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Different behavior for Itcl 4 and Itcl 3
User & Date: dgp 2018-03-20 13:43:08

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    It appears that both Itcl 3 and Itcl 4 have this command access to a method in place. In Itcl 4, though, every Itcl object is a TclOO object and every Itcl method is a TclOO method, so when you try to invoke a TclOO method (even through a command backdoor access) on a TclOO object that lacks that method, the access restrictions of TclOO catch that and report the error.

    I don't have a strong sense whether this is stopping something that was never a good idea to begin with, or whether it is exposing that TclOO and Itcl have even more deeply fundamental disagreements about their very models of operation than was ever appreciated, and that in a deep sense the Itcl 4 project of building Itcl on top of a TclOO foundation is just unworkable.

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