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50 most recent check-ins

* exp_main_sub.c: Updated EXP_VERSION to 5.45.3 * configure, configure.in: Updated expect to version 5.45.3 * expect.man [http://sourceforge.net/p/expect/bugs/86/]. Report and fix by Vitezlav Crhonek. * expect.c [http://sourceforge.net/p/expect/bugs/76/]. Report and fix by Mutsuhito Iikura. On finding a full buffer during matching the sliding window mechanism slides too far, truncating the whole buffer and preventing matches across the boundary. Fix is shortening the slide distance (slide only one 1/3). * expect.c: [http://sourceforge.net/p/expect/patches/18/]. Report and fix both by Nils Carlson <nils.carlson@ludd.ltu.se>. Replaced a cc==0 check with proper Tcl_Eof() check. Leaf check-in: efa437fc3b user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* tclconfig/tcl.m4: [http://sourceforge.net/p/expect/patches/17/] * configure: Extended Tcl header detection for OS X Mountain Lion. check-in: 51830026cb user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_main_sub.c: Updated EXP_VERSION to 5.45.2 * configure, configure.in: Updated expect to version 5.45.2 * expect.c: [http://sourceforge.net/p/expect/patches/16/]. Report and fix both by Per Cederqvist. Replaced a memcpy with memmove as the latter properly handles overlapping memory, whereas the original code does not. check-in: c4d49ed962 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_main_sub.c: Updated EXP_VERSION to 5.45.1 * configure, configure.in: Updated expect to version 5.45.1 * exp_chan.c: Applied patch sent in by Ogawa Hirofumi <hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp>. The patch fixes a problem when talking a tty where the writer has died. Some operating systems report the condition as EIO with nothing read, while this actually an EOF. Without the patch the returned data is incomplete due to the error reported immediately and dropping data in buffers. * exp_chan.c: [Bug 3526461]: Applied patch by Michael Cleverly <cleverly@users.sourceforge.net> fixing a problem with the iteration over the expect channel list where the loop code may modify the list, breaking the iterator. * exp_chan.c: [Bug 3526707]: Applied patch by Michael Cleverly * exp_command.h: <cleverly@users.sourceforge.net> fixing problem * expect.c: with an insufficient test for a lost channel in exp_background_channelhandler. check-in: bfc8076f3c user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* expect.c: [Bug 3095935]: Convert #bytes information to #chars to prevent later code to fail when copying strings around and miscalculating how much to copy, for strings containing non-ASCII utf chars. check-in: f0fd8a8574 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk, expect_5_45
* example/autopasswd: Updated to use tclsh in PATH, and 'package * example/chess.exp: require Expect'. Obsoletes fixline1. * example/cryptdir: * example/decryptdir: * example/dislocate: * example/dvorak: * example/ftp-inband: * example/ftp-rfc: * example/gethostbyaddr: * example/kibitz: * example/lpunlock: * example/mkpasswd: * example/multixterm: * example/passmass: * example/read1char: * example/rftp: * example/rlogin-cwd: * example/robohunt: * example/rogue.exp: * example/telnet-cwd: * example/timed-read: * example/timed-run: * example/unbuffer: * example/virterm: * example/weather: * example/xkibitz: * example/xpstat: check-in: 5bb53d19d6 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* Makefile.in: Continued work on the 'make dist' target (config.{sub,guess}) * install.sh: Removed unused file. * mkinstalldirs: Removed unused file. * tclconfig/README.txt: Removed unused file. * testsuite/config/: Removed contents of unused directory. * test/.Sanitize: Removed unused file. check-in: 021995d879 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
remove html dist piece check-in: abb4b3ca87 user: hobbs tags: trunk
* Makefile.in: improved make dist target to include the necessary files, and remove old dist_orig. Enable Makefile regen target check-in: 49e58b2fc2 user: hobbs tags: trunk
correct HP-UX LDFLAGS to -Wl,-E check-in: eceee38447 user: hobbs tags: trunk
* configure: regen with ac-2.59 * tclconfig/tcl.m4: update for correct LDFLAGS on HP-UX * Makefile.in (expect): use TEA LDFLAGS instead of tclConfig.sh to build expect executable check-in: 33b0e0d8e1 user: hobbs tags: trunk
* Makefile.in: [Bug 865278] Semi-applied Don Porter's patch adding code which prevents the package from registering with Tcl interpreters which cannot load it, i.e. below the version it was compiled against. Semi because the pkgIndex.in in his patch is not used, the pkgIndex.tcl is generated by the Makefile(.in). * pkgIndex.in: Removed. File not used. check-in: 2e24ce9e6d user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* Various cleanups, local patches of ActiveState. * exp_clib.c: Remove local copy of Tcl_ErrnoMsg(). * exp_inter.c: Hack access to TCL_REG_BOSONLY when not present, became private with Tcl 8.5 and higher. * expect.h: Remove the local fiddling with the memory allocation and panic macros. check-in: 2e3f7face1 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* Dbg.c: [Bug 2972727]: Applied the parts of Larry Virden's patch which were still current. Most of it applied to the partially ansified sources we had in trunk for a time and where errors in that set of changes, thus out of date now. check-in: 4f80c3bb28 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* example/unbuffer: [Bug 2949748]: Applied patch by Vitezslav Crhonek <vcrhonek@users.sourceforge.net> to prevent unbuffer from eating the exit code of the command it ran (regular mode only, not -p). Slightly modified, I removed the superfluous 'eval' used to invoke 'wait', invoking it directly. check-in: b03f49b960 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* retoglob.c: Fail if the generated glob contains more than two asterisks. Fixes [Expect SF Bug 3010684] (cederqvist) check-in: 07340f8368 user: hobbs tags: trunk
* exp_main_sub.c: add return to silence compiler warning. Updated EXP_VERSION to 5.45.0 check-in: 3bd14501aa user: hobbs tags: trunk
* config.guess, config.sub, expect.m4 (removed): * configure, configure.in, tclconfig/tcl.m4: Update to TEA 3.9 * Makefile.in, aclocal.m4: Partial cleanup of the build system. * testsuite/Makefile.in: Remove unused EXP_ from configure.in * testsuite/aclocal.m4: and no longer use Tk. * testsuite/configure: Update testsuite bits to use TEA info. * testsuite/configure.in: Update expect to version 5.45 * Dbg.c: account for removal of tcldbgcf.h * DbgMkfl.in, Dbgconfig.in, Dbgconfigure, DbgpkgInd.in (removed): * tcldbgcf.h.in (removed): removed Dbg debugger subcomponent as it no longer built and debugger functionality is included in expect library and binary * pty_termios.c: add HAVE_STRING_H include string.h * exp_trap.c: add HAVE_STRING_H include string.h * expectk.man, exp_main_tk.c (removed): expectk no longer built. Use tclsh with package require Tk and Expect instead. * tests/all.tcl: add package require Expect * example/archie, example/autoexpect: minor code cleanup * example/tkpasswd, example/tknewsbiff, example/tkterm: use package require statements in lieu of expectk check-in: aa97023a94 user: hobbs tags: trunk
testing checkin on branch. Added "created branch" message to ChangeLog Leaf check-in: 565dfd07f4 user: eee tags: trunk, expect_6_branch
/tmp/f check-in: 659defba32 user: eee tags: expect_5_44_1_15, trunk
Undoing all changes made by me during ANSIfication attempt, and reverting to tag 'expect_5_44_1_15'. Further ANSIfication will be pursued on a branch. check-in: 5bf9e2c817 user: eee tags: trunk
Change to how <fcntl.h> is included. check-in: ce28cdd7c6 user: eee tags: trunk
ANSIfication changes. check-in: 306b3e4ca4 user: eee tags: trunk
ansification check-in: e385cc794f user: eee tags: trunk
ANSIfication check-in: 25ef313d5b user: eee tags: trunk
more ANSIfications check-in: db3d6db8b3 user: eee tags: trunk
More ANSIfication check-in: ae3b8cde02 user: eee tags: trunk
ANSIfication changes check-in: e785babaae user: eee tags: trunk
ANSIfication changes. check-in: 7261e72970 user: eee tags: trunk
WHITESPACE CHANGES ONLY. I removed a number of form-feed characters that had been littered about the source code. check-in: 427e90617d user: eee tags: trunk
Converting function declarations and definitions from K&R style to ISO C style, along with occasional related comment changes. check-in: 85282a664c user: eee tags: trunk
Fixed typo check-in: 968e0015cb user: eee tags: trunk
Added bug reference for the last commit. check-in: 39d185f825 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
See last ChangeLog entry: Ditto for the same type of bug when emitting error 'usage: -ignore unknown signal name'. The remainder of the exp_error calls are ok however. check-in: 406ad660a8 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_command.c (Exp_SpawnObjCmd): [Expect SF Bug 2891422]. Fixed error message when the command to spawn could not be executed. Tried to use a Tcl_Obj* as argument for a %s. Replaced with the correct char* variable. Thanks to Elchonon Edelson <eee@users.sourceforge.net> for the report. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 7879625236 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_clib.c (TclRegComp): Fixed memory leak reported by <ettlmartin@users.sourceforge.net> in [Expect SF Bug 2814263]. check-in: a6f01a3232 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* pty_unicos.c (pty_stty): Fixed missing double-quotes for sprint formatting strings. Thanks to <ettlmartin@users.sourceforge.net> for the report, i.e. [Expect SF Bug 2809496]. check-in: 57500f9a63 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_command.c (Exp_LogFileObjCmd): Fix argument parsing logic error in the log_file command breaking the use of options -open and -leaveopen. Applied patch supplied by Andy Belsey <Andrew.Belsey@Sun.COM>. With thanks for both the analysis of the problem and the patch. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 416aa515e9 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_tty.c (Exp_SttyCmd, Exp_SystemCmd): Applied patch by Reinhard Max (max@suse.de) fixing buffer-overflows in the 'stty' command due to an off-by-one error in the buffer size. See the bugs https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=506873 and https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=501291 * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 20c9e7fc08 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* retoglob.c: Accepted the patch by Mike Cumings <mcumings@users.sourceforge.net> fixing [Expect SF Bug 13179]. The updated code checks a (?...) sequence that it contains only ARE options before processing it as such. This prevents the misinterpretation of non-capturing paren groups as ARe options with subsequent segmentation fault. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 07c021bf15 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
More fixes in that area. Use second index for destination array, avoid complex index calculations to derive from index in objv. check-in: 97a0cd25df user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
Fixed indexing error left over from command correction. Was still using overlay arguments for the execvp'd command. check-in: bf0018fbdc user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * exp_command.c (Exp_OverlayObjCmd): Fixed [Expect SF Bug 2127456] reported by <eee@users.sourceforge.net>, with thanks. Changed retrieval of command from objv[0] (== 'overlay' itself), to objv[i] containing the actual user command. * expect.c (string_case_first, string_first, eval_case_string): Applied patch supplied by Andy Belsey <Andrew.Belsey@Sun.COM> fixing the seg.fault in 'expect -exact'. With thanks for both the analysis of the problem and the patch. See also [Expect SF Bug 2114547]. check-in: d432545301 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_trap.c (tophalf): Fixed inverted condition setting the interpreter used for trap handling to NULL, causing a crash when trying to handle ^C. This fixes [SF Bug 1757471] reported by Matthias Kraft <matzek@users.sourceforge.net>. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 3637c3fa40 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
improvement on commandPtr handling to prevent sharing issues (das) check-in: d7d621bd0c user: hobbs tags: trunk
* exp_main_sub.c (exp_interpreter): cleaner handling of commandPtr to prevent crash. (das) check-in: 3aac82ce54 user: hobbs tags: trunk
* exp_glob.c (Exp_StringCaseMatch2): Fixed bug in the handling of glob classes, see [SF Bug 1873404]. The code tried to match the closing bracket of a class in the input because it was not properly skipped after the class was matched successfully. Additional trace output added. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 55b4d539f9 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* exp_pty.c: Minimal ansification of function definitions to match them to their prototypes where promoted types are otherwise causing a mismatch for some compilers, like AIX in 64bit mode. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. check-in: 3f9980272b user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * The following set of changes was sent our way by Reinhard Max <max@tclers.tk>. * exp_command.c: Fixed more compiler warnings, and started * exp_command.h: to ansify the code base, beginning with * exp_inter.c: the introduction of proper function prototypes. * exp_main_exp.c: * exp_pty.h: * exp_tty.c: * exp_tty.h: * exp_win.c: * expect.c: * pty_termios.c: * retoglob.c: check-in: e37bec9cc7 user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * The following set of changes was sent our way by Reinhard Max <max@tclers.tk>. * configure.in: Fixed checking of stty on linux, do not restrict to specific cpu's. Further try with stdin, and stdin redirected to /dev/tty when determining if stdout is read. * testsuite/configure.in: Brought up to TEA 3.5. * testsuite/aclocal.m4: New file, to import the TEA definitions. * Dbg.c: Added missed CONST in declaration and definition of 'debugger_trap'. * exp_command.c: Fixed pointer aliasing trouble with 'Tcl_DetachPids', and added the missing initialization of the command string in the 'overlay' command. * expect.c: Fixed missing initialization of 'simple_start' element of 'ecase'. * exp_inter.c: Fixed bogus use of 'slen' in 'intMatch'. The relevant string is Tcl_Unichar, not Utf. * Makefile.in: Replaced bogus INSTALL_ROOT with DESTDIR, and added missing DESTDIR references to the target for the installation of the manpages. check-in: 2c4e134aac user: andreas_kupries tags: trunk