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info variable introspection gap
User & Date: schmitzu 2018-05-15 11:47:04

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    I've attached a patch for adding the -scope option to info variable. The code ist copied from Itcl_ScopeCmd() and slightly modified to work in the info environment. As written before, it's not perfect and should only demonstrate a path to fix this ticket. With this patch it isn't possible to get the scope of single array variables, only the name of the whole array works. Also I've done very few tests. If this is the way to go, I'm willing to put more work in this solution.

    I attach a little test script infoVariableScopeUsage.tcl which demonstrates the usage of -scope option.

    The output of my patched version of Itcl4.1.1:

    Itcl=4.1.1 _baseV1 scope = ::itcl::internal::variables::oo::Obj15::Base::_baseV1 _baseArray scope = ::itcl::internal::variables::oo::Obj15::Base::_baseArray _baseArray get = two 2 one 1

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