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Ticket: 02b58d5d040821baebe7eccd70aee11afa1bacae
Direct access of *64 functions by Tcl code (code cleanup)
User & Date: bll 2018-05-15 00:08:38

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    Right. If this had been done correctly (i.e. implicit) in the first place, the referenced ticket would never have had a bug.

    I cannot think of a reason to ever use explicit access. Perhaps in the early days of 32/64 conversion when a 32-bit API might need to be accessed.

    I agree, there's no need to rush this into place, but I think it greatly reduces the chances of bugs and should simplify the code.

    "(implicit) 3. The size of filesize related data types is increased to 64 bits. eg off_t, blkcnt_t, etc are now 64 bits in size"

    Since explicit was used, the size of off_t may be different on 32-bit systems.

    bll-tecra:bll$ egrep -l off_t */*.c */*.h generic/tclIOUtil.c macosx/tclMacOSXFCmd.c # 64-bit, no issue here. unix/tclUnixChan.c generic/regex.h unix/tclUnixPort.h bll-tecra:bll$ egrep -l blkcnt_t */*.c */*.h generic/tclIOUtil.c

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