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Artifact ID: d8d9178f821dd19044ece7bef461a6b10ebe823f0e5c45e62f16d328a084074f
Ticket: 3e25ac512e9eeb8788028264c400238fcf425238
[file] inconsistent handling of VFS/..
User & Date: andy 2018-06-14 16:57:08

  1. Change assignee to "nobody"
  2. Change closer to "nobody"
  3. Change cmimetype to "text/plain"
  4. Change comment to:

    The [file] commands that talk to the OS (e.g. [file mtime]) start off being able to handle paths which enter and leave a VFS mount (e.g. /path/mounted-tclkit/..), but this capability seems to break once a relative path is used.

    $ ./tclkit % file mtime [file join [info nameofexecutable] ..] 1528994647 % file mtime . 1528994647 % file mtime [file join [info nameofexecutable] ..] could not read "/home/andy/tclkit/..": not a directory

  5. Change foundin to "8.6.8"
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  7. Change login to "andy"
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  11. Change severity to "Severe"
  12. Change status to "Open"
  13. Change submitter to "andy"
  14. Change subsystem to "37. File System"
  15. Change title to "[file] inconsistent handling of VFS/.."
  16. Change type to "Bug"