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History of pty_termios.c

* config.guess, config.sub, expect.m4 (removed): * configure, configure.in, tclconfig/tcl.m4: Update to TEA 3.9 * Makefile.in, aclocal.m4: Partial cleanup of the build system. * testsuite/Makefile.in: Remove unused EXP_ from configure.in * testsuite/aclocal.m4: and no longer use Tk. * testsuite/configure: Update testsuite bits to use TEA info. * testsuite/configure.in: Update expect to version 5.45 * Dbg.c: account for removal of tcldbgcf.h * DbgMkfl.in, Dbgconfig.in, Dbgconfigure, DbgpkgInd.in (removed): * tcldbgcf.h.in (removed): removed Dbg debugger subcomponent as it no longer built and debugger functionality is included in expect library and binary * pty_termios.c: add HAVE_STRING_H include string.h * exp_trap.c: add HAVE_STRING_H include string.h * expectk.man, exp_main_tk.c (removed): expectk no longer built. Use tclsh with package require Tk and Expect instead. * tests/all.tcl: add package require Expect * example/archie, example/autoexpect: minor code cleanup * example/tkpasswd, example/tknewsbiff, example/tkterm: use package require statements in lieu of expectk file: [8208776bf7] check-in: [aa97023a94] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 20316
ANSIfication changes. file: [6236aeb932] check-in: [306b3e4ca4] user: eee branch: trunk, size: 20308
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * The following set of changes was sent our way by Reinhard Max <max@tclers.tk>. * exp_command.c: Fixed more compiler warnings, and started * exp_command.h: to ansify the code base, beginning with * exp_inter.c: the introduction of proper function prototypes. * exp_main_exp.c: * exp_pty.h: * exp_tty.c: * exp_tty.h: * exp_win.c: * expect.c: * pty_termios.c: * retoglob.c: file: [9049f4dda9] check-in: [e37bec9cc7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 20268
* Merged changes from the official version 5.42b0 of expect into the SF sources. See details below (In the ChangeLog). file: [657808ae54] check-in: [51b6a4242b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 20276
* Merged changes from the official version 5.39 of expect into the SF sources. See details below. Partially already done. -------------------- Poorva Gupta <poorva@cup.hp.xcom> noted that grantpt/unlockpt order was backward. Strange that this was never a prob before! Eric Raymond <esr@snark.thyrsus.xcom> provided a troff-related fix for the multixterm man page. Nicolas Roeser <n-roeser@gmx.xnet> noted confusion with md5 so I made the Expect page more explicit about which file that hash was based on. Josh Purinton noted that earlier fix wasn't quite right. Exit on INT/TERM should cause Expect to exit with signal embedded in status. He also requested I obfuscate email addresses in this file. Guido Ostkamp <Guido.Ostkamp@t-online.xde> and Igor Sobrado <sobrado@string1.ciencias.uniovi.xes> noted that fixline1 rewrote scripts to be expect scripts even if they were expectk scripts. Dirk Petera <dirkpetera@yahoo.xcom> noted that any_spawn_id used to work but did no longer. Looks like a bug left over from the the I18L conversion. Fixed. Steve Szabo noted exp_log_file -open channel failed. Fixed. Fixed bug from 5.31 that prevent stty from returning messages from underlying program. Thomas Dickey <dickey@herndon4.his.xcom> noted that ncurses ignores 2-char term names because of, well, poor assumptions and coding. Changed tkterm to use longer names. Heath Moore <hmoore@systran.xcom> noted that exp_clib could lock up if remtime happened to be precisely 0. Recoded to avoid. At request of Per Otterholm <otterholm@telia.xcom>, wrote script to read from stdin and echo passwords (exercise 9 in Tk chapter of Expect book). Added to example directory as passwdprompt. Josh Purinton <josh@purinton.xorg> pointed out that by default, SIGINT/TERM should cause expect's return status to be 1, not 0. Paul Reithmuller <paul.reithmuller@eng.sun.xcom> noted that unbuffer shouldn't postprocess its output. Added stty_init. Mordechai T. Abzug <morty@sanctuary.arbutus.md.xus> noted that log_file wasn't recording -append status. James Kelly <macubergeek@comcast.xnet> noted weather example needed new source. Dimitar Haralanov <mitko@tahoenetworks.xcom> noted that interact dumped core with interact { timeout 1 } -------------------- file: [e6d4f7c680] check-in: [676ad4907d] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 20277
Fix to allow compilation on new Digital OSF boxes. file: [9aa34e7ba6] check-in: [f798d02266] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 20105
Fixed printf formats in several pty diags. file: [bf6b4a64fd] check-in: [7754fdaf51] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 19749
Fix for Debian SVR4 ptys. file: [db2fdea25a] check-in: [a730815ea1] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 19749
Fixed errors for SCO pty allocation. Could also affect certain other systems that make thousands of simultaneous pty allocations. Fixed HP shared lib config prob. file: [9227f45440] check-in: [983af756de] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 19716
Changed pty_termios to prefer openpty over ptmx. file: [bd10e9d8d3] check-in: [7456d69584] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 19716
Resolved link problem with Tcl_ErrnoMsg and TclRegError. The problem was that exp_clib.c provides substitute definitions for some of the Tcl functions when the Tcl library is absent. (The library is not used with exp_clib.) In order for the other functions in the Expect library (that work with either Tcl/Expect or exp_clib), they had to be turned into function pointers. file: [42bc2e0480] check-in: [acd278b2a4] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 19631
Fixed Expect's standalone C library and examples. This required some changes to Expect since it and the library share some things. file: [78866eddc6] check-in: [4393c392d5] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 19652
compiled! file: [b8f034f974] check-in: [45350b762d] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 19544
fixed Log/Diag and ExpectCmd file: [ba2f8d32b4] check-in: [123d22d566] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 19532
misc bug fixes file: [a717f430ae] check-in: [9b06b1fcea] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 19468
Martin Forssen <maf@crt.se> provided fix to allow configure to start with LDFLAGS from environment. Paul Tazzyman <Paul.Tazzyman@one.at> noted that log_file didn't check for logging twice without turning off logging first. Ben <spy@calvin.iconoclasm.org> provided updated host for weather example. Jonathon Kamens noted that Expect didn't build properly if Tcl and/or Tk used build/install directories out of the usual hierarchy. At the same time, I fixed a number of other related problems in Makefile/configure. Pierre Pomes <ppomes@it.marseille-innov.assoc.fr> provided fix to ftp-inband. It blew up from an unprotected send that was handed a uuencoded line that started with a -. Autoexpect was thrown off by simple-minded [file executable] test picking up expect directory while searching for executable. file: [4b500ed889] check-in: [df80734a13] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 19290
numerous edits - getting synchronized (first time I've used CVS), see HISTORY file for more info file: [a16ac9aeb1] check-in: [64a96aa7e8] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 19233
*** empty log message *** file: [e798d08576] check-in: [c9cbab5472] user: cvsadmin branch: trunk, size: 19092 Added