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What kinds of things can I use Tcl/Tk for?

Web and desktop applications, network programming, embedded development, testing, general purpose programming, system administration, database work, and many, many more...

Who is using Tcl/Tk? What do they have to say?

Many have called it the "best-kept secret in the software industry". Whether in large companies, small companies, academia or the wild world of open source, you'll be surprised at many of the places Tcl can be found ...

What makes Tcl/Tk so compelling?

Rapid development, truly cross-platform GUI's, flexible integration, elegant networking model, great I18N and concurrency support — all that and it's easy to learn and easy to deploy! ... see Features and Benefits. BONUS: Some cool things most people don't know about Tcl/Tk (but they should!)...

Why would I choose Tcl/Tk over...?

Choosing the right programming language for a project can be hard, and there are a lot of great choices out there. We'll help you see where Tcl might fit in...

What does Tcl/Tk code look like?

Have a look at a few examples, get an idea of the basic language structure and syntax...

Who owns it? What about support? Can I use it here?

Tcl and Tk are open source. Find out the license specifics, support, a bit about Tcl's history, and all the things to keep you and your boss happy...

Ok, ok, I'm convinced! How can I check it out for myself?

It's easy and quick... Click Here!

Tcl 8.5 is at End of Life -- please upgrade to 8.6.*!!!