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Artifact ID: 6290900b567092885f6d2911961d03315a978d075d22b67b61d15ab6a862c6bf
Ticket: 02b58d5d040821baebe7eccd70aee11afa1bacae
Direct access of *64 functions by Tcl code (code cleanup)
User & Date: jan.nijtmans 2018-05-14 19:34:39

  1. Change icomment to:

    All of this is described in:

    As I understand it, both 'implicit' and 'explicit' LSF is allowed. Care should be taken to the STAT functions as well, so it's not trivial to make this change. It gives more readable code, so I'll have a look. (I won't be angry if someone provides patches .....)

    Anyway, such a change should be tested very well on various platforms. So I think it's wise to to that for Tcl 9, not 8.x, because it might easily break some platform if not done well.

  2. Change login to "jan.nijtmans"
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