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Artifact ID: fc4337aa97e3cbb75378233e42a330d28c3dce01
Ticket: 418035470b1306a17cff21dbb78dedfeee3d17f4
tcl.h: #if TCL_UTF_MAX > 4
User & Date: jan.nijtmans 2013-12-23 10:13:38

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    > because a valid 4 byte utf-8 char is beyond the BMP, > that means bigger than an unsigned short.

    Unless surrogate pairs are used to represent characters beyond the BMP.

    In TIP #388 you can read the reason for this: > 4 Not supported. The same as 3, but allowing the use of > Unicode surrogate pairs to represent the range \U010000 - \U10ffff

    Implementation of this is ongoing in the "tip-389-impl" Tcl branch.

    Hope this helps.

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