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History of exp_command.c

ANSIfication changes file: [30dae4280b] check-in: [e785babaae] user: eee branch: trunk, size: 88273
ANSIfication changes. file: [e27291fc0d] check-in: [7261e72970] user: eee branch: trunk, size: 88398
WHITESPACE CHANGES ONLY. I removed a number of form-feed characters that had been littered about the source code. file: [51e05638ad] check-in: [427e90617d] user: eee branch: trunk, size: 88385
See last ChangeLog entry: Ditto for the same type of bug when emitting error 'usage: -ignore unknown signal name'. The remainder of the exp_error calls are ok however. file: [6d414b4f72] check-in: [406ad660a8] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88386
* exp_command.c (Exp_SpawnObjCmd): [Expect SF Bug 2891422]. Fixed error message when the command to spawn could not be executed. Tried to use a Tcl_Obj* as argument for a %s. Replaced with the correct char* variable. Thanks to Elchonon Edelson <eee@users.sourceforge.net> for the report. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. file: [7618a25275] check-in: [7879625236] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88370
* exp_command.c (Exp_LogFileObjCmd): Fix argument parsing logic error in the log_file command breaking the use of options -open and -leaveopen. Applied patch supplied by Andy Belsey <Andrew.Belsey@Sun.COM>. With thanks for both the analysis of the problem and the patch. * configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. file: [251875070c] check-in: [416aa515e9] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88370
More fixes in that area. Use second index for destination array, avoid complex index calculations to derive from index in objv. file: [b93f1d5540] check-in: [97a0cd25df] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88370
Fixed indexing error left over from command correction. Was still using overlay arguments for the execvp'd command. file: [1fff87209b] check-in: [bf0018fbdc] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88362
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * exp_command.c (Exp_OverlayObjCmd): Fixed [Expect SF Bug 2127456] reported by <eee@users.sourceforge.net>, with thanks. Changed retrieval of command from objv[0] (== 'overlay' itself), to objv[i] containing the actual user command. * expect.c (string_case_first, string_first, eval_case_string): Applied patch supplied by Andy Belsey <Andrew.Belsey@Sun.COM> fixing the seg.fault in 'expect -exact'. With thanks for both the analysis of the problem and the patch. See also [Expect SF Bug 2114547]. file: [6158054b89] check-in: [d432545301] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88170
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * The following set of changes was sent our way by Reinhard Max <max@tclers.tk>. * exp_command.c: Fixed more compiler warnings, and started * exp_command.h: to ansify the code base, beginning with * exp_inter.c: the introduction of proper function prototypes. * exp_main_exp.c: * exp_pty.h: * exp_tty.c: * exp_tty.h: * exp_win.c: * expect.c: * pty_termios.c: * retoglob.c: file: [faa6229a10] check-in: [e37bec9cc7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88218
* configure.in: Bumped version to * configure: Regen'd, autoconf 2.59. * The following set of changes was sent our way by Reinhard Max <max@tclers.tk>. * configure.in: Fixed checking of stty on linux, do not restrict to specific cpu's. Further try with stdin, and stdin redirected to /dev/tty when determining if stdout is read. * testsuite/configure.in: Brought up to TEA 3.5. * testsuite/aclocal.m4: New file, to import the TEA definitions. * Dbg.c: Added missed CONST in declaration and definition of 'debugger_trap'. * exp_command.c: Fixed pointer aliasing trouble with 'Tcl_DetachPids', and added the missing initialization of the command string in the 'overlay' command. * expect.c: Fixed missing initialization of 'simple_start' element of 'ecase'. * exp_inter.c: Fixed bogus use of 'slen' in 'intMatch'. The relevant string is Tcl_Unichar, not Utf. * Makefile.in: Replaced bogus INSTALL_ROOT with DESTDIR, and added missing DESTDIR references to the target for the installation of the manpages. file: [90dc55d791] check-in: [2c4e134aac] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 89398
(Exp_SendObjCmd): fix -- handling to expect last argument file: [9518dc8682] check-in: [a928d6ddf1] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 89318
whitespace police file: [e889dc44e2] check-in: [7a62024556] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 89318
(Exp_SendLogObjCmd): fix -- handling file: [724f67559e] check-in: [d499762dce] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 88386
* Dbg.c: Converted the lot of argc,argv based command * exp_command.c: implementations over to objc,objv. * expect.c: * exp_main_sub.c: file: [64556598a0] check-in: [51926427fb] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 88384
* Dbg.c: Cleaned up the direct access to interp->result, * exp_command.c: replaced with the proper functions and * expect.c: Tcl_Obj's. * exp_main_exp.c: * exp_main_sub.c: * exp_main_tk.c: * exp_prog.h: * exp_trap.c: * exp_tty.c: * exp_win.c: * exp_win.h: file: [e5276bd03e] check-in: [12ba94624a] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 80823
* exp_command.c: Reformatted overlong lines, whitespace, * expect.c: comments. Added braces to some if-constructs. * exp_inter.c: Reworked if-constructs interleaved with * exp_tty.c: #if for better formatting in emacs. file: [906b2a9264] check-in: [8c290788c4] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 79908
* Dbg.c: Added note about unhandled cases in a switch. * exp_chan.c: Added code to suppress unhandled warning for unreachable code. * exp_command.c: Removed unused variable. * expect.c: Removed unused static function, added code to suppress unhandled warning for unreachable code. file: [31384303ac] check-in: [6181af45e7] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 79904
* exp_command.c: Fixed typo in comment. file: [430bfa4649] check-in: [cad5ba9615] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 79923
* exp_main_sub.c: Added command 'exp_configure' for magic configuration. * exp_command.c: Accepts option -strictwrite. Default is 0, ignoring * exp_chan.c: write errors (compatible to 5.41). Setting to 1 re- * expect_tcl.h: activates 5.42 behaviour. file: [02fdf3819f] check-in: [505a87ae87] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 79926
* exp_chan.c: Fixed bug causing crash of expect on exit when a * exp_command.c: Tcl channel is used with -(leave)open more than * exp_command.h: once. It tried to close such channels multiple times, going through already freed memory. Added data structures to track and refcount all such channels, to close them only when the last user goes away. file: [9af5d144e9] check-in: [cce8bca8e2] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 79034
* Merged changes from the official versions 5.42.1 and 5.43.0 of expect into the SF sources. See the details below. -------------------- Martin Forssen <maf@tkrat.xorg> fixed bug in ExpOutputProc that caused misbehavior during partial writes. Someone noted that gets stdin behaves differently (returns -1 immediately) from tclsh because with 5.42, stdin is unblocked by defaults. Robroy Gregg <robroy@armory.xcom> noted that expect_background ignores timeouts. Added to documentation. Jens Peterson <peterson@redhat.xcom> provided patch for "mkpasswd -vo". Gary Bliesener <gary.bliesener@nextel.xcom> noted that multixterm failed on his system which had an old Tk that didn't support the Tk package. Removed beta designation. Daniel A. Steffen <steffen@ics.mq.edu.xau> provided patch for MacOS to avoid panic-redefinition. -------------------- file: [15dc99184a] check-in: [a4ce3c033f] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77627
* Merged changes from the official version 5.42b0 of expect into the SF sources. See details below (In the ChangeLog). file: [c6382e008c] check-in: [51b6a4242b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77344
* Merged changes from the official version 5.41 of expect into the SF sources. See details below. -------------------- Simon Taylor <simon@unisolve.com.xau> provided fix for interact -o which was completely broken by 5.40.1. Added scroll support to official tkterm. Copied all fixes from/to term_expect to/from tkterm. Kiran Madabhushi <maskiran@hotmail.xcom> encountered interact diagnostics incorrectly pointing to expect_background. Also, found multiple -o flags behaving unexpectedly. Added diag. Kristoffer Eriksson <ske@pkmab.xse> noted typo in SIMPLE code in exp_inter.c. However, this is extremely unlikely to affect any machines. Reinhard Max <max@suse.xcom> noted that "make test" failed when run in the background. The log testcase was testing the send_tty command. Added code in both Expect and in the test to handle this. -------------------- file: [169ca953f0] check-in: [3b333765b6] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77501
* Merged changes from the official version 5.40 of expect into the SF sources. See details below. Partially already done (Rich Kennedy's patch). -------------------- Eric Raymond <esr@snark.thyrsus.xcom> provided troff-related fixes for the expect, lib, and dislocate man pages. Rich Kennedy <rickenne@cisco.xcom> noted a bug having to do with our caching of whether we have registered a filehandler. This broke when Tcl was setting a handler on the same file. Ken Pizzini <ken.pizzini@explicate.xorg> provided patch for leak in spawn error handling. Pete Lancashire <plancashire@columbia.xcom> noted autopasswd example broke on Solaris which capitalized prompts. -------------------- file: [d870caa773] check-in: [79aeec465b] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77308
* Merged changes from the official version 5.39 of expect into the SF sources. See details below. Partially already done. -------------------- Poorva Gupta <poorva@cup.hp.xcom> noted that grantpt/unlockpt order was backward. Strange that this was never a prob before! Eric Raymond <esr@snark.thyrsus.xcom> provided a troff-related fix for the multixterm man page. Nicolas Roeser <n-roeser@gmx.xnet> noted confusion with md5 so I made the Expect page more explicit about which file that hash was based on. Josh Purinton noted that earlier fix wasn't quite right. Exit on INT/TERM should cause Expect to exit with signal embedded in status. He also requested I obfuscate email addresses in this file. Guido Ostkamp <Guido.Ostkamp@t-online.xde> and Igor Sobrado <sobrado@string1.ciencias.uniovi.xes> noted that fixline1 rewrote scripts to be expect scripts even if they were expectk scripts. Dirk Petera <dirkpetera@yahoo.xcom> noted that any_spawn_id used to work but did no longer. Looks like a bug left over from the the I18L conversion. Fixed. Steve Szabo noted exp_log_file -open channel failed. Fixed. Fixed bug from 5.31 that prevent stty from returning messages from underlying program. Thomas Dickey <dickey@herndon4.his.xcom> noted that ncurses ignores 2-char term names because of, well, poor assumptions and coding. Changed tkterm to use longer names. Heath Moore <hmoore@systran.xcom> noted that exp_clib could lock up if remtime happened to be precisely 0. Recoded to avoid. At request of Per Otterholm <otterholm@telia.xcom>, wrote script to read from stdin and echo passwords (exercise 9 in Tk chapter of Expect book). Added to example directory as passwdprompt. Josh Purinton <josh@purinton.xorg> pointed out that by default, SIGINT/TERM should cause expect's return status to be 1, not 0. Paul Reithmuller <paul.reithmuller@eng.sun.xcom> noted that unbuffer shouldn't postprocess its output. Added stty_init. Mordechai T. Abzug <morty@sanctuary.arbutus.md.xus> noted that log_file wasn't recording -append status. James Kelly <macubergeek@comcast.xnet> noted weather example needed new source. Dimitar Haralanov <mitko@tahoenetworks.xcom> noted that interact dumped core with interact { timeout 1 } -------------------- file: [0faceec667] check-in: [676ad4907d] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77151
* exp_command.c: Applied patch provided on c.l.t., by Don Libes <libes@nist.gov> in response to a bug report by Dirk Petera <dirkpetera@yahoo.com> in same place. See thread reference below: http://groups.google.ca/groups?threadm=4791f5a6.0305250619.1a660299%40posting.google.com file: [4b3044d359] check-in: [1442e31e94] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77150
* configure.in: Made expect aware of tcl stubs. Derived from the * exp_command.h: patches to expect done by Steve Landers * exp_command.c: <stevel@digital-smarties.com>. Modifications: * exp_main_sub.c No global cmdinfo structures for 'close' and * exp_main_exp.c: 'return'. Made this per-interpreter information * exp_main_tk.c: as it should be. Using interp assoc data for this. NOTE: stubs is not default, but has to be activated via '--enable-stubs'. * configure: Regenerated. file: [5c03588349] check-in: [9080bccfc6] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 77106
* exp_command.c (Exp_SpawnCmd): Tcl_GetChannelHandle expected a ClientData*, but got an int*. sizeof(int) != sizeof(ClientData) on 64bit platforms. Crashed the command on a PA-RISC 2.0 machine with --enable-64bit set. Fix: Use temp. variables of type ClientData to retrieve the fd's, and copy this into the actual variables, with a cast to int. file: [a300701577] check-in: [eb86e703b4] user: andreas_kupries branch: trunk, size: 76732
Fixed bad interaction involving multibyte UTF8 characters between send -s and Tcl. file: [e0cefe3ea6] check-in: [f8eb1fb949] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 76661
misc updates file: [9c3897be0f] check-in: [5956f21ff5] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 76456
Andreas Kupries mods to provide CONST support per TIP 27. file: [eb899122c9] check-in: [64a314a49a] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 76474
* Applied patch for SF #514590 to correct behaviour of expect when expecting and send from and to bogus spawn id's. file: [6e3aabe415] check-in: [0068d605cc] user: andreas_kupries branch: expect-sf418892-sf439042-branch, size: 76432
Made exp_wait with no spawned processes behave like in 5.29 - see HISTORY. file: [15ca22c21d] check-in: [dc693e4dd3] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 76076
uninit'd var in Exp_OpenCmd made exp_open (no args) fail sometimes. file: [7ee2b1cb45] check-in: [683bafa953] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 76192
Fixes for picky HP compiler. file: [a2d7e63fa5] check-in: [b79c928947] user: libes branch: scriptics-sc-1-0-branch, size: 76188
Fixed Expect's standalone C library and examples. This required some changes to Expect since it and the library share some things. file: [71507991ea] check-in: [4393c392d5] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76208
Ignore errors from ioctl(TIOCSCTTY) Update documentation file: [9b5dbb87e7] check-in: [ca3fc8dc73] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76424
Fixed spawn -pty. Fixed off by one error while stuffing regexp matches into variables. Some of the regexp matches were being stuck into the global frame. Protected all exprs in examples with {}. Returned support for "expect --" file: [de8b3108f5] check-in: [e928edc7af] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76091
fixes throughout code but all tests and examples finally run see NEWS file for summary file: [d1bdb8018d] check-in: [f7e72007fa] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76176
Fixed interact's -input/-output. More fixes to exp_eval_with_one_arg. Now runs dislocate. file: [1fb98cde6a] check-in: [0904536911] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76603
more mods file: [7de2b20b00] check-in: [39a4b4af91] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76279
fixed examples file: [8f903989f7] check-in: [ff883560e7] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 76035
Fixed: expect command's arg handling to work (like interact) spawn -open expect eof and various other bugs. Expect now runs its minimal test suite (but not the examples). file: [a862a1ad91] check-in: [52b9167573] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75989
compiled! file: [f8597ba75f] check-in: [45350b762d] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75282
Fixed interact of all but regexp probs. file: [258ea22e13] check-in: [645291f8d1] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75585
Checkpoint file: [2175543798] check-in: [2943576409] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75615
making expect.c compile file: [49e2f0ad65] check-in: [020744c864] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75478
made stuff compile file: [ee55c9d21d] check-in: [c10b879c97] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75460
fixed Log/Diag and ExpectCmd file: [f8d799af5f] check-in: [123d22d566] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 75042
got rid of remaining references to exp_fs and friends and exp_update_masters file: [1ab842c383] check-in: [38035ef0b7] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 78702
modified expect command to use new regexp interfaces, made various I18N changes file: [0eeea99961] check-in: [830f1ec7fe] user: stanton branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 78943
Added Exp channel driver and modified rest to support it. file: [197df4966e] check-in: [28941cd7fd] user: don branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 79150
Initial 8.1 changes. file: [6b7a27c4b2] check-in: [ccd6fc80e5] user: libes branch: master-UNNAMED-BRANCH, size: 80830
Martin Forssen <maf@crt.se> provided fix to allow configure to start with LDFLAGS from environment. Paul Tazzyman <Paul.Tazzyman@one.at> noted that log_file didn't check for logging twice without turning off logging first. Ben <spy@calvin.iconoclasm.org> provided updated host for weather example. Jonathon Kamens noted that Expect didn't build properly if Tcl and/or Tk used build/install directories out of the usual hierarchy. At the same time, I fixed a number of other related problems in Makefile/configure. Pierre Pomes <ppomes@it.marseille-innov.assoc.fr> provided fix to ftp-inband. It blew up from an unprotected send that was handed a uuencoded line that started with a -. Autoexpect was thrown off by simple-minded [file executable] test picking up expect directory while searching for executable. file: [41c7f8acc5] check-in: [df80734a13] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 84562
numerous edits - getting synchronized (first time I've used CVS), see HISTORY file for more info file: [6c87db5405] check-in: [64a96aa7e8] user: libes branch: trunk, size: 84416
*** empty log message *** file: [5824eebe29] check-in: [c9cbab5472] user: cvsadmin branch: trunk, size: 84322 Added