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Ticket: 270f78ca95b642fbed81ed03ad381d64a0d0f7df
file mkdir: race condition if two workers creates same directory and one worker deletes it immediately
User & Date: aspect 2018-07-12 10:21:53

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    I'm not convinced by [1c12ee9e45222d6c]. If I'm reading the patch correctly ..

    If EEXIST is raised twice, TclFileMakeDirsCmd simply ignores it. The comment above "goto nextPart" suggests something different, so I suspect this isn't intended.

    Removing the call to FSStat means we can report success if the target exists and is a file. This is clearly wrong.

    Removing the Tcl_ResetResult() call rings alarm bells, but it looks like that was redundant in the first place.

    I think lines 287-289 (post-patch) should simply be deleted so the success case can pass through Tcl_FSStat success on line 258.

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