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Artifact 0a3b87f59cb3cdb7c4944eadb976def5152e2f2c:

# created by tools/loadICU.tcl -- do not edit
namespace eval ::tcl::clock {
    ::msgcat::mcset sl DAYS_OF_WEEK_ABBREV [list \
    ::msgcat::mcset sl DAYS_OF_WEEK_FULL [list \
    ::msgcat::mcset sl MONTHS_ABBREV [list \
    ::msgcat::mcset sl MONTHS_FULL [list \
    ::msgcat::mcset sl BCE "pr.n.š."
    ::msgcat::mcset sl CE "po Kr."
    ::msgcat::mcset sl DATE_FORMAT "%Y.%m.%e"
    ::msgcat::mcset sl TIME_FORMAT "%k:%M:%S"
    ::msgcat::mcset sl DATE_TIME_FORMAT "%Y.%m.%e %k:%M:%S %z"