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Artifact ID: a5ae6badef99b3613658a3af52bfadea758f1d69
Ticket: 6c49da8a19ab9fb07b4366fe37ebee105e96a859
Edge case in [file normalize]?
User & Date: dkf 2014-01-31 09:34:53

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    As reported in this Stack Overflow question, it looks like there's an evil edge case that's gone wrong in file normalize.

    Directory structure setup:

    /tmp/subdir/sidedir_link -> /tmp/sidedir
    Problem trace:
    wish% file normalize sidedir_link/fileA.txt
    wish% ::utils::realpath sidedir_link/fileA.txt
    wish% file normalize sidedir_link/../fileA.txt
    wish% ::utils::realpath sidedir_link/../fileA.txt
    Note: The difference is /tmp/subdir/fileA.txt versus /tmp/fileA.txt.”
    It's reportedly an issue with both 8.4.9 and 8.6.1 so I expect it to be present in all other 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6 versions.

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  14. Change title to "Edge case in [file normalize]?"
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