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Artifact ID: 39659cb9da3fd3cb1c0d72cff679864c284da483
Ticket: 4b3b7a30821038c72de6cbb4f96aa20dd8345613
tcl8.5.15/generic/tclExecute.c:7713: array index before sanity check ?
User & Date: anonymous 2014-01-30 12:41:40

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    I just ran the static analysis tool "cppcheck" over the source code of tcl8.5.15

    It said many things, including

    /home/dcb/rpmbuild/BUILD/tcl8.5.15/generic/tclExecute.c:7713 -> /home/dcb/rpmbuild/BUILD/tcl8.5.15/generic/tclExecute.c:7715: (warning) Array 'operatorStrings[34]' accessed at index 59, which is out of bounds. Otherwise condition 'opcode==99' is redundant.

    Source code is

    const char *description, *operator = operatorStrings[opcode - INST_LOR];
    if (opcode == INST_EXPON) { operator = "**"; }

    Suggest move sanity check of opcode to before its use.

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    tcl8.5.15/generic/tclExecute.c:7713: array index before sanity check ?

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