 and for use of -mmacosx-version-min
	instead of MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET. For Tk extensions, remove 64-bit
	arch flags from CFLAGS like in the Tk configure, as neither TkAqua nor
	TkX11 can be built for 64-bit at present.

2006-03-28  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: []-quote AC_DEFUN functions.
	(TEA_PATH_TKCONFIG): Fixed Windows-specific check for tkConfig.sh.
	(TEA_MAKE_LIB): Prepend 'lib' for Windows-gcc configs.

2006-03-07  Joe English  <jenglish@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Set SHLIB_LD_FLAGS='${LIBS}' on NetBSD,
	as per the other *BSD variants [Bug 1334613].

2006-01-25  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	*** Bump to TEA version 3.5 ***

	* tcl.m4: keep LD_SEARCH_FLAGS and CC_SEARCH_FLAGS synchronous
	with core tcl.m4 meaning.

2006-01-24  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): use makefile variable LDFLAGS_DEFAULT instead of
	LDFLAGS in SHLIB_LD, to ensure linker flags in sampleextension Makefile
	are picked up. [Bug 1403343]

2006-01-23  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: add C:/Tcl/lib and C:/Progra~1/Tcl/lib dirs to check for
	*Config.sh on Windows. [Bug 1407544]

2006-01-23  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): for Tk extensions, remove -arch ppc64 from CFLAGS
	like in the Tk configure, as neither TkAqua nor TkX11 can be built for
	64bit at present (no 64bit GUI libraries).

2006-01-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: restore system=windows on Windows.
	Remove error if 'ar' isn't found (it may not be on Windows).
	Do not add -lxnet or define _XOPEN_SOURCE on HP-UX by default.
	Ensure the C|LDFLAGS_DEFAULT gets the fully sub'd value at
	configure time.

2006-01-10  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: add caching, use AC_CACHE_CHECK instead of AC_CACHE_VAL
	where possible, consistent message quoting, sync relevant
	tcl/unix/tcl.m4 HEAD changes and gratuitous formatting differences
	(notably sunc removal of support for for ancient BSD's, IRIX 4,
	RISCos and Ultrix by kennykb), Darwin improvements to
	TEA_LOAD_*CONFIG to make linking work against Tcl/Tk frameworks
	installed in arbitrary location, change TEA_PROG_* search order
	(look in *_BIN_DIR parents before *_PREFIX).

2006-01-05  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: add dkf's system config refactor

2006-01-04  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: remove extraneous ' that causes bash 3.1 to choke

2005-12-19  Joe English  <jenglish@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PATH_TCLCONFIG &c): Look for tclConfig.sh &c
	in ${libdir}, where they are installed by default [Patch #1377407].

2005-12-05  Don Porter  <dgp@users.sf.net>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PUBLIC_*_HEADERS):	Better support for finding
	header files for uninstalled Tcl and Tk.

2005-12-02  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correctly bump TEA_VERSION var to 3.4

2005-12-01  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* unix/tcl.m4 (Darwin): fixed error when MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET unset

2005-11-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4:  *** Bump to TEA version 3.4 ***
	Add Windows x64 build support.
	Remove TEA_PATH_NOSPACE and handle the problem with ""s where
	necessary - the macro relied on TCLSH_PROG which didn't work for

2005-11-27  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): add 64bit support, add CFLAGS to SHLIB_LD to
	support passing -isysroot in env(CFLAGS) to configure (flag can't
	be present twice, so can't be in both CFLAGS and LDFLAGS during
	configure), don't use -prebind when deploying on 10.4.

2005-10-30  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: fixed two tests for TEA_WINDOWINGSYSTEM = "aqua" that
	should have been for `uname -s` = "Darwin" instead; added some
	missing quoting.
	(TEA_PROG_TCLSH, TEA_PROG_WISH): fix incorrect assumption that
	install location of tclConfig.sh/tkConfig.sh allows to determine
	the tclsh/wish install dir via ../bin. Indeed tcl/tk can be
	configured with arbitrary --libdir and --bindir (independent of
	prefix) and such a configuration is in fact standard with Darwin
	framework builds. At least now also check ${TCL_PREFIX}/bin
	resp. ${TK_PREFIX}/bin for presence of tclsh resp. wish (if tcl/tk
	have been configured with arbitrary --bindir, this will still not
	find them, for a general solution *Config.sh would need to contain
	the values of bindir/libdir/includedir passed to configure).

2005-10-07  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: Fix Solaris 5.10 check and Solaris AMD64 64-bit builds.

2005-10-04  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PRIVATE_TCL_HEADERS): add / to finish sed macro
	(TEA_ENABLE_THREADS): don't check for pthread_attr_setstacksize func

2005-09-13  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: *** Update to TEA version 3.3 ***
	Make --enable-threads the default (users can --disable-threads).
	Improve AIX ${CC}_r fix to better check existing ${CC} value.
	Do the appropriate evals to not require the *TOP_DIR_NATIVE vars
	be set for extensions that use private headers.
	Make aqua check for Xlib compat headers the same as win32.

2005-07-26  Mo DeJong  <mdejong@users.sourceforge.net>

	of complaints that it broke the build when
	only an installed version of Tcl was available
	at extension build time. The TEA_PROG_TCLSH and
	TEA_PROG_WISH macros will no longer search the
	path at all. The build tclsh or installed
	tclsh shell will now be found by TEA_PROG_TCLSH.

2005-07-24  Mo DeJong  <mdejong@users.sourceforge.net>

	Split confused search for tclsh on PATH and
	build and install locations into two macros.
	system PATH for an installed tclsh or wish.
	macros determine the name of tclsh or
	wish in the Tcl or Tk build directory even
	if tclsh or wish has not yet been built.
	[Tcl bug 1160114]
	[Tcl patch 1244153]

2005-06-23  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PRIVATE_TK_HEADERS): add ${TK_SRC_DIR}/macosx to
	TK_INCLUDES when building against TkAqua.

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PATH_X): fixed missing comma in AC_DEFINE

	* tcl.m4: changes to better support framework builds of Tcl and Tk out
	of the box: search framework install locations for *Config.sh, and if in
	presence of a framework build, use the framework's Headers and
	PrivateHeaders directories for public and private includes. [FR 947735]

2005-06-18  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): add -headerpad_max_install_names to LDFLAGS to
	ensure we can always relocate binaries with install_name_tool.

2005-06-04  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PATH_X): for TEA_WINDOWINGSYSTEM == aqua, check if xlib
	compat headers are available in tkheaders location, otherwise add xlib
	sourcedir to TK_XINCLUDES.

2005-04-25  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: added AC_DEFINE* descriptions (from core tcl.m4) to allow
	use with autoheader.
	(Darwin): added configure checks for recently added linker flags
	-single_module and -search_paths_first to allow building with older
	tools (and on Mac OS X 10.1), use -single_module in SHLIB_LD.
	(TEA_MISSING_POSIX_HEADERS): added caching of dirent.h check.
	(TEA_BUGGY_STRTOD): added caching (sync with core tcl.m4).

2005-03-24  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_TCL_64BIT_FLAGS): use Tcl header defaults for wide
	int type only on Windows when __int64 is detected as valid.

2005-03-24  Don Porter  <dgp@users.sf.net>

	* README.txt:	Update reference to "SC_* macros" to "TEA_* macros".
	* tcl.m4:	Incorporated recent improvements in SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG
	Corrected search path in TEA_PATH_CONFIG and added
	AC_SUBST($1_BIN_DIR) to TEA_LOAD_CONFIG so that packages that load
	the configuration of another package can know where they loaded
	it from.

2005-03-18  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): correct 2005-03-17 change to have
	variant LD_SEARCH_FLAGS for gcc and cc builds.

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PROG_TCLSH, TEA_PROG_WISH): correct x-compile check.

2005-03-17  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: Correct gcc build and HP-UX-11.

2005-02-08  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_ADD_LIBS): don't touch lib args starting with -.
	(TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): only define _DLL for CE in shared build.
	(TEA_MAKE_LIB): set RANLIB* to : on Windows (it's not needed).

2005-02-01  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: redo of 2005-01-27 changes to correctly handle paths
	with spaces.  Win/CE and Win/64 builds now require a prebuilt
	tclsh to handle conversion to short pathnames.  This is done in
	the new TEA_PATH_NOSPACE macro.  For Win/CE|64, make CC just the
	compiler and move the necessary includes to CFLAGS.
	(TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Add Solaris 64-bit gcc build support.
	be set in the env and prevent resetting.
	(TEA_ADD_LIBS): On Windows using GCC (mingw), convert foo.lib
	args to -lfoo, for use with mingw.
	(TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Fix AIX gcc builds to work out-of-box.
	Bumped TEA to 3.2.

2005-01-27  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: remove cygpath calls to support msys.
	Update base CE build assumption to "420,ARMV4,ARM,Pocket PC 2003".
	Make STLIB_LD use $LINKBIN -lib.

2005-01-25  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (Darwin): fixed bug with static build linking to dynamic
	library in /usr/lib etc instead of linking to static library earlier
	in search path. [Tcl Bug 956908]
	Removed obsolete references to Rhapsody.

2004-12-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: Updates for VC7 compatibility, fixing CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
	options, using better default -O levels. [Bug 1092952, 1091967]

2004-12-29  Joe English  <jenglish@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4: Do not use ${DBGX} suffix when building
	shared libraries [patch #1081595, TIP #34]

2004-09-07  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): support eVC4 Win/CE builds

2004-08-10  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_INIT, TEA_PREFIX): update handling of exec_prefix to
	work around subdir configures since autoconf only propagates the
	prefix (not exec_prefix).

2004-07-23  Daniel Steffen  <das@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Darwin section: brought inline with
	Tcl 8.5 HEAD config, removed core specific & obsolete settings.

2004-07-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_PATH_X): check in TK_DEFS for MAC_OSX_TK to see if
	we are compiling on Aqua.  Add TEA_WINDOWINGSYSTEM var that
	reflects 'tk windowingsystem' value.

2004-07-16  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_ENABLE_THREADS): force a threaded build when
	building against a threaded core.
	(CFLAGS_WARNING): Remove -Wconversion for gcc builds
	(TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Reorder configure.in for better 64-bit build
	configuration, replacing EXTRA_CFLAGS with CFLAGS.  [Bug #874058]
	Update to latest Tcl 8.5 head config settings.
	Call this TEA version 3.1.

2004-04-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_TCL_64BIT_FLAGS): replace AC_TRY_RUN test with
	AC_TRY_COMPILE for the long vs. long long check. (kenny)

2004-04-26  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_TCL_64BIT_FLAGS): update against core tcl.m4 to
	define TCL_WIDE_INT_IS_LONG if 'using long'.

2004-03-19  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correct Windows builds getting LDFLAGS info in MAKE_LIB

2004-02-11  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correct TCL_INCLUDES for private headers on Windows - it
	doesn't need the eval.

2004-02-10  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: don't require TK_INCLUDES and TCL_INCLUDES to have the
	DIR_NATIVE vars defined when using private headers on unix.
	Allow $... to TEA_ADD_SOURCES for constructs like
	TEA_ADD_SOURCES([\$(WIN_OBJECTS)]), that allow the developer to
	place more in the Makefile.in.
	tkUnixPort.h checks for HAVE_LIMITS_H, so do both HAVE and
	CHECK on limits.h

2003-12-10  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Makefile.in:      added TEA_ADD_LIBS, TEA_ADD_INCLUDES and
	* configure:        TEA_ADD_CFLAGS to configurable parameters with
	* configure.in:     PKG_* equivs in the Makefile.  This allows the
	* tclconfig/tcl.m4: user to worry less about actual magic VAR names.
	Corrected Makefile.in to note that TEA_ADD_TCL_SOURCES requires
	exact file names.

2003-12-09  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: updated OpenBSD support based on [Patch #775246] (cassoff)

2003-12-05  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* configure:
	* configure.in:
	* Makefile.in (VPATH): readd $(srcdir) to front of VPATH as the
	first part of VPATH can get chopped off.
	Change .c.$(OBJEXT) rule to .c.@OBJEXT@ to support more makes.
	* tclconfig/tcl.m4: add TEA_ADD_STUB_SOURCES to support libstub
	generation and TEA_ADD_TCL_SOURCES to replace RUNTIME_SOURCES as
	the way the user specifies library files.

2003-12-03  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* configure:           Update of TEA spec to (hopefully) simplify
	* configure.in:        some aspects of TEA by making use of more
	* Makefile.in:         AC 2.5x features.  Use PACKAGE_NAME (instead
	* generic/tclsample.c: of PACKAGE) and PACKAGE_VERSION (instead of
	* tclconfig/tcl.m4:    VERSION) arguments to AC_INIT as the TEA
	package name and version.
	Provide a version argument to TEA_INIT - starting with 3.0.
	Drop all use of interior shell substs that older makefiles didn't
	like.  Use PKG_* naming convention instead.
	Move specification of source files and public headers into
	configure.in with TEA_ADD_SOURCES and TEA_ADD_HEADERS.  These will
	be munged during ./configure into the right obj file names (no
	$(SOURCES:.c=.obj) needed).
	There is almost nothing that should be touched in Makefile.in now
	for the developer.  May want to add a TEA_ADD_TCL_SOURCES for the
	RUNTIME_SOURCES that remains.
	Use SHLID_LD_FLAGS (instead of SHLID_LDFLAGS) as Tcl does.
	Only specify the user requested LDFLAGS/CFLAGS in the Makefile,
	don't mention the _OPTIMIZE/_DEBUG variants.

2003-10-15  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: create a TEA_SETUP_COMPILER_CC the precedes the
	TEA_SETUP_COMPILER macro.  They are split so the check for CC
	occurs before any use of CC.  Also add AC_PROG_CPP to the compiler

2003-10-06  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: Updated for autoconf 2.5x prereq.
	Where TCL_WIDE_INT_TYPE would be __int64, defer to the code checks
	in tcl.h, which also handles TCL_LL_MODIFIER* properly.

2003-04-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correct default setting of ARCH for WinCE builds.
	Correct \ escaping for CE sed macros.

2003-04-10  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: replace $(syscal) construct with older `syscall` for
	systems where sh != bash.

2003-04-09  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_WITH_CELIB): add --enable-wince and --with-celib
	options for Windows/CE compilation support.  Requires the
	Microsoft eMbedded SDK and Keuchel's celib emulation layer.

2003-02-18  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_ENABLE_THREADS): Make sure -lpthread gets passed on
	the link line when checking for the pthread_attr_setstacksize
	symbol. (dejong)

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_SETUP_COMPILER): added default calls to

2003-02-14  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: correct HP-UX ia64 --enable-64bit build flags

2003-01-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: check $prefix/lib as well as $exec_prefix/lib when
	looking for tcl|tkConfig.sh, as this check is done before we would
	set exec_prefix when the user does not define it.

2003-01-21  Mo DeJong  <mdejong@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS): Fix build support
	for mingw, the previous implementation would
	use VC++ when compiling with mingw gcc. Don't
	pass -fPIC since gcc always compiles pic code
	under win32. Change some hard coded cases
	of gcc to ${CC}.

2002-10-15  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: move the CFLAGS definition from TEA_ENABLE_SHARED to
	TEA_MAKE_LIB because setting too early confuses other AC_* macros.
	Correct the HP-11 SHLIB_LD_LIBS setting.

	* tcl.m4: add the CFLAGS definition into TEA_ENABLE_SHARED and
	make it pick up the env CFLAGS at configure time.

2002-10-09  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: add --enable-symbols=mem option to enable TCL_MEM_DEBUG.
	Improved AIX 64-bit build support, allow it on AIX-4 as well.
	Enable 64-bit HP-11 compilation with gcc.
	Enable 64-bit IRIX64-6 cc build support.
	Correct FreeBSD thread library linkage.
	Add OSF1 static build support.
	Improve SunOS-5 shared build SHLIB_LD macro.

2002-07-20  Zoran Vasiljevic  <zoran@archiware.com>

	* tcl.m4: Added MINGW32 to list of systems checked for Windows build.
	Also, fixes some indentation issues with "--with-XXX" options.

2002-04-23  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_ENABLE_THREADS): added USE_THREAD_ALLOC define to
	use new threaded allocatory by default on Unix for Tcl 8.4.

2002-04-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4 (TEA_SETUP_COMPILER): removed call to AC_CYGWIN so that
	we can use autoconf 2.5x as well as 2.13.  This prevents us from
	being able to warn against the use of cygwin gcc at configure
	time, but allows autoconf 2.5x, which is what is shipped with most
	newer systems.

2002-04-11  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: Enabled COFF as well as CV style debug info with
	--enable-symbols to allow Dr. Watson users to see function info.
	More info on debugging levels can be obtained at:

2002-04-03  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: change all SC_* macros to TEA_*.  The SC_ was for
	Scriptics, which is no more.  TEA represents a better, independent
	prefix that won't need changing.
	Added preliminary mingw gcc support. [Patch #538772]
	Added TEA_PREFIX macro that handles defaulting the prefix and
	exec_prefix vars to those used by Tcl if none were specified.
	Added TEA_SETUP_COMPILER macro that encompasses the AC_PROG_CC
	check and several other basic AC_PROG checks needed for making
	executables.  This greatly simplifies user's configure.in files.
	Collapsed AIX-5 defines into AIX-* with extra checks for doing the
	ELF stuff on AIX-5-ia64.
	Updated TEA_ENABLE_THREADS to take an optional arg to allow
	switching it on by default (for Thread) and add sanity checking to
	warn the user if configuring threads incompatibly.

2002-03-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: made sure that SHLIB_LDFLAGS was set to LDFLAGS_DEFAULT.
	Removed --enable-64bit support for AIX-4 because it wasn't correct.
	Added -MT or -MD Windows linker switches to properly support
	symbols-enabled builds.

2002-03-28  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: called AC_MSG_ERROR when SC_TEA_INIT wasn't called first
	instead of calling it as that inlines it each time in shell code.
	Changed Windows CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE to use -O2 instead of -Oti.
	Noted TCL_LIB_VERSIONS_OK=nodots for Windows builds.
	A few changes to support itcl (and perhaps others):
	Added support for making your own stub libraries to SC_MAKE_LIB.
	New SC_PATH_CONFIG and SC_LOAD_CONFIG that take a package name arg
	and find that ${pkg}Config.sh file.  itk uses this for itcl.

2002-03-27  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: made SC_LOAD_TKCONFIG recognize when working with a Tk
	build dir setup.
	Added XLIBSW onto LIBS when it is defined.
	Remove TCL_LIBS from MAKE_LIB and correctly use SHLIB_LD_LIBS
	instead to not rely as much on tclConfig.sh cached info.
	Add TK_BIN_DIR to paths to find wish in SC_PROG_WISH.
	These move towards making TEA much more independent of *Config.sh.

2002-03-19  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: corrected forgotten (UN)SHARED_LIB_SUFFIX and
	SHLIB_SUFFIX defines for Win.
	(SC_PATH_X): made this only do the check on unix platforms.

2002-03-12  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* README.txt: updated to reflect fewer files

2002-03-06  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* config.guess (removed):
	* config.sub (removed): removed unnecessary files

	* installFile.tcl (removed):
	* mkinstalldirs (removed): these aren't really necessary for
	making TEA work

	check /usr(/local)/include for includes on Windows when not using

2002-03-05  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* tcl.m4: added warnings on Windows, removed RELPATH define and
	added TCL_LIBS to MAKE_LIB macro.

	This import represents 2.0.0, or a new start at attempting to
	make TEA much easier for C extension developers.

	**** moved from tclpro project to core tcl project, ****
	**** renamed to 'tclconfig'                         ****

2001-03-15    Karl Lehenbauer <karl@procplace.com>

	* installFile.tcl: Added updating of the modification time of
	  the target file whether we overwrote it or decided that it
	  hadn't changed.  This was necessary for us to be able to
	  determine whether or not a module install touched the file.

2001-03-08    Karl Lehenbauer <karl@procplace.com>

	* installFile.tcl: Added support for converting new-style (1.1+)
	  Cygnus drive paths to Tcl-style.

2001-01-15    <brent.welch@interwoven.com>

	* tcl.m4: Added FreeBSD clause.

2001-01-03    <brent.welch@interwoven.com>

	* tcl.m4: Fixed typo in SC_LIB_SPEC where it is checking
	for exec-prefix.

2000-12-01    <brent.welch@interwoven.com>

	* tcl.m4: Concatenated most of the Ajuba acsite.m4 file
	so we don't need to modify the autoconf installation.
	* config.guess:
	* config.sub:
	* installFile.tcl:
	Added files from the itcl config subdirectory,
	which should go away.

2000-7-29    <welch@ajubasolutions.com>

	* Fixed the use of TCL_SRC_DIR and TK_SRC_DIR within
	change from $(srcdir) to $(srcdir)/..